Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Always on my mind (Sydney 2006 Part 4)

Maybe I didn't treat you Quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didn't love you Quite as often as I could have

I was on my own today. When I woke up Winnie had already gone for work. I had a feeling that it was gonna be a great day.

Walking down Pitt St (I think? No?) I got to Circular Quay. Hey the coffee was quite cheap. It was only $2.70 for a small. Remember what W & D had told me before, I realised that it was actually as easy as they had suggested, to walk around on my own.

After purchasing my day tripper (like a daily ticket in Melbourne/Vic), I seized the time to snap a few pics of the Opera House. Something so magnificient and so iconically Australian. And a few weeks ago the fourth Australian Idol, Damien Leith, had just been crowned at this very theatre.

Quite tight on time, I hurried up back to the Quay and hopped onto a ferry which would then get me to
Manly Beach. While on the ferry bracing the wind & sun, I realised I hadn't put on sunblock on my pretty face. Oopsie. But wth. I totally dug Manly Beach big time. It may not be as hyped as Bondi
, but the 2 hours that I was there felt so relaxing.

After parting with Manly, I was back in the CBD for more. Oxford St here I come! I wish I had time to go to Paddington as well. I was quite stupid actually =) that I only walked half the stretch of Oxford Street. I really stopped and turned around at the end of the map as I thought "oh that must be the end of it because the map doesn't show anymore of it". It'd be great if I was more loaded in the bank account...Window shopping was kinda nice too. Wanted to buy a pair of swim trunks with "aussie boi" printed on the back but those wouldn't really suit me would they?

Talking about shopping - Edmund & Winnie you guys are right. Well I am just a kampungboi from small small Tanah Merah. I really loved everything on Market St to George St to Martin Place to QVB. Those shopping complexes are so unique and no matter where I turned there would be something unexpected for me to look at.

High tea @ the
TeaRoom with Winnie was another great experience. The room was in the middle of the CBD and it could filter the filthiest soul (so to speak) to a peaceful one. I felt very Queen-ish with all the gold-foiled china and everything was just very proper.

Saying goodbye was not easy and luckily I didn't turn over as my eyes were moist and nose feeling all funny. All I can say is
Thank You.

As you can see from my pics, as a result of my big fly-eye like sunnies, now my face is a black-&-white sheet. I think the tanline is still quite visible after a few days. I think it's a kool thing - I love being made-up without actual make-up.

Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time

I will survive (Sydney 2006 Part 3)

First I was afraid I was petrified

I've got all my life to live I've got all my love to give and I'll survive I will survive

I love the nightlife (Sydney 2006 Part 2)

Please don't talk about love tonight
Please don't talk about sweet love
Please don't talk about being true

Waking up was quite a task as we only had 5-6 hours of shut eyes. First stop we went to Jamberoo to take a peek at the rain forest. It's an irony that despite being borned in Malaysia and rain forest would be so accessible, this was my first time going to a rainforest national park. I think Australia is good in this area where people don't have to drive half a day just to get away from the CBD.

After 上山 (going up mountains), we 下海 (going down to the sea). Next was Jervis Bay. Btw it was the first time where I came in touch with a GPS. It's so useful and smart. If not for the sometimes-not-so-up-to-date new routes which then gave us funny and going-in-a-loop directions, I'd say I fully embrace it. And thanks to it, I think my next trips going around Vic when my parents are here won't be too hard.

The most fascinating encounter - seeing dolphins swimming in the wild. I don't think I caught it on camera, but it was overwhelming when I was the baby dolphin swimming next to its Mom. Next time - WHALE!

Going back to city in a flash? We very well would love that. But as soon as we got back in the city, the traffic was just inching. We were just tortoising at 7.15pm. The Prisiclla musical was starting at 8pm and we were still no where near Star City and we hadn't had dinna yet. As the minutes passed, Winnie decided to go against the direction given by the GPS and we did get away from the traffic. Boi coming out from the crocodile's mouth we went straight into a tiger's den. There was no parking and we were desperate and hungry.

So this desperate boi was dropped off at Lyric Theatre to grab the tickets and Win-girl and Den-boy went looking for a place to park (which I later appreciated them running the whole nine yard in a matter of minutes). We were seated in a very good row where it's in the middle but it's only a short row. There wasn't any seat next to us too.

When Priscilla Queen of the Desert Musical started, I was sent waves and waves of excitement and dance beats. From What's love got to do with it to I love the nightlife to Always on my mind to I will survive. Everyone was cheering and clapping the whole show. Dennis said he heard me singing along too. I couldn't help it. They were all music to my dancing-queen heart. In addition to catchy tunes, first class drag queens and colourful outfit, there were scenes of love and family too. I loved the standing ovation - it was very very touching. The finale of the show was another touch-down. I can't what it is here in order not to spoil it. My eyes were wet watching it.

Throughout the whole day, I think we were also desperate for food. Starting from take-away McDonald to no-time-for-lunch-so-we-had-some-best-beef-&-mushroom-pies-in-the-middle-of-no-where to rushing to a chinese restaurant during intermission of the show. We managed to swallow a 烧肉饭 (Roast pork on rice), 云吞面 (Noodles with wonton) and 饺子 (dumplings) in less than 10 minutes. I'll definitely remember that, our WAD days.

I got to go where the people dance I want some action ... I want to live!

What’s love got to do with (Sydney 2006 Part 1)

Oh whats love got to do, got to do with it
What`s love but a second hand emotion

Flying with Virginblue started with an unfamiliar procedure where I self-checked in myself and later just dropped off my luggage at the normal check-in counter. I loved that concept which saves me from going to the airport much earlier. Mind you I was flying at 0645 and I hat to wake up at 0415. We glided into the air higher above and soon beautiful Sydney was in view.

It was warm to see a familiar face coming on the pick-up lane on a cloudy cool Sydney morning. Winnie was coming in with a white car and off we went to Bondi Beach. It was a great kick-start to the trip when I received a sms from Cheryl saying that I had got the exemption for APC (Actuarial Practice & Control). Woo hoo! I hadn’t checked because I didn’t want it to spoil my holiday in case it went the other way. I believe I wore a grin on my face for the rest of the day.

The visit to the Vaucluse House took longer than we had expected. We had a very good guide Maria. We learned that the owner of the house William Charles Wentworth was almost a forefather to the development of Sydney. His contribution included development of the agricultural lands and University of Sydney. Not judging a book by its cover – he and Mrs. Wentworth were both descendents of convicts from England.

Next was the time for us to tend to a couple of hungry tummies with seafood. Yum yum I love seafood. After feasting on prawns, scallops, calamari, baby octopus, fish and oysters, we moved on to visit the Old Parliament House.

Did I mention that I brought good weather from Melbourne to Sydney? The weather was just so travel-suitable with the perfect amount of sunshine, cloud and wind.

After taking a short nap at Winnie’s apartment, Dennis met up with us and we went to Newtown for dinna. Another manifestation of the world’s highest selling movie – Thai Ta Nic – as the name of a, what else, Thai restaurant.

What`s love got to do, got to do with it
What`s love but a sweet old fashioned not

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

same but so different

Something terrible happened in Malaysia a few days ago. Gambler parents, who were in so much debt, killed their 3 boys by feeding them with bleach and cooking gas (reports here, here, and here), as the loan sharks threathened to take further actions against the family. Young innocent children of ages 8, 10 & 12, killed by own parents. How will the parents live after that? I am pained by such tragedy, such inhuman thing.

Similar thing happened to a young American girl who got pregnant when she was 16. Her family didn't know about her pregnancy at all, even after she gave birth to a still-born (she claimed) at home. Carrying the baby from the toilet to her room, she passed out due to massive blood loss. When she came to, she realised that she'd been lying on top of her baby. She then nailed the coffin by stabbing the baby with a knife.

And on Oprah today, an African girl from Sierra Leano was adopted by a Sierra Leano couple in the US 6 years ago. She doesn't have a hand. When she was back in Sierra Leano, a country which has constantly been in civil wars. When Damba was 5 years old, her tiny village was attacked by rebels. During the chaos, two men raped Damba and chopped off her hand. Damba's mother, Fina, pleaded for them to let her daughter go. In response, the rebels forced Fina to the ground and chopped off her hand, too. She then carried her daughter on her back, walking for 3 days to get to a hospital. The daughter hadn't seen her Mom until today, after being adopted. When they met I just broke down. (A Mother's Love, here)

I really don't know wot to make of my messy emotions right now. I think I just wanna thank my parents for bringing me up the way they did. 虎毒不食儿 (even a tigeress, which is supposedly cruel/carnivorous, doesn't eat her own cubs) - and there are parents who kill their own children.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Men's BFF

They are so cute!!! I miss my dogs at home!! I saw a puppy playing by itself while walking home from work last Mon. It was at a park. There was an Asian and supposedly-should-be-getting-a-room couple making out on the bench at 4 in the afternoon. I think that puppy belonged to them. I was carrying my man-bag that time and I guess it was big enough to do an ocean-11 job. I looked at the dog and waved at him/her. Then I made those sounds to entice him "tschuk tschuk tschuk", signaling him/her to follow me. And s/he did!!! S/he followed me for a meter or so and I think the couple just didn't wot was going on except the activity in their mouths. I was so tempted to just grab the puppy and run home. The way s/he ran just made me wanna cuddle him/her and play with him/her.
Awww...Only if I had a bolder lion heart.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

If you wanna wear low-ride pants...

Please buy a pair of proper and corresponding underpants!!!

I went for a work meeting yesterday. So everyone was seated waiting for everyone else to arrive. Not too long after 4.30pm, a-girl-we'll-just-call-her-S came in. I was a bit shocked initially. It was as if she had just gone for a dinna function or a party. That make-up on her face... was just too drag-queen-ish. My manager wasn't even half as close, not to mention other female colleagues.

But that wasn't the worst. Let me just visualise her for you. She was wearing some black/brown top with a half-jacket. That's fine. It was a disaster for the below-waist portion. When you scrutinise her top-down, well she was begging for it with her outfit and make-up, after the ab you start to see her black/brown top changing colour starkly into white panties!!!!!

OMG - were those nanna panties? Panties with patterns some more!! High above the waist. With P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, almost child-like panties. White panties with cartoons!? OMG...That's as bad as grown men wearing printed silk boxers, and not at a costume party.

I think everyone saw her wardrobe disfuction but could anyone have said anything to such a situation? I guess not. It's almost OK for me to see guys wearing undies with their pants hanging off their asses. But S is a girl and the waistband of the undies was a few inches above her waist!!

Therefore I always always invest in undies. U know wot they say, it's not only the outside that counts, the inside does too! If not more so...

Monday, November 27, 2006

No wonder they go "MO"

It's Movember!!! I was a little disgusted when I found David from the breakfast show on Channel 10 a couple of weeks ago. He looked like one of those army generals in ancient chinese war epics! As his eye brows are already supporting channel [V] and now his moustache too becoming an inverted V...

But it's all for a good cause as this november business of growing moustache and beard is to raise awareness on men health issues. Prostate anyone? The most remarkable illness that still discriminate on a sexual basis. And depressed men are on the rise too. Ahem, don't be shy people, the nucking futs need to be checked from time to time too.

If I had known earlier then I wouldn't have to shave for the whole month? Neah, I wouldn't!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

DAMIEN we be-LEITH you are the Australian Idol

Yes!!!!!! Damien won the Aus Idol this year against Jessica Mauboy. I've picked him out of the many contestants when I first heard him sang You Are So Beautiful.

And I am so happy that he and Sony-BMG will not repeat all the mistakes made with the earlier 3 Idols where their debut albums had been launched within 6 days after winning the competitions.



我说嘛,某某群体的人,就是喜欢动不动就以死相许, 动不动呢就恼羞成怒、要你索命。当然,不可否认,这乃是致命一击。当然,有人问你要不要一起死,你一定会说,多谢不送了。面对脑塞、只会以死相逼的人,我们只得悬崖勒马,不可能做陪葬品。留得青山在,我肯定会送你干柴,让烈火把你烧得轰轰烈烈、一干二净, 省下我帮你掘墓的功夫,尸灰还可当肥料呢!





新的这一个头儿,恐怕在腐败这一线上较之先贤有过过过过之而无不及。要改革,自己却不舍强权。在这小小山寨上, 他这个寨主却管不了已经开始动乱的小贼。若不及时挥慧剑自截残肢,到时候别人就一把短剑直截喉管。既然他们这么喜欢撒血,就让那污血脓包撒个痛快、洒别夕阳。

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

DKNY eboy

Limited-edition trainers by Eboy for DKNY £79. Thirty-six individually numbered pairs, available exclusively at Microzine UK.

I think I was reading one of the UK fashion magazines at Borders this afternoon. Apparently it says that this is just a pre-launch limited release. The official release will be in January (2007?).

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Damien Leith - Night Of My Life

Good & Bad
Bad first: Has Idol run out of money? Why do they keep buying crappy songs? And wot's with the night theme? "Maybe Tonight" from last year and "Night of My Life" this year?

Good: Damien Damien Damien - did he turn the song into a soulful & touching one!!! I am in such a dilemma now. I know I should vote but I don't want Damien to launch a made-in-6-days album. And all Idol winners have done badly in the charts. In contrast the runner-ups like Shannon Noll & Anthony Callea have done very well.

I'm sorry Damien but I believe you deserve a better album.
Damien Leith - Waiting On An Angel

Monday, November 20, 2006

blog blocked

I haven't been able to post anything for more than a week now. Yes I guess I am probably sitting on a trough waiting to resurface.

I have been a good and bored boy staying at home for the past 2 days. Mainly because I was kinda feeling a bit sick on Sunday. But eventually I fought it off. And today, I didn't dare exposing my shiseido-pampered skin to the #1 natural aging agent - UV index as high as 11!!

So I decided to scrub/clean some window blinds. Gosh how many thin layers are there!! My hands soon threw in the white towel after 2 10-foot sets of blinds. And there are still 5 more sets to go! My hands are now screaming for some SK-II desperately.

We had a birthday dinna with the birthday gurl Winnie at The Lynch on Friday. The food was great. Actually only the entree. I didn't like my fish-&-chips. It was a tad oily. However the entree calamari was superb. The surrounding was nice with Victorian wallpaper (normally not my thing if the printing was fiercely large and blackish) and French drawings.

Not getting as many hours of work as I'd like to finance myself for the Sydney tour. So I guess I have to stay at home more or look for some free meals then. Hehe.. My bro picked up a RM50 at the road side a couple of days ago. Mom always says that we are no good at picking up money on the street. Not as good as she is. She even picked up RM100 sometimes. I want nothing more than a open cheque signed by Richard Branson. That's a thought before I haul my ass up to clean some window blinds.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Damien Leith - Nessun Dorma

It's just so sweet at the end of the song where the look on his face plainly said - I've done it. I did. Touchdown for the "people's tenor"!!
Damien Leith - Unchained Melody

He's the best! Call 1902 55 55 61 (all calls cost 55c, more from mobile phones)
SMS ‘Damien’ to 19 10 10
(Votes cost 55c, 190 votes from mobiles extra)

me got Goosebumps everytime I hear him sing!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Acrobats on the Southbank

Fasten your seat belt because we are going to take off...

our clothes!!

And there you go...pants off mista!!

Assume position (plz don't read between the V-line)

And up we go! (wot would you be thinking?)

Started today at about 8am...Of course with the usual toast and Milo in front of the TV. And then I got back to my room and wrote in the cards for bro and Dad. Initially I didn't wanna go out as the weather forecast predicted thuderstorm. Oh wth - I am sitting at home doing nothing. So I went out to get to Bridge Rd as planned. Despite the gloomy overcast in the CBD it was hot in Richmond! I couldn't stop as I was sweating. Surprisingly the CBD was much cooler than Richmond.

So I got back to the city. On Flinders St as the tram was passing Fed Sq, I saw a bunch of ppl. It looked like some sort of exhibition. Exhibition? That's my thing! It was a pottery exhibition. I saw some pottery horses which were the most prominent ones there, as I can still remember how they looked.

Feeling like my artistic cells were still hungry for more, I crossed the Yarra River to get to Southbank's SundayArt Market. Saw something that I really like. I think I'll buy them next time. They were some miniature clay-made fairies and mermaid which can be hang at branches in vases. I think the lanterns at home can go already.

And there I saw those acrobatic guys pulling their stunt tricks. I had seen them a year before and they were still wearing the good old Union Jack boxer briefs! Haha.. So I just took a few pics and left (without being generous, if you know wot I mean).

i'm not that innocent (read: virgin)

Oh yea~ Omg! was exactly my reaction followed by boi boi. I didn't think that Dean had gone so far and bare in the show biz. Flipping through tabloid mags on a Friday afternoon while having a not-so-nice choc muffin at Border-slash-Gloria-Jeans, I was quite surprised to see another series of pics of Dean n-e-k-k-i-d.
Is this some publicity stunt that he had to pull since his singing sucks compared to powerhouse Jessica and falsetto-king Damien? Well it's just a little hard for me to believe that he's playing the virgin card again. Guy Sebastian, I could accept (looking at his face) but Dean still a virgin? Gimme a break. Well I'm not generalising such as exotic dancers can't be virgin (excluding prolly the minute they start working?), but you know wot I'm saying?

(can't helping snapping this pic off the mag while I continued on my glorious gossiping journey)

Gosh... She's so large. Can someone please do something about her? Gastric bypass, lipo suck-suck or any of the Olsen's/Lindsay's/Paris'/Nicole Richie's diet (read: drug)? How can this be happiness? Sometimes I don't get it - how can one be happy with oneself when one is so heavily unhealthy? Oh I got it - health isn't one of their happy pills. But as the saying goes, as long as they are happy...MMOB.

That's the post for the day bois & gurls... Looking at the weather I don't think I'll be going to Bridge Rd or Chapel St for shopping (me = sob sob; wallet = victorious). Studying? It' hasn't come to that desperado yet. Ciao!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Myer Christmas Parade 2006 (part 1)

I think this was called the "12 Princess".

Something to do with selling entertainment units.

Santa riding with Jennifer & John.

I think I recall seeing Jamie Oliver here. Correction - his books and pans and pots. =P which I didn't buy coz they are very expensive! I do buy his books though. Oh no...there's a new one!

Some footy players you wouldn't expect me to know except those who have been on DWTS.

Only comment is - could they be more plain on those wrappers? You know - some highlights, curling, shadows, blink blink and how about some real ribbons? =D

Myer Christmas Parade 2006 (part 2)

Hush puppies - lesson learned --> things always look better if they are unreal

Carebears!!! I used to heart them

Even the Star Wars soldiers were ordered to march - David Jones watch out!

Wouldn't call him a singing senstation but quite a piece of eye candy - Melbournian Ricky Muskat. Someone he has always reminded me of two other things - Ricky Martin and Orange Muskat.

Didn't Mom teach you not to air your undies outside? Obviously not if your undies are Bonds undies. (",)

Santa, Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Universe 2005 I think) & John So (Melbourne City Mayor)

Supersize me!

Waking up to Robbie Williams's Angel & The Young Divas' This Time I Know It's for Real felt good this morning. Thanks to them I am blogging on a Saturday morn.

Despite being ill-treated at the market last week, I totally got my revenge yesterday. I developed 42 pictures at some pharmarcy. After I passed the stack of pictures to the cashier, I reached for my wallet and pulled out a $100 note.

Cashier: OK so it's $1.20.
Me: (looked a her as if she's speaking spanish)
Cashier: (looking at my $100) Do you have something smaller?
Me: (rolling my eyes, huh something smaller? Oh oh she must really mean that the pics are only $1.20. Something tells me I better have some small change in my wallet/pocket before she discovers that she's making a sale of no return. So I looked again into the wallet and woo-hoo there's a $5 note. With a little shaking hand I handed her the note)
Cashier: This is the change.
Me: (turning away)
Cashier: Do you want a receipt? (handling me one)
Me: (receipt? Oh come on as if I needed another 2 second for her to realise that she might have to fork out $11.40 from her own purse) Yea sure!

With that I sped off the shop with a Ha!-I've-saved-some-money look on my angelic/boyish face. Will I do the same thing again? In a heart beat! =P

Some sms-es from my friends after hearing of what happened:

Cheryl: Jealous! >.< (well she had told me she wanted to develop pics too!)

Winnie: What? Anyone with a bit of common sense would realise that it costs more than that! Haha. Anyway, maybe it's just your lucky day (cos of me my bday) haha

Dennis: Ha.. It Really Depends How You Look At It! Ha...

Angelene: Evil u! She nv study maths b4? I'm going xxxx (another story)

Oh yea...Did I forget to tell you that I am the wolf under the red hood?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Anthony Callea - Live For Love (Live)

OMG - I think he's by far the best Idol we've had so far in Aus. Despite the small frame, his voice can reach the top of a 20-storey building. He's singing live with such a strong, unfettered voice. Apart from Shannon, Guy and Paulini I don't know who else is so good. Can't wait to buy the album!!
Damien Leith - CRY

My favourite Irish-cum-Aussie Idol since the beginning. And I'll be voting for the next 2 shows!!

He just sends beautiful shivers up my spines everytime he sings...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


In fact it's not giraffe-like but croc-like, at least according to the price label!!

Ultimately I'd have bought you

To prevent loss of some loyal readers (not that I have many), I better post as much gossip/update about myself and others as frequently as possible! =P

Woke up surprisingly early today - despite I had finished exam yesterday. I think it's because I didn't dread waking up only to study or to go to work or exam. It was good despite I basically had nothing to do but wandering around the apartment, rotating among the kitchen, living room, kitchen again, bedroom, computer, bathroom and kitchen again. Then I sat my butt down and did some picture editing and continued making a card which I had started before the exam. I am not going to post a picture of it here. Just so you know...

Soon I remembered my vow to clean the apartment...Changing into shorts I shifted the chairs around and some throws, and the vacuum machine roamed to life and boi did we suck the whole universe from hair to toe nails =D and everything in between. Felt so good after a good old cleaning of the apartment. I think I hadn't cleaned it for 2 weeks in a row. Yucky I know.. (",)

Initially I didn't wanna go out for some shopping but then the weather witch wasn't going to honours the weather forecast so it wasn't gonna get sunny as promised. First stop Borders - I did bring my 30% discount voucher with me with M:I:III and X-Men III in mind. But I decided against it because they were not that urgent in my currently tight wallet. Needed to save for some birthdays - which is where I spent the money for, at Bayswiss. Bayswiss is a furniture-slash-decorative shop I really like. They have the best coffee scented candles which are so not expensive (but everything else is!!).

I shan't elaborate more for what was the money spent on simply because I don't wanna put ideas in people's minds. U know. Boi did I find the very very nice coasters with giraffe-skin-pattern-like prints. Love 'em! There was also another set with broken glasses twirled in circle with stainless stell. Unfortunately there was only 1 set left and the steel looked scratched. So I didn't get that one. (Oops can't upload the pic in the same post, stupid blogger - always like that)

Aha - I guess the best bargain I got today was the Kylie Minogue CD which was only $18.82 for 2 CDs and a DVD!!!! Impressed? I wanted to also buy MoS's Classic but then I shouldn't because even Kylie wasn't on my shopping list! Actually all the stuff I bought earlier weren't on the list too! However they were inevitable? Because I venture off to ramble about my budget and spending, let's focus on saving! Back to Kylie, when her Ultimate Kylie came out last year i didn't buy it as I thought, u know, I already have many of her now songs. I just didn't have her earlier songs. And now 2 CDs and a DVD of her MVs!!! That's really a bargain. Big W does really deliver its words. Good on ya.

So yea that's about wot happened for the stretch of the day so far. Am not gonna elaborate on buying 4 oranges and a packet of brown sugar (but now you've already known now!) at Safeway. Muahaha before I left QV, I skipped, scratch that, more liked limped, into Officeworks to get some DVD-Rs to burn Will and Grace seaons 3 & 4. I am hearing Sherly's "Yay". Hahaa

Looking forward to tonight's dinna at MaBrown with the quils!!! Yum yum...I so hope to go there again with EMA.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

the morning when I didn't put product in my hair & I went to vic market

Strolling down the busy-as-usual aisle I walked towards the vege stall for some green chillies and lemons.

As I stood in front of the stall waiting to be served, 10 secs passed before a Chinese man asked me what I wanted, which I dare say definitely not a taste of what about to be a disastrous 街市experience.

Me: Could I have 2 GREEN chillies please?
Him: Two? (with the tone that people actually buy 200 chillies at one go)
Me: Yes, 2 green ones please.
I even pointed at the boxes which had chillies other than red chillies. And he picked a green one and a yellowish white one.
Me: No no 2 green ones PLEASE.
Him: OK.
Disaster about to start when he, as if doing a magic trick, just put them down and picked them up again - with the green and yellowish white chillies!
Me: I want green chillies. G-R-E-E-N.
Finally realised wot my lips shape was he accomplished which appeared to be a very difficult task.

Oh yes, I didn't realise my lemon buying experience was about to turn very sour too. They were selling for 5 for $2, so 40 cents each right. You would think. I took three and told him I had taken three lemons. Looking at me puzzled, he really was, I asked him how much was the total.
Him: 20 cents. (Handling me the chillies) Oh sorry 30 cents.
I could understand if he wanted to charge a little more coz I only bought TWO and I think he was new and didn't want his boss to know that he would sell things cheaply. OK so I let him go with that and handed him 50 cents. Also I figured he'd need to settle the chillies and lemon transactions separately because the amounts were too overwhelming for him.
Me: And how much are the 3 lemons?
Him: 5 for $2.
Me: Yes I know that. I took 3. So $1.20?
Him: (still) 5 for $2.
Then another girl came by and I thought OK she would wave her magic wand and end the unfortunate experience for me.
Him to her: 三个林檬多少钱? (i.e. How much are 3 lemons?)
Her: It's 5 for $2 (again?!) so $1.50 for 3.
I think my small eyes just popped open at her.
Me: Isn't it $1.20?
Him: (STILL!!!) 5 for $2.
I should have just thrown those lemons at them but instead, being a nice person as I am, I just took the lemons out (not the chillies as I'd already overpaid for them!) and put them back.
Me: That's it!
I went to another stall and got my $1.20-for-3 lemons! To add salt to the wound, when I went to the supposedly cheaper section of the market, 20 cents for a lemon.

My palm found its way to my forehead and they had a little accident of banging. I should have been more anal about the 20 cents he still owed me.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Roasting the Greek - in style!

This was for dinna tonight. Greek-style roast chicken. It turned out alright. Room for improvement still. Not as good as per the TV chef that claimed - after you taste my chicken you won't be eating any chicken some place else. =)
I think I gave it a good shot. But man it took a long time to cook... Sis had to wait for more than 40 minutes. I should have used a bigger roasting pan but I was so blind. I couldn't find the bigger pan when it was actually in front of me.
Melbourne's weather is getting quite lovely these two days. Not as dramatic. And I am so loving it. If not for the exam I'd be out everyday soaking up the sun.
I was annoyed by an invigilator at the exam today. He claimed that my bag, jacket and scarf were blocking his way and he'd trip. was exam and I was stressful so I didn't snap back at him immediately. I know you are fat - but if you think you'll lose balance because your centre of gravity is toppling you forward as your tummy is breeding beer, then I am not gonna say anything to you.
So I let (it pains me having to think about wot he did) him stomp on my bag, jacket and scarf as his way of kicking things out of his way. TWICE, the second time he came around he still felt threathened by my stuff! Oh I am sure your tummy will bounce you back right up when you trip and I'll laugh at you!!!!
It was a bit chilly on my way home. And, I was wearing the scarf.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why why why & how how how?

Summer is coming and I am still not rid of the spare tyre!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Read to find out wot does the title mean both literally and could-be literally.

I emailed my dear tax-law lecturer with regards to a definition in the text as I thought it was applied incorrectly. Here it goes -->

"... it says that the repayment income for HECS is the sum of taxable income, net of rental losses and reportable fringe benefits total... "

It's prolly due to my mother tongue. (Yea sue me because I didn't speak English when I was borned - if I did I would have muttered FU to your face quite happily) I interpreted the legislation as repayment income = sum of taxable income - (rental losses and reportable fringe benefits total).

Plainly because of the word net I thought you should take away rental losses and FBT from taxable income.

And the lecturer replied: Sum of means add together - check a dictionary. Check a wot? Prolly I should huh? For someone who can't spell "what" and "probably" prolly doesn't know wot sum means.

I just can't believe a lecturer would be so mean to a student. Answering queries from student may be frustrating (it's in her job description hello?) but I could use some manner. What a mean and lazy bitch she is! Good thing is I don't think I had given her a good review. Really suck up to a MLB doesn't she?

I couldn't think of a better name for her. So I guess I'd thank her parents and her husband for her name is Mei-Ling Barkoczy.

The Showgirl

How exciting!! She's ready to tour again. Can't wait when she's back in Aus for the tour that we've all been waiting for. Anyone wanna go with me??? Her new signatory is fa-bu-lous! The 'K' looks like a heel to me don't u think? The head piece does remind me of her can't-get-you-out-of-my-head era. And I love the make-up around her eyes... Not too smokey but sexy.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

In & Out

There you see Whitney Houston divorcing her husband and finally (prolly) getting her acts clean. Here you have George Michael OPENLY smoking marijuana at a TV interview! Time to check in George.. Or better check out some coffins and plots. Backstage at a gig in Madrid, George lit a big spliff while telling UK Media that it makes him sane and happy.

A few weeks ago the media was reporting about retailers 'sexualising' children in advertisements. I do agree with that - more so when this young girl kitten-walk in what-I-can-only-imagine bikinis that were size 0. I think the fact that they have less to cover up has been abused literally.

I guess wot I wanna say is - I don't think our lives are getting any better. Whether or not we could travel to the Moon I think it'd be a better world if life was simpler. Prolly as time changes, different struggles for survival emerge. And I think people now have one too many distractions too resist in everyday life. This is an interesting article on human projection (in mandarin). I guess no wonder breasts are going to get bigger (from the article) as girls start to get stimulation as young as 5 (as per above pic)!
[Remark: sorry I can't find the link to the article - so just take what I said as true!]

Friday, October 20, 2006

What makes me smile in the morning

Every morning I wake up. Sometimes groggy, sometimes grumpy, sometimes I just fall asleep again but most of the time I'd like to stay in bed listening to the radio.

After some 30 minutes of what I call 'getting-used-to' time, I will wake up to the first stop of everyday - the bathroom. Sometimes the loo as the tank is usually full!

The first thing I love every morning is not a cuppa tea or coffee or nice breakfast but a nice splash of warm/cool (depends on the season of the year) water onto the face. It wakes me up, no matter how reluctant I am. Second splash and I'll rub around the eyes area and that totally feels fantastically soothing.

I don't care if this puts you off but I'd like to take a dump in the morning, preferably before I go out. I hate using a public toilet. Don't feel good using a bowl which has been used by dunno-who. I actually pity girls as they have not too many choice on that matter. Moreover I hate the call from nature if I am at work, lecture, tutorial, or generally meeting with people then uh-oooo I gotta go. And the twitching of the face + passing of wind (sometimes). I just appreciate that I can pass every morning - well provided I have lotsa fibre every evening.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Auction - anyone?

Despite exam stress - I stayed up till 2am last night to make these. =)
If you want any of them please let me know and I'll consider. Hahaha
Update - 17/10/06 - I made the top 2 cards today. I haven't let my artistic side of me out to play for some time now. It was time to reconnect the other half of the gemini in me. If I have anymore idea I'll prolly make more tomorrow! That'll save me from rushing to buy birthday cards. But then again I dunno if I am willing to give out these babies of mine... Haha I should be generous yea. The more you give the more you get back (hopefully)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

吳宗憲 齊天大勝 憲在不准笑 20060916 八月中秋山林涼 SWEETY

The post just wouldn't come on despite my double attempts. It's a youtube of a Taiwanese show. Watch it only if you know Hokkien.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

(Drumroll please ) These are the Dumbledore Army - oh my my my... what a bunch of fine young men and women they have become.

Trelawny being fired by the Umbridge toad.

Harry patronus-ing off a dementor.

Took me 1 sec to figure out where could this be - it's no other than the HQ of the Order - 12 Grimmauld Place, house of the Black.

Definitely the anchor character in the 5th instalment - Dolores Umbridge.

HP & TOFP screens worldwide July 13 2007; Asia (including Australia) July 12 2007.


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