Saturday, August 30, 2008

Independence Day 2008


It's been 51 years since the country first got independence. However, due to a certain group of people who are greedy, we have not progressed far, if at all, since 1957.

I don't expect the current administration to change because when one's old aged, demented and ill all over, things won't change. They have too much at stake. It's all or nothing for them.

I want them replaced. REPLACED! That's the best gift for everyone cum this 31 August.

Even though it's not possible in reality, I urge all Malaysian bloggers continue to flag the national flag upside down. Doesn't matter if it's unconventional (what is conventional!), it's an expression of our feelings. The country doesn't belong to our slaves, it belongs to the people.

Friday, August 29, 2008

oh Dr. M



Mahathir has disappointed me again and again.

He was the one that jailed a reported in the 90s for saying something against him. Now he's criticising the current government for starting to take blogs seriously, to the extent of stopping blogs altogether. Blogs are now seen as a great weapon against the government, because all anti-government sentiments are spread over the internet on various blogs.

He is one to talk! Out of his old half-Malay wrinkly ass! He can very well be #1 on the "Eat My Own Words and Slap My Own Face" list. And who was such a big fan of the ISA? It'd not be Internal Security Act but I Suck Ass (to be consistent with the anal ambience the government has so meticulously set). He can either suck the front or the back - but I'm sure his won't work.

It also brings me to another point - the Malaysia government is nothing more than a crab parent who's trying to teach its children how to walk straight (of course by punishing people who have anal sex). On one hand they claim that Malaysia is democratic; on the other they are shutting people up (well, for years now they have controlled the main media streams like how tight Saiful sphincter was before he was plough by the 60yo Anwar).

I'm funny and fabulous to put sphincter and media together. Fierce!

People, on various political blogs, whose word I deeply admire, keep saying that why hasn't the government understood they lost the support. To me, this comment is totally USELESS. We don't have to question why they haven't understood and started to change. We don't have to hold expectation for Bodohwi to finally awake from his long sleep.

Because the WON'T happen! What needs to happen is for the people to awake and smell Najis! OK, maybe that's a little to far but what I'm saying is that government is the people's slave, quite literally. If you can't work for us, we'll fire you. As voters who put these people in the parliament, group up and tell your MPs that you no longer support them if they still belong to BN.

It's not about the question is change is better. Change is not necessarily better but we can hope that it'll be. The current government is rotten to the core. They are greedy, selfish, power loving and lazy! And who more seditious than these people who try to separate the people by badmouthing the other races when they talk to one race?

MCA and Gerakan have been cowards for eternity to UMNO. And UMNO has grown (I'm not gonna say arrogant because arrogance still makes them good) GREEDY and OLD. The only way to stop everyone's else suffering is to stop altogether the unhealthy relationship UMNO is sharing with other alliance parties.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Starter Kits other People need

But I don't! Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives are just my most favourite TV series right now (now that the FRIENDS, WAG era is over). Thanks to Jon Robin Baitz and Marc Cherry who created such such fabulous TV shows for me. And thanks for the shows' writers too. Please, no more strike OK?

September 28!! The Walkers and the fierce housewives are back! Can't wait!

Friday, August 22, 2008







Monday, August 18, 2008

“陈莲花反映领袖意见分歧” 许子根:退出国阵与否非课题




Thanks for Professor Trelawney's Divinition class, I already foresaw this coming ages ago.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gordon Ramsay must be jealous!

Shit-ful swore on Quran to prove that he'd been indeed rooted by Anwar.

Mahathir also challenged Anwar to do the same to prove his innocence.



They really thought that the Quran is like the diary from JK Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", where Voldermort has split his soul into several parts and stored a part in a diary.

The diary will SPEAK! The Quran will speak!

Shit-ful was shitty enough to swear on the Quran. When even Mahathir said the same thing, you have to wonder the intention behind that supposedly intelligent mind.

Of course, Osama bin Laden will also swear on the Quran when he's finally caught.

Of course, all the 1st-degree murderers serving life-sentence in jails all over the world will now start to apply for Malaysian permanent residency and convert to Islam. They just have to swear on a book!

Should I call up Schapelle Corby's family and tell them such a great means for their daughter to prison-break? Hello, just an Air-Asia away from Bali to KL! The next hot-ticket item when you travel (and smuggle lovely powder across borders) is some religious book. It's more useful than a passport - any detective dog will have blocked nose when it sees a Quran/Bible (depending on which country you're going to).

Set as a precedence, David Hicks can swear on a Bible. Hell, with his connection to Osama bin Laden, he'll swear on both the Bible and Quran! Double wham-bam!

Back to Shit-ful, according to RPK, swearing on Quran isn't even a thing in Islam! Where's justice? So Anwar swears too, so both of them run free? Soon when Najis is finally linked to killing Altantuya and having anal sex, I'm sure he'll be another Quran-lifting champion, breaking all the Chinese records in Beijing 2008.

Have you ever wondered, as God always sent words down to his/her prophets, why doesn't s/he send an SMS to his/her believers when they are about to do something wrong? According to RPK, the Islam Prophet received revelation from God when he was figuring out how to solve accusation against his wife for committing adultery. If such revelation could be sent, why not a SMS to pre-criminal? Isn't it better to prevent than to cure? Optus would be very happy to be selling an iPhone to God. Good coverage in Australasia and Pacific regions.

Or you know, if God loves the believers, for example a woman, send her some wind to take her away when she's about to be raped! And not to tell her God works in mysterious ways when she's infected with HIV or pregnant. In Islam, Allah loves his believers so much that he asks a woman to produce 4 MALE eye-witnesses to charge the rapist (of course this represents an abuse of practice which was originally meant to protect the Prophet's wife). If this woman was gang-banged by 4 men, I assume she would have to find 16 men. If I were her, I would start charging for putting on a show and a good time! Might as well enjoy the ride and fill up the piggy bank on the way to orgasm. What's better than pay for 1, get 3 free! Safeway can't even beat that deal.

So Ramsay, remember to bring a Bible when you tape your next show. Just uphold it when you "fuck", then you won't be "tut"-ed.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

in the name of the country and sports?

During the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008, as the athletes marched into the arena, I wondered if sports super stars like the Williams sisters, Federer, Michael Phelps etc, do they actually stay together with their fellows at the athlete village?

Or do they actually stay in nearby 5-star hotels?

There's no golf at the Olympics either is there? I wonder if the Tiger would share its woods?

Flowers & fruits from Home

Nice isn't it?
I love this pic - look at the blue blue sky

That's the fruit...
I don't know what kind of garden it has become... Can't say that my Dad isn't a realist... he says, and he does it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

someone should be AVADA-KEDAVRA-ed!!!!!!!!!!!

Perez Hilton says that HP6 - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince won't be coming to the theatres this November! Instead it's been postponed to July 09!!!

I can't fucking believe this!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

宗教偏狭程度令人震惊 十余民间组织谴责踢场

Link here.

Excerpt: 他们认为,虽然当时没有诉诸暴力,但是群众粗野地辱骂“猪”、“叛徒”及“滚回中国”等言辞,揭橥了一小撮人的宗教偏狭程度令人震惊;这是有正常思维的马来西亚人绝不能接受的事。


Thanks to Shan from Malaysia Today for the wonderful pic.

You really gotta give it to the Malaysian Muslim who call themselves Muslim. Obviously they don't even understand their own religion. Islam prohibits (see even I know!) discrimination against minority. Yet for reasons of personal greed (political, financial), the Malay/Muslim (and some Chinese ones too) are all the piglets from the same mother pig - who practices deceit and sedition.

Let's air the dirty laundry, the Constitution doesn't say anything about not able to change one's belief system. Islam itself even asks not to discriminate against other religions and races. The fact is: if the Syariah court isn't an asshole and disallows conversion to other religions, most of the educated Muslim in Malaysia will try to restore their foreskin and ask Christian Siriano from Project Runway 4 to sew and cut their head scarves into a hot little miniskirt.

That's the plan - the plan for the top few to continue their grasp on power. More Muslim = longer term; more maternity leave in the government sector = more time to get back in the bedroom after giving birth; and the end result = more vote!

Actually from a pro-evolution me have to agree that this is brilliant - what better way to breed your way to the extinction of other species?

When it comes to Syariah court, of course one of the ex prime ministers, whose own judge-brainwashing camps must have produced more than several pro-government justice chiefs, has ensured that no conversion is allowed. And he sheds a few tears every time he cries for the Malay (he's only half breed).

Love the following comment from jayenjr from the post Will we ever grow out of it?

As a community, we will not and cannot be dislodged from power. Nothing, and no one, is going to take away all that we have achieved after 50 years of
Really? So how come Najib, Hishammuddin & other UMNO ministers send their kids to UK, US, Aussie land etc to further their studies? I bet you, if a US aircraft carrier were to "pass by" the Straits of M'cca, these UMNO baggers will be the first to run....

Really Raslan, what DID you all achieve in 50 years? A former PM (TDM) who is considered a pariah by many in the international scene? An astronaut sent to the moon 2 make teh tarik? A pathetic football team that loses to newcomers like Vietnam? The highest income gap between the rich & the poor in SE Asia? A national motor car which quality is good only for 3rd world countries? A Judicial system that is the most laughed at in the region?

Brain-dead serials like Gerak Khas that make watching re-reruns of The Bold & The Beautiful a welcome relief? Fellas who run around in Mercs, BMWs & 4-wheels bought with hutang money? Ministers like the two Muhammad fella who can't speak English? University Graduates that can't read & write in English? A nation that holds the chair of the OIC, but where the gov'n of the day also maliciously persecutes its political opponents? Racists politicians that don't think twice bout offering money or holding the keris - and at who? An enemy nation? No - at its own people!!

I can't imagine George Bush holding a musket at the blacks & remind them that they are Pendatangs!! What? You're jabbering cos of those twin towers? Don't - there's no soul in it.

What did you achieve if not for the contributions of all the other races that came together to give birth to this nation? 500 - 1000 years ago, the Chinese & Indian kings/travellers were already on the soils of this nations, long before your great grandfathers made their entry. Didn't Indians & Chinese also work on the Death Railway? It's their blood man. The Phoon Fook Lokes, the Punch Gunalans, the Wong Peng Soons, the M.Jegathesans help build this country together with the Mokhtar Daharis, the Sidek bros & the Rabuan Pits.

So, I'll bloody well say, that we too have equal rights, not secondary, not pendatang rights, but FULL RIGHTS! And that includes the right to air our concern & frustrations in a civil manner.

If according to Hishamuddin, his keris waving antics was to allow for the "release of pent up emotions in a controlled environment", then we too have absolute right to do so.

"Let’s face it, Malays dominate the country’s public life. By dint of our sheer numbers alone – over 55% of the population – our influence is now undoubted and growing."

Yo soh chai, if only the Chinese & Indians, who mostly work in the private sector, too had 5 years of paid maternity -
then we too, could do what Kekanda & Adinda do with so much time in their hands, believe you me, the % would be more even now.

I agree so much with jayenjr - Hishamuddin (and Khairy) who liked to wave his Malay sword so much at others, wasn't charged with the Sedition Act. He only had to say, IF I offended anyone, I apologize. "IF"? "IF"?

Is there really anyway a peaceful talk can be held with the Muslim, to talk about Muslim stuff? If they don't try to stab you with a Malay sword, they bomb you. Maybe it doesn't matter the religion, the so-called believers abuse the religion. See that's why I can't believe in any religion, if God existed, s/he/it would have already sent down a lightning to strike the bastard who did the religion wrong. Or you know, war between the gods should have started by now. Gods are cowards! They let others fight their war. And who stupidly believe them?

Maybe I should stop following all this every morning, I become a grumpy person every day.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Poor taste!

Malaysia really had no taste or was just being plain lazy (as usual). The Olympics team had the WORST outfit ever. Yellow traditional Malay costume. Yellow. Yellow! If not yellow, you would see shit green.

Malays are dark skinned. Yellow + dark skin = shit.

Every sports meet they have to wear traditional wear. Fucking ugly yellow or chicken-shit yellow. Just like the government has no other means to bring down their opponent, they become recyclist.

Sports coat, polo shirts, khaki pants, skirts.. there are so many choices... yet they came up with the remarkably ugly one. Mind you, it wouldn't hurt to display a little of the "oh, oh, there's multiculturalism in this country; we have Malay, Chinese and Indian races living harmoniously together". But I HAVE NEVER seen any other costume that would represent MALAYSIAN except some yellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

You're going to compete in sports, not fucking going to a mosque!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

my fucking problem is...Malay Titles

An unfortunate inherent problem with the Malaysian society has to be traced back to the Malay Titles. I believe it IS the yeast of all corruption.

Everyone has to look at others' titles in the society, be it Dato (most common), Tan Seri, Tun (my ass), Yang Mulia... Having a title gives someone an extra layer of glory, unspoken power and a window of opportunity to corruption.

I don't know why the fuck the Attorney General or Inspector General of Policy has to be called Tan Seri. What are they? What have they done for the society? They should be servants to the people. Instead, we have to call them Tan Seri, as if they are some sort of higher beings? These honorifics create a shield that protect the scumbags from much-needed scrutiny; we have allowed them too much one-eye-shut.

Being called these titles creates a sense of being in the higher power and it makes others scared of these people. If a society worships something as empty as titles, the people are digging a graveyard for themselves.

We don't see Abraham Lincoln being called some fancy salutation, despite him being one of the greatest American presidents. As bad as John Howard might have been, his contributions would be tainted if the Australian tried to address him with some corny honorifics.

But in Malaysia - you see all of these stupid names... In a small kampung or district, some assholes who just sit on their big asses in the government office and do nothing are being addressed as Dato xxx or Datin xxx. What the fuck?

I'm never gonna call Anwar Datuk Seri; Badawi will always stay Bodohwi and the best is Najib being Najis! Giving them names other than what they should be called is giving these people illusion, eluding them from doing their job - that is to serve the people, not the other way round. They want our support - they should wipe our asses, not us giving them lip service!

You Malaysian have got to get it right!

To add on the grocery list

RPK says that the Chemistry Department of Malaysia is waiting for the DNA Act to be passed so that Anwar's speSEMEN can be harvested and planted on Saiful's underwear (I hope it's branded like Emporium Armani or CK, and not some RM10 for 3). Report here.

So someone should tell Anwar's wife, Azizah, to add "chastity belt" on the weekly grocery list. And then blend the key using the blender that can blend an iPhone. Better yet, Anwar is to be 阉割 and become the 21st century 太监!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Moon + Cake


I just have to be like, OMFG..... I'm missing yet another year of mooncakes... Especially mooncakes from Starbucks Malaysia. Tiramisu, chocolate, greentea, hazel nut.... they could cheer me from the gloomiest day, which is today...

I also miss 上海月饼。


Maybe I should leave...





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