Saturday, February 26, 2005

Missing everyone at 314 & 1961

I am back in Melbourne today after 2 months of holiday in Tanah Merah. This holiday gave me an opportunity to help my family with the new house and to help me reduce my shape. Both have been quite successful I would say.

Part of my system is still tuned to old Tanah Merah homely system and I find it pretty hard to change it in such a short time span. I am missing everyone at home, including Hazel. And Bravo-or-Leo-or-Rachel-if-you-were-female too, though I haven't seen you before.

Missing all the time spent at the dining table, listening to dad's repetitive speeches - mostly stories about how successful he is, his histories, his sacrifices, his endurance against endless hardships in life...well all about him.

Then it'd be Mum's turn. If Mum tried to argue with Dad, he'd either say 'You are stupid' or 'You don't know a thing' etc...So she usually just complains about him to me in private. I think usually mums endure a lot more than dads, in quite a few of families that I've met, no matter how traditional or how open their thinkings are.

TV time!!! Listening to the theme song of 冲上云霄 and my tears just can't help rolling down my cheeks... Even my dad likes this series. Those were the nights when everyone just sat in front of the TV, without arguing or fighting for the show everyone wanted to watch. Most importantly, we were together and I ain't gonna get that now!

And my brothers! Thanks for all your support and help and having allowed me losing temper sometimes.

And the new's just a bit of everything: cement, sand, tiles, steels, glass, water, pipes...arguments, disagreements, dictatorship, plain stupidity, stubborness, worry, impatience, and the most important ingredient that binds everything else together - LOVE.

In the light of the recent event that happened on the night Swee San and I left home, the family thirsts for us more than ever. However I selfishly let those at home facing tough times. The question is do I know what questions that I need to ask myself and search for answers to those questions.


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