Friday, February 27, 2009

Come back already B&S!!!!

Big episode Sunday March 1 - 2-hour movie event... One death and one birth... who'll it be???

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old lady turns me OFF

So I was swimming…. There was a Chinese lady in her 60s in the pool too. I had always felt peculiar towards this woman as she always brought a bucket to the pool with her.

So yesterday, she finished swimming and got out of the water. I am no peeping Tom but I couldn't help it when I saw her filling the bucket up with water from a tap at the side of the pool. I had not paid attention to her before except yesterday as I was intrigued.

Like a magician, I suddenly saw a small plastic cup being held under the tap and she drank the water. OK she must be thirsty, I thought, which was reasonable…. beats drinking chlorinated pool water right?

She didn’t stop there. Next I saw her picking up the bucket and walked towards another side of the pool house. She then proceeded to do the unthinkable – she used the water to clean herself!!!! You’ve guessed it right – she used the cup to pour water down her body!!! I noticed she tried to stand close to the glass wall and further away from the pool, but the water inevitably flowed into the pool!!!

And you think she would stop there… Of course, I can only imagine it’s uncomfortable being in a wet swim suit. This woman of 60 years, changed under her robe, which was followed by, more water in the bucket, and she washed her swim suit in the bucket of water!!!! I nearly drowned myself by now.

What killed me next was that after finishing her washing, she then splashed the washing water against the glass wall. I was drowning in her “after-wash”, literally,

God, not only she’s old, she’s slow!!!! Keeping in mind that I still had a very small reserve of respect for old birds, I tried to stay in the pool as long as I could fight off every urge to get out of the water, but her movements exhibited true definition of slowness.

Rest assured, I used very strong shower gel that day.

Not a good time to have a tongue twister



On another note, when I found out my friend’s mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had gone through a mastectomy,  I felt terribly sorry and gave her a hug. I also said,
“Please give her my breast”.

Whilst we’re on the penis, pardon me, peanut matter. I argued with my sister before about airlines serving penis, bollocks, of course I meant peanuts, that I disagreed with such a service as people with a penis (OK I can’t help it) peanut allergy may find themselves having allergic attacks in 36000 miles above ground.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

there was my invite???

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Academy Award 2009

My crystal ball says…

Best Picture Nominees: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, Milk, The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire.

My pick would be Slumdog, which combines drama, comedy and romance all in one. The script was believable and all the actors, especially the young ones were amazing. The Bollywood dance at the end of the movie was a nice nice touch. People who have grown up watching Bollywood movies will remember this scene fondly.

I have not watched Frost/Nixon. I would say Benjamin Button and The Reader are tied for second place. Both are haunting and surreal, from the storyline. Milk was actually disappointing – it’s more like a documentary instead of a feature film.

The directors of the same movies above are nominated for best directors. I am divided between Slumdog and The Reader.

As for Best Actress, Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married) gave a really strong and different performance but perhaps a little bit well-controlled when I had expected her to go wilder. I haven’t watched Angelina Jolie in Changeling nor Melissa Leo in Frozen River. Meryl Streep gave quite a standard performance in Doubt but the layers peeled too late in the movie whilst I had expected the drama to unfold earlier. Kate Winslet is whom I would put my money on for her role in The Reader – she portrayed a lady who was willing to die for being shameful of just being illiterate. And it’s about time that Kate won one after being nominated 6 times.

I felt that Penelope Cruz was really different and she gave a break-through performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (though I thought the story sucked). I wanted to watch her performance in Volver, for which she was also nominated, but the version I downloaded was without subtitles. Amy Adams portrayed a young naive nun very very nicely in Doubt; whilst Viola Davis had a short air-time for being the mom of a gay (black) boy she managed to get the point across for being scared of her homophobic husband and wanting for the son to just survive. I was surprised to see Taraji P Henson play Benjamin’s mother and it was a pleasant surprise. So of all these four fabulous supporting actresses, my pick would be Amy Adams, for being young, inexperienced, scared but still trying to stand up for what she believed in.

Other Oscar nominations: here.


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