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Friday, December 19, 2008

I’ve found religion

and that’s not Madonna!KylieX2008_July_Berlin_(21)

Kylie – yay!!! Such a great and adrenaline-pumped night! Great songs, great choreography, great dancer and great lighting!

I danced like crazy. Whenever her earlier songs like I Believe in You, On a Night Like This, Your Disco Needs You, Step Back in Time, Love at First Sight and I Should be So Lucky were sung, I just couldn’t stop singing to them until I lost my voice.KylieX2008_July_Berlin_(14)

My ears are still ringing… and if someone says anything to me now, I would only hear half because my right ear is still clogged.

The encore, which consisted of Love at First Sight and I Should Be So Lucky, sent everyone frenzy. And I am glad that I did my homework in learning most of the lyrics.

Thank you Kylie – a very nice ending to my 7 years in Melbourne.KylieX2008_July_Berlin_(13)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

It’s official – I HATE children

I’ll repel any that comes in 1 meter radius from me.

Yes I am a SATC whore and I am becoming one of them. So today, live experience one – Miranda and family day at her gym, where she nearly had weight bar fall onto her chest – I was attacked by some little demons at a pool. This wasn’t the first time. And every time – the parents assumed that it wouldn’t matter.

When someone of the age over 18 doesn’t know something of civic duty, we call them ignorant. Children are ignorant too. Parents who behaving in an assuming way are to be blamed. Just control your freaks! Don’t expect me to be tolerant of your spawns. I don’t have to. It is not my civic duty to give away my 30 minutes at the pool for children. It is not my civic duty to give up my rights for children!

That is it – next time when it happens, I’ll definitely speak up to the parents. If you can’t control them, please tie the tubes up.

I’m so sick of everything that is “pro-family”. So what, single people don’t count? You don’t have to help out single people too? Every time I see on the news, we’re gonna make something that is more family-friendly or for working family. Hey, no one asks these people to reproduce, no one asks these people to produce more CO2-producing things. If you wanna have them, please don’t expect my courtesy to give up my pool for you!

Friday, November 28, 2008

it is the LAW

of Attraction that I have come into contact with today.

Many people have heard about the celebrated ideology about the Law of Attraction, which was made famous by the TV Queen, Oprah.

As I was doing the research for my interview with EY, I found that the company of one of my lecturers at Melb Uni, had merged with EY. EY didn’t used to have an actuarial team. I thought to myself, oh no, am I gonna see Jules?

Some lecturers are friendly (and bulli-able) both in and out of the lecture theatre. Jules (and DD) was not one of them. At least he appeared to be quite stern in class. After the interview I was proven wrong too.

So you must have guessed – yes I got Jules as my interviewer!! I had been thinking, oh shit, what I am going to do if I got him? In my mind, I was thinking it would better to be interviewed by some stranger. I had been, since I had found out, protesting the idea of meeting Jules at my interview.

What are the chances, you ask… I should have known – when I got up to level 23, I saw a very familiar face, which I had not expected at all. Deric put it quite adequately, that he and I were the old farts. It was a very clear sign! Things from your past may come in a pair!

The law the law… I was telling the other candidates about Askit and the man behind it. I was wishing out loud that I didn’t wanna get him. Deric and I were waiting for our turns. Wendy came back into the waiting room, followed by Jules. Now that confirmed that either one of us would get Jules.

Moments, which felt like months, passed. A more-than-middle-aged man came in and he took Deric. He took Deric! What are the chances!!! The more I resisted it, the more I attracted it. The Law of Attraction. I really got Jules in the end, which turned out to be quite a nice surprise actually. I had totally underestimated the power of “familiar” in a nervous situation. I didn’t even sweat at all, given my track record.

Geez, the other candidates never even heard of “the Law of Attraction” when I told them about it. All I got was, “You are attracted to Jules”?

Next time, if there’s one, I see them – I gotta introduce them to the Law of O.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Single Girl and Repercussions!

NBC has actually taken this down. This is much shorter and without Paul Rudd talking with Beyonce, compared to the full version that I saw.

You don’t have to be fabulous – it’s Shane’s job.

Dancing “live” to Beyonce!

I guess dancing doesn’t discriminate?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where’s my lipstick?


Lost in the NBC jungle and not to be found. One of my favourite shows has been axed!

Following the shredded Cashmere Mafia, now the jungle is burned. Seems like no show after Sex and the City is successful, even though penned by the same author!


Pic of the Day


Very smart choice of reason, opposing against Prop 8. Obama should make it a personal quest indeed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Love this!!!


Thanks to the author, justice!!!

After Abdul Rahman, the rest of the PM are all flawed in a lot of ways. Abdul Razak was the mind behind 513, who plotted for the marching & celebrating opposition to clash with his own Malay army, after BN lost to the opposition. This was done even though the then PM instructed otherwise. Of course after the riot, Abdul Razak overthrew Abdul Rahman and became the 2nd PM.

I have nothing much to say about Hussein Onn. Except perhaps he was the one that started using keris to stab Chinese. I need to get my facts. Got my facts – he wasn’t the one with the Malay dagger. But his fault would be spawning the evil next generation, Hishammuddin Hussein, who threatened, several times, to stab the Chinese with a keris.

Mahathir – supposedly the most glamorous one. He’s the best. Best in inflicting social injustice and crying at the right moment (better than Meryl Streep). He interfered with the judiciary by brain-washing judges and dictating court decisions before a trial even started, reduced the power of the Sultans and the King, set-up Money. Inc in UMNO, copied Abdul Razak’s trick in making Operation Lalang in 1988 a success, limited media transparency and freedom by jailing and suing journalists, played Two-Face in sucking up to the Chinese when he needed the votes and fucking them (the bad way) when he didn’t, continued to influence politics when he’d have died and also totally denied his Indian descent father. Basically he’s like a bastard relative that has lived too long to cause pain all around. Not to mention his involvement in bringing down Abdul Rahman.

Abdullah Badawi – the sleeping beauty. He recently attended some formal function in Kuching and was caught falling asleep again! He suffers worse than erectile dysfunction – because his whole body and mind shut down all the time. What can I say more than calling him a limp dick and he has sucked a lot of erm, OK I’ll be nice, money. No project that he has taken on has been successful. Everything has been half baked. He is not only a sleeping beauty but also an external-beauty-only pageant. Everything he has done is only in the NAME. He just can’t get it up!

The upcoming PM – one that has successfully assured UMNO Malaysian Members of Parliament, that their interests and bank accounts will be taken care of. This bunch of losers, apparently losing all logic and conscience, conveniently overlooks the fact that this PM-to-be is alleged to have involved himself with having sex with a Mongolian woman, blowing her up with explosives, fixing court outcomes and the latest helicopter bidding. As long as these MP’s finances are taken care of, Najib will sit comfortably on his PM chair. And did I forget: Najib was also the one that would bathe his keris in Chinese blood.

Go visit Malaysia people. But please avoid having sex with any government officials. You may not even have a body for  your family to bury. For anything – I don’t blame these politicians too much, because it’s Malaysians who are stupid. Stupid enough to be screwed in displeasure.

Saturday, November 08, 2008




Friday, October 17, 2008


Again and again I have professed my love for B&S. The fatal attraction, I’m not even sure if it started because one very very similar issue. But now I’m seeing very similar pattern in some events. It seems that The Chuahs could be very well the Walkers. A similarity that I really didn’t see coming to such a close mimic.

Age-old question

Can men really be trusted? Gay or straight , or people generally – really? Are we supposed to be tied down with one person? Financially, isn’t that concentration risk to the maximum? We diversify our portfolio but we dump every thing on one person. Can men really be trusted or are we wanting the impossible?

Luckily I have developed immunisation by rationalizing love as no more than chemical reaction in my brains and body. I know I’ll never betray/cheat on myself hence there will be no heart break. Big risk big return? I’m not that sort of person.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It’s been a while since I last blogged about Malaysian politics. Ever since RPK’s detention, I feel that a part of me is gone with him too.

Nevertheless, seeing this report has made me boil.

尊阿都拉为民主改革之父 许子根吁放内安法扣留者

The Father of Revolution. This time Kor Su Koon has gone too far. Too far! Kissing UMNO’s ass like this – this is barulah unnatural sexual behaviour!!!! I am so angry.

Bodohwi has not done anything that is worth mentioning at all other than contributing to the Australian economy! He started with “Tak Nak” that should be reducing smoking. We tak-nak you lah Bodohwi. Then he moved on to corruption. Who’s caught? That stupid Zakaria died (or was allegedly killed) just one day after his scandal of building a mansion from public money was exposed. Corruption has never been worse with everyone tied to him getting more under-the-table money and contracts.

Judiciary reform – what have we seen? He didn’t even want to meet with the people for a conversation despite openly talking about “I wanna listen to the truths” – truth my ass!!!!!!!! Inter-faith dialogues were stopped. Human-right activists detained indefinitely one after another. High-profile criminals like the DPM are protected. The de-facto Law Minister, appointed by Bodohwi, fired himself after the arrest of RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Cheng Hoon.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

May 13 – Painful History

The government has screened this topic out of textbooks, deeming it none other than a so-called sensitive issue. The fact remains, the force behind this ugly event was very much politically encouraged. The culprits are none other than some of the big names like the 2nd Prime Minister, Razak and the 4th PM, Mahathir.

All Malaysian should read these articles exposed by none other than RPK.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Swimming pool Etiquette?

I'm not sure if I'm too "ulu" or what... As I was resting at the edge of the pool, this gentleman who had finished swimming got up. He was then drying himself with a small towel.

When he was done, something unthinkable happened. He squeezed the water from his towel back into the pool.

Now you've learned a new trick on saving water.

Luckily my goggles were powered to capture such memorable moment.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

2 more sleeps

bs_ad collage

till I can download the season 3 premiere of only my favouritest TV series on earth.

Another cool Gadget


that I wanna introduce is Google Chrome. It's definitely a cool browser. Having dumped Internet Explorer and tried Safari and Mozilla in 2 days, I got rid of them even quicker. Luckily Google had the answer!

I love the download feature, after which you've selected the folder for download, the downloaded file will appear at the bottom of the browser and you just have to click to open it immediately. You could also view recently downloaded files. I so love it when I'm opening a Mininova file - makes it easy for downloading torrents.

I love its tab browsing very very much! It fits my usage like a glove. Often times I love to open lots of tabs and close lots of tabs continuously. Using IE was such a pain, its tab size always changes after one tab has been close. So one has gotta keep moving one's mouse to "X" the tab. But with Chrome, the work is easy! When I'm shutting down tabs, it doesn't even open the tabs that I wanna close. The size of the tabs stay constant (tab sizes become smaller and smaller when you open many tabs) and I just "X" all the way until I'm satisfied!

The next feature that I adore is password/identity saving. The improvement I have experienced, compared to IE, is tremendous. It doesn't have a pop-up like IE, but a bar (like Mozilla) below the address bar, that asks me if I want to save password/identity. And it works on so many web sites that IE doesn't! And one best thing about it being a product of Google is that I no longer have to sign in (again and again and again on IE) when I'm leaving comments on blogspot. What a relief! I don't even have to sign in again and again to go into Sherly's blog as I'm already in Google world!

Another pet peeve of mine, as stated above, is to open many many tabs at the same time. Let's face it, we are using broadband, we have to let many pages load at the same time so that I can quickly move on to the next when I'm done reading the current page. IE does this quite well but Mozilla and Safari doesn't. Chrome hits the right balance for me. It allows opening web pages in the background so it doesn't interrupt my current reading (unlike Mozilla and Safari).

One thing that either Mozilla or Safari (I can't remember, as I only used them for one day each) does well is its photo saving ability. I hate it when a browser keeps opening a common folder instead of a folder that I have already saved the previous picture in. It annoys me that I have to click click click. I really think they don't understand what tab browsing really means if they can't incorporate this feature into their browser. Or perhaps it could be my cookies not being enabled (which I doubt). If I'm looking at someone's blog with many scenery pictures, I want to be able to save them into one folder. And also none of these browsers allows me to save a picture directly by just right clicking. It would only let me save the size that is displayed, but not the full resolution one.

loving iTunes 8!!


Loving the album-cover feature so much! My pain-in-the-ass anal practice of having all album covers for all my songs has finally paid off. I love to see everything pretty and neat!

I don't understand why people still stay with Windows Media Player, when they can use such a cool software than can do so much to the ears and eyes.

You are the APPLE in my eyes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bye Bye CT8

Hopefully once and for all.

Maybe some time in November I can safely say, here I come Part 3...

Postcard to RPK

RPK postcard001

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not so Sticky & Sweet

She said the following for not coming to Australia to do her Confessions Tour in 2006:

To my fans in Australia,

Please forgive me. I really did hope and expect to come to Australia during the Confessions Tour and asked my managers to try to include some shows there. I have fond memories from previous tours. Unfortunately, the logistics just didn't work out this time around. We looked into going from Japan to Australia and ending the show there but I have to get my kids back into school in England and they are, as you can understand, my most important priority. The important thing to remember is that I'm not retiring anytime soon and I am gonna get to Australia as soon as I can. You remain in my heart and Thank you for your continued love & support.

Love, Madonna

madonna confessions tour

Again, she's not coming to Australia to do the Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2008.

I could give it to her for not coming to Australia in 2006 when she finished touring at the end of September. Supposedly her children really had to go back to so-called schools. However her S&S tour spans from August to December! So what, her children are doing online education this year?

Sticky and Sweet poster

She didn't even bother coming up with a reason for not visiting Australia this time. I have another child to steal from Ethiopia or Transylvania.

Just admit it bitch - we are too far away and couldn't afford to pay you for all the logistic costs. Very Kathy-Griffin-ly, she would say to our faces, SUCK IT BITCHES!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

for all 福建人 in Malaysia

I'm sure you can think of someone when I say "Shit ha mit?". Wink wink. Or you can also challenge yourself with the second 我猜 "Shit Apa?".

Have fun.

Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Others Held Under the Internal Security Act

Now that Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng have been freed, we need to exert more pressure on the government to free our hero RPK.

Sign the petition here.

I'm very worried that Bodohwi is finally losing power and might be stepping down earlier than planned. If he steps down, the successor will be a bigger monster. Bodohwi is a sleeping beauty (for the lack of a better term) but Najis will be a much worse enemy for the opposition to go up against. Najis appeals to a greater number of UMNO MP's hence making it just that more impossible to cause defection.

Being one that openly and proudly threatened to bathe a Malay sword with Chinese blood, I really "have no eyes" to see what shall happen next. All the assholes in UMNO and BN will just shut one eye to his involvement in killing Altantuya, settting up Anwar with Sodomy 2008 and stealing money from the Defense Ministry.

Again I have to stress that there's no use in saying things like why UMNO or MCA don't get what the people want, especially after the 308 political Tsunami. It's not that they don't get it - they don't have to! Because they have their own bank accounts to worry about. Why worry about the country and changing it for the better? All the big shots have their self interests to take care of. Government funding is their source income - why so stupid and throw it away? Bodohwi or Najis, they just want their income protected!

It comes down to the remaining Malay UMNO voters to realise that they have been robbed by UMNO, of supposedly their aboriginal rights. Yes they have such rights but only the top few get to enjoy it. I think a powerful speech should be given by the now ruling Agong, to the Malays - we have been robbed by UMNO. Do you realise it? UMNO has cut off all our "benefits". We have all been fucked by UMNO. The grass root Malays have to hear it from the Agong, as all the royal rulers have been effectively made into puppets by Dr M since the 80s.

In my opinion, Anwar has to move faster and get to the Agong for his appointment as the new PM. Otherwise, as the UMNO MP's already know this hence they are pushing for Najis to take the top position of the country. As soon as Najis seizes power, I'm sure the first thing he will do is to sodomize Anwar in the most pleasurable way. All the opposition leaders will be arrested under the ISA indefinitely. When Najis becomes the PM, all hope will be lost because this Chinese hater (not in the literal sense as I'm sure he just 'hates' the Chinese to get Malay votes) will do ANYTHING, like his father, to end power struggle in UMNO and the country. When Najis becomes the PM, all the judges and lawyers handling Altantuya's case will be silenced forever. RPK will warm his 6-by-8 cell with his bare ass. And that's only the beginning.

At this point, ironically, I hope Bodohwi holds up against Najis and his minions, as long as he can. Anwar, who might have been giving empty promises on defected MP's, needs to act quickly otherwise prepare to be sunken with the French-made submarines or blown up by the remaining explosive powder to kill Altantuya.

What's for dessert?

Chocolate Fondue005 Chocolate Fondue001 Chocolate Fondue002 Chocolate Fondue003 Chocolate Fondue004  Chocolate Fondue006 Chocolate Fondue007

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Afraid that

I am a self-crowned DOWNLOAD whore.

Sue me sue me sue me! I'm the biggest pirate of all.

Yet, not a single drop of guilt.

TPG please give ma higher d/l limit I beg you. At the end of every month when the limit depletes, I get the shakes, the fear, the anxiety... very much like an addict.

A whore and an addict - what am I? What do you call a whoring addictive personality?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A pic worth a thousand words


Nice isn't it? He's our new Sleeping Beauty!

People & Power - Malaysia's Internal Security Act

Unfortunate gift from the UK = abused by political whores

More arrested!

Seputih MP and Selangor state executive councillor Teresa Kok and Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter Tan Hoon Cheng have also been arrested under the ISA!!

On one hand I'm so glad to hear opposition Chinese women have risen to prominence, worthy of the ISA, on the other I'm worried about their safety. Those police dogs have no mercy. I wish someone would come up with a police logo with dogs on and I wanna promote it!

The Only Way to Abolish ISA: Crossovers & Supporting the Opposition! I have been saying this since day 0.

The people are stupid in the eyes of the government. They think we're ostriches which bury our heads in the sand. Heck, they are trying to push our heads into the sand. But they don't know we have a periscope! And I'm glad they keep showing they are a one-trick pony.

I'm glad now they have detained a prominent royalty RPK and 2 Chinese. What more can we ask? The police have actually given us the greatest gift ever - the cause. Now not only the Indian (Hindraf), the Malay and the Chinese too - woohoo, all Malaysian - will rise. Tsunami will come again and this time Bodohwi, Najis and Mahathir (can anyone think of something funny for his name?) will drown for good.

GERAKAN should immediately detach from BN; Sabah's 进步党 shouldn't wait any longer to be fired from BN. The ball-less dogs MCA should really grow a pair otherwise they will 垫尸底 for BN.

Shame that most media in Malaysia are controlled by the government. Those who aren't should stop saying things like "The government should realise and change.." bla bla. No, no one should expect them to change. Firstly they won't because they have too much at stake. Secondly we need to let them reveal the big bad (old) wolf underneath that sheep skin. What they should report - how and when Anwar will form new government and the development of Altantuya's murder trial. I learned this from John Howard - I don't give free publicity to my opponents, which is exactly what the government is doing. The people are already burning with charcoal and they are given more fuel to burn brighter.




One of the versions of the origin of 中秋节 is that the Ming Dynasty was formed because of mooncake. As the Mongols didn't eat mooncakes, the rebellion inserted a short note in the mooncakes and gave them to everyone. The note told them to kill all the Mongolians on the 15th of the 8th month. Perhaps we can see something similar this time?

At this very grave moment, the ruling government is tempting the opposition to riot and taking the chance to declare the state of emergency. That way, they will be able to capture all opposition and continue to rule for another 20 years. I hope Anwar knows what to do next. We're all waiting for the tide to start.


RPK has been arrested by ISA.

Well, I can't say I'm totally surprised as RPK said before it very well would happen. I was very grateful for ABC to have shown a documentary of the by election and interview with RPK a few days ago.

I feel sad for RPK but I think it is necessary for him to be detained under ISA. He knew it was coming and he was prepared for it. He is our HERO.

The detention was inevitable and it is paramount that the police actually detained him under ISA, which is blunt, cruel and injustice as ever before. It has always been used to the benefit of the ruling party in order for them to control their opponents. With RPK's detention, UMNO has no doubt nailed itself to the coffin. The people will be unrest. The people will rise.

Of all the "nasty" things RPK has said on his blog, he was detained for defaming islam and not the government. Funny or not? So the government is now the speaker of islam? Again and again, the government has chosen to act on very childish and self-interest reasons.

What a perfect timing, just after Ahmad's suspension. So now when people ask how come Ahmad isn't under ISA, they would just say he's already been suspended. Between a man who discusses islam and one that spreads seditious racial sentiments, we arrest the former. The government is very scared indeed.

The government/ruling party, is playing the racial card for the 3rd time. In 1969 (513) and 1988-1990, they played with the racial and religious cards openly and without shame. When they are losing the Malay votes, they abuse the fear of losing aboriginal rights among the Malays. Is it coincidental these things have to happen every 20 years? This time the opening act was Ahmad. We still haven't climaxed yet.

That's why RPK was charged for defaming islam and not the government. Firstly they want the conservative, in other words ignorant, Malays and those sitting on the fence not to support RPK (hence Anwar) because of the anti-islam position he's deemed to take. Secondly, why tell the people the reasons why RPK has been criticising the government for. Who would want their dirty laundry to be aired again and again, free of charge, especially when the ruling party is losing.

So very smart.

Abdul Razak (1969) used it, Mahathir is a master at it (1988-90) and now Abdullah and Najib. Nearly 40 years after 1969, can Malaysian wake up and smell the shit? We fell for it twice, is 3rd time a charm? Or an alarm not alarming enough?

I didn't understand why people say politic is nasty when I was a boy. I think I've started to now. I started by advocating the total destruction of Barisan National and racial administration and I stand by it. BN and its constituents have to go. Period.

Please pray for RPK. He had "insulted" a few times the Inspector General and the national prosecutor - I won't be surprised if they punch him again, as per Anwar by the then IG.

The detention lasts for 60 days. Today is the 12th. I'm thinking, he should only be detained for, say 5 days at the most, if the thing that's supposed to happen happens.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Heart

Marcs Bag003

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Touring Divas

cher tina turner live in concert 2008 madonna sticky & sweet tour kylie minogue x

These are the 4 tours that I desperately would like to see in 2008!!! But only Kylie's X tour is the possible one but I might not be in Australia already.

I would have to say, the shows I look forward to the most are Tina Turner and Cher's tours. These two "aged" divas are rocking it up better than any younger singers could ever dream of. Cher is 61 and Tina 68! Incredible aren't they?

Not a big fan of Madge this time even though I would like still to see her live. This money sucker isn't coming to Australia anytime soon. I bet she'll still be able to sell a concert when she's 78!

Will have to get their DVDs I suppose.





好戏还在后头,鄭丁賢‧老天份上,關閉它吧! And the English version here.

Despite the huge dispute, I'm glad it happened. Let's see their ugly heads sooner than later. They wanna give us shit, we'll take it. We'll return them multiple times at the next election. Please, dish out more racial slurs. I welcome all of them. I don't even wanna feel mad. We shall transform anger into power.

Set the dates, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly? Periodically air what you're afraid of - losing power by giving up your racial cards - we'll take it. We shall, like a good boy/girl, remember every slash and whip. You don't have to apologize - you always make an "if" apology, which amounts to even less than my flatulence, which at least plays the musical/smell chair.

Friday, September 05, 2008

B&S 3

BS3 bs3-2  bs3-9bs3-5bs3-6  bs3-4 bs3-11 bs3-7 bs3-13 bs3-10 bs3-12

I can't stress enough how damn much I love the Walkers. Can't wait for the premiere on Sept 28.

Watching seasons 1 & 2 over and over doesn't tire me at all. Can't thank the writers enough for giving me such entertaining and dramatic stories week after week. And the actors who pull the roles off so beautifully. I'd give each of them an Emmy if I could.

Shark protester suspended from ceiling by hooks

I remember seeing an advertisement by 任贤齐 during Chinese New Year in 2004/5 (?) about not having shark fin. Since then I vowed not to have shark fin.

People look at me weird at a dining table but I think I've been doing fine in not eating shark fin. I haven't even been tempted at all.

This lady reinforces my determination.

There is so much other seafood that doesn't involve killing a whale, dolphin or shark. I love me and other seafood.

So dear shark friends, I would expect your kind not to eat me if I fall into the ocean.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Independence Day 2008


It's been 51 years since the country first got independence. However, due to a certain group of people who are greedy, we have not progressed far, if at all, since 1957.

I don't expect the current administration to change because when one's old aged, demented and ill all over, things won't change. They have too much at stake. It's all or nothing for them.

I want them replaced. REPLACED! That's the best gift for everyone cum this 31 August.

Even though it's not possible in reality, I urge all Malaysian bloggers continue to flag the national flag upside down. Doesn't matter if it's unconventional (what is conventional!), it's an expression of our feelings. The country doesn't belong to our slaves, it belongs to the people.

Friday, August 29, 2008

oh Dr. M



Mahathir has disappointed me again and again.

He was the one that jailed a reported in the 90s for saying something against him. Now he's criticising the current government for starting to take blogs seriously, to the extent of stopping blogs altogether. Blogs are now seen as a great weapon against the government, because all anti-government sentiments are spread over the internet on various blogs.

He is one to talk! Out of his old half-Malay wrinkly ass! He can very well be #1 on the "Eat My Own Words and Slap My Own Face" list. And who was such a big fan of the ISA? It'd not be Internal Security Act but I Suck Ass (to be consistent with the anal ambience the government has so meticulously set). He can either suck the front or the back - but I'm sure his won't work.

It also brings me to another point - the Malaysia government is nothing more than a crab parent who's trying to teach its children how to walk straight (of course by punishing people who have anal sex). On one hand they claim that Malaysia is democratic; on the other they are shutting people up (well, for years now they have controlled the main media streams like how tight Saiful sphincter was before he was plough by the 60yo Anwar).

I'm funny and fabulous to put sphincter and media together. Fierce!

People, on various political blogs, whose word I deeply admire, keep saying that why hasn't the government understood they lost the support. To me, this comment is totally USELESS. We don't have to question why they haven't understood and started to change. We don't have to hold expectation for Bodohwi to finally awake from his long sleep.

Because the WON'T happen! What needs to happen is for the people to awake and smell Najis! OK, maybe that's a little to far but what I'm saying is that government is the people's slave, quite literally. If you can't work for us, we'll fire you. As voters who put these people in the parliament, group up and tell your MPs that you no longer support them if they still belong to BN.

It's not about the question is change is better. Change is not necessarily better but we can hope that it'll be. The current government is rotten to the core. They are greedy, selfish, power loving and lazy! And who more seditious than these people who try to separate the people by badmouthing the other races when they talk to one race?

MCA and Gerakan have been cowards for eternity to UMNO. And UMNO has grown (I'm not gonna say arrogant because arrogance still makes them good) GREEDY and OLD. The only way to stop everyone's else suffering is to stop altogether the unhealthy relationship UMNO is sharing with other alliance parties.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Starter Kits other People need

But I don't! Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives are just my most favourite TV series right now (now that the FRIENDS, WAG era is over). Thanks to Jon Robin Baitz and Marc Cherry who created such such fabulous TV shows for me. And thanks for the shows' writers too. Please, no more strike OK?

September 28!! The Walkers and the fierce housewives are back! Can't wait!

Friday, August 22, 2008







Monday, August 18, 2008

“陈莲花反映领袖意见分歧” 许子根:退出国阵与否非课题




Thanks for Professor Trelawney's Divinition class, I already foresaw this coming ages ago.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gordon Ramsay must be jealous!

Shit-ful swore on Quran to prove that he'd been indeed rooted by Anwar.

Mahathir also challenged Anwar to do the same to prove his innocence.



They really thought that the Quran is like the diary from JK Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", where Voldermort has split his soul into several parts and stored a part in a diary.

The diary will SPEAK! The Quran will speak!

Shit-ful was shitty enough to swear on the Quran. When even Mahathir said the same thing, you have to wonder the intention behind that supposedly intelligent mind.

Of course, Osama bin Laden will also swear on the Quran when he's finally caught.

Of course, all the 1st-degree murderers serving life-sentence in jails all over the world will now start to apply for Malaysian permanent residency and convert to Islam. They just have to swear on a book!

Should I call up Schapelle Corby's family and tell them such a great means for their daughter to prison-break? Hello, just an Air-Asia away from Bali to KL! The next hot-ticket item when you travel (and smuggle lovely powder across borders) is some religious book. It's more useful than a passport - any detective dog will have blocked nose when it sees a Quran/Bible (depending on which country you're going to).

Set as a precedence, David Hicks can swear on a Bible. Hell, with his connection to Osama bin Laden, he'll swear on both the Bible and Quran! Double wham-bam!

Back to Shit-ful, according to RPK, swearing on Quran isn't even a thing in Islam! Where's justice? So Anwar swears too, so both of them run free? Soon when Najis is finally linked to killing Altantuya and having anal sex, I'm sure he'll be another Quran-lifting champion, breaking all the Chinese records in Beijing 2008.

Have you ever wondered, as God always sent words down to his/her prophets, why doesn't s/he send an SMS to his/her believers when they are about to do something wrong? According to RPK, the Islam Prophet received revelation from God when he was figuring out how to solve accusation against his wife for committing adultery. If such revelation could be sent, why not a SMS to pre-criminal? Isn't it better to prevent than to cure? Optus would be very happy to be selling an iPhone to God. Good coverage in Australasia and Pacific regions.

Or you know, if God loves the believers, for example a woman, send her some wind to take her away when she's about to be raped! And not to tell her God works in mysterious ways when she's infected with HIV or pregnant. In Islam, Allah loves his believers so much that he asks a woman to produce 4 MALE eye-witnesses to charge the rapist (of course this represents an abuse of practice which was originally meant to protect the Prophet's wife). If this woman was gang-banged by 4 men, I assume she would have to find 16 men. If I were her, I would start charging for putting on a show and a good time! Might as well enjoy the ride and fill up the piggy bank on the way to orgasm. What's better than pay for 1, get 3 free! Safeway can't even beat that deal.

So Ramsay, remember to bring a Bible when you tape your next show. Just uphold it when you "fuck", then you won't be "tut"-ed.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

in the name of the country and sports?

During the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008, as the athletes marched into the arena, I wondered if sports super stars like the Williams sisters, Federer, Michael Phelps etc, do they actually stay together with their fellows at the athlete village?

Or do they actually stay in nearby 5-star hotels?

There's no golf at the Olympics either is there? I wonder if the Tiger would share its woods?

Flowers & fruits from Home

Nice isn't it?
I love this pic - look at the blue blue sky

That's the fruit...
I don't know what kind of garden it has become... Can't say that my Dad isn't a realist... he says, and he does it!


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