Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spun Round and Round

As much as I was a Kylie fan, I had never like Spinning Around much until I heard this concert version. Smartly remixed with Cheryl Lynn's Got to be Real, which has now become my top-play, these 2 great dance/disco anthems are a match made in heaven. I just wish Kylie made a CD of this concert because I really really hope to have this track as mp3 so that I can blast it from my N95. The costume is brilliantly made reminiscent of music video Spinning Around itself, where Kylie makes golden hot pants a smash hit worldwide.

Another concert remix that really has me going is Madonna's remix of Music and Disco Inferno, the love child being Music Inferno. Not only it's fierce, this kind of fierceness can only come from the Queen herself (and her team) - whoever the person that came up with the idea of mixing these 2 pieces of iconic songs has my hat off to him/her.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Let’s Talk About S3X

I have a problem with sex. I have a problem with people’s attitude towards sex.

I have always thought no more about mankind that it’s all about sex. About procreation. About love being just chemical reactions and lust being the under-acknowledged side effect. I can be very cynical about love, that’s it’s no more than a physical (i.e. protein in your body) illusion that make you shut up about the pain of raising a child with a husband that’s alcoholic, bad-tempered and fat.

My point is that so many things have been sexed up. A lot of things in our life have been associated with sex.

A sexy sale person. Understandable.

A sexy bartender. Even more understandable.

A sexy sex-worker. Need I say more?

What is so in my face, is that even a couch can be sexy. OK, I hear you say people may be induced to have sex in it. I’ll let you have that.

What about a sexy car? A car? Sexy? Something that’s cold, metallic and boxy reminds you of sex?

What about a sexy mobile phone? You often hear “sexy” thrown into anything. Selling something by putting sex into it has never been more evident nowadays. Even a mobile can be sexy? Perhaps this is what people talk about – acceptance eh? Even though I don’t quite get it but I should assume some people do get aroused by a mobile phone?

If you think that my definition of sexiness is that literal – I admit it, as I don’t know what else to think of when people use the word sexy. Are you even surprised that human sexual activities now involve having sex with a car?

What else is sexy that you hear in your daily life? We’ve so far covered cars, mobile phones and furniture. Why not throw in a sleek and sexy laptop to spice things up once in a while?

Let’s go to the most obvious one – clothes. I think we human create lots of problems for ourselves. We’re such conflicted energy patterns! Let’s just picture an office scenario where a married manager just sees his secretary with clothes that you would call sexy (as you’re told when you see the advertisement that the clothes have such an effect). Day in and day out, this man is stimulated but not taken care of. Every minute he’s reminded of sex, of sex that he’s not having. Can you really blame him for having an office affair?

So why are we worried about children maturing much early physically? Apart from food that we eat, like I say above children are exposed to sex much earlier than those people selling sex now. People are also hypocritical – whilst we allow these sexy intonations reverberate loudly in our daily life, we condemn nude paintings of a child.

I feel so confused living in our society. Whilst a penis or vagina or even butt and breasts are pixelated on TV, we’re screaming of sex by all other means. For what? Just to sell products. Just to abuse consumer psychology.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleepless Beauty

Have not slept well in the past few nights.. Mom, bro and I all woke up at about 5am on Monday morning. Didn’t know what happen actually, Mom said she had heard a frog yapping (I don’t how does a frog sound in English) away… The night before – I woke at 5am because I had just had a bad dream about my bro. We were fighting as he had done something wrong, I scolded him, he drove/ran away, things were smashed, I might have cried… And I found tear stain at the corner of my right eye when I looked in the mirror.

Again, it was an early morning today. I tried to stay in bed till 6.45am. It’s 11.45pm now and I am waiting to fly to Melbourne. It’s way past my bedtime and I normally don’t sleep well sitting. Perhaps I knew I would be missing home, hence the dream and sleepless-ness.

I don’t know what to feel going back to Melbourne this time. In my heart, 95% of me doesn’t really care about what may or may not happen with AIG. I already gave up when I decided to go back to Malaysia in Dec. No matter how hot it is in Tanah Merah, how fierce the mosquitoes are, how long-winded my Dad is, home is still home.

this post was incomplete some time in Jan/Feb 2009 – I decided to post it anyway…

Hardest Task

Climbing the Everest? Giving up a kidney for your mother (the daughter of a friend of my Dad did this)? Or simply resisting temptation of a chocolate-glazed donut?

Have you ever considered forgiving yourself? For whatever experience that you might have suffered from, or inflicted upon others, or being inflicted on by others.

At times, the reason we can’t let go of something is because we haven’t forgiven ourselves. We can forgive others easily. Being self critical is one thing; being ignorant to the truth is another.

I was watching Oprah the other day. A female deputy sheriff was being raped by her husband. And an ex-beauty queen also being raped by her husband. I found from the interviews that we never/seldom admit to ourselves, not even to people whom we’re very close to, that we have done something stupid. It’s so shameful and hard to admit that we indeed have made a wrong decision and are now afraid to stand up to admit it, let alone if it has the opportunity to drive our lives to misery.

Elton John also says “Sorry” is the hardest word and Chicago agrees that it’s hard to say one’s sorry – Sorry to oneself is even harder than apologizing to others. We can’t forgive ourselves for making a mistake, a mistake which in our own hindsight is so not worth making. And ever since, we hope to eradicate any consequence or even go as far as reversing the situation – all but futile.

Yes we know where we have fallen and we’ve learned our mistaken but our memory is forever imprinted with the mistake and the shame that comes with it. It is so critical to tell ourselves to give up hope of changing the course of history. Whatever you do now, to yourself, is basically self-punishment. But what’s the point of beating oneself when the outcome is invariable.

Friday, March 27, 2009









A clearer version here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Come back please come back

I am missing Priscilla: Queen of the Desert so much - what a magnificient musical it was. I should have watched it again in Melbourne. I hope it comes back to Melbourne soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Portia Sorry for Marrying Ellen

A Lezzie-Affair to Remember

Kiss- Attempt 3

“I guess you haven’t heard about that.”

“She’s a dyke, too?”

“Well,” said Mary Ann. “She had an affair with a woman. Does that make her a dyke?”

“It does if she did it right,” DeDe replied.

Taken from Armistead Maupin’s Further Tales of the City.

Had the kiss continued, would the lives of my two best friends have taken a totally different direction? Maybe I would even be asked to be the father to their child(ren)?

I really admired them for braving themselves for the kiss. I guess that’s about the craziest thing they have ever done, intimately. Moon, what were you thinking when you bought that poster?

I want a rematch!!! A re-kiss! Those lips have been apart for what, more than 4 years! Eric could use some lesbianic stimulation too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My favourite things

It just puzzles me stupidly as to why would Pope Benedict and most churches around the world detest the use of condoms. Understandably they are upholding their “pro-life” campaign/belief.

My question is, just spurred by watching Big O, that since they believe that children are god-send, would the use of condom stop the almighty?

Really if you think about it, since god works in mysterious way and even virgin Mary got preggy by staying a V, how does someone stop pregnancy by using a condom? It would just be in vain wouldn’t it?

God: I want Amy xxx to be pregnant

Amy xxx: I will wear a condom on my partner

God to Gabriel: Strike a lightning on the condom when they have intercourse

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family portraits

We have yet to take one. I hope we do it soon before all our best features are lost to time.

Every species has its own set of rules governing the development and continuity. We learn by example. We learn by imitating the energy patterns of others. People often say they are turning into their parents.

It’s quite evident with my Dad as he’s sometimes my grandpa. With my Mom, I can’t say too much because I didn’t spend much time at all with my maternal grandparents.

I think I am turning into my parents more than I dare to admit. Being controlling, opinionated, OCD, critical… From what I have seen, it is plausible that despite popular belief (Other factors being media and peer), parental influence is the most significant mould that a child grows in. Just compare ourselves to animals, all the younglings learn from the parents – we are not excluded.

We look up to our parents in almost every situation when we’re young. There are intrinsic values inevitably implanted on our minds by our parents’ actions. No matter how much you love or despise your parents, there will be a part of you that imitates them. Just think about the ways you treat your partners, friends, siblings and even yourself.

It is not easy being a parent. A penguin parent has to swim in the sea for 20 hours a day to gather enough food for its family. How much more can it teach its younglings in 4 hours? The question which is not easy to answer and which most people are not aware of it – are we fit to become parents? How well can you answer this question? Children are easily impressionable – whatever parents do will be copied consciously or not.

The education system we have is focused on how you fish in the ocean for 20 hours a day. Continuity of life is such an immense task. A child molester, who has been molested him/herself – can a judge put all the blame solely on this person? Or are there more perpetrators? From the point of contract – do we have to be responsible for contributory negligence?

How much of your parents is living in you?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Excuses Excuses!

Paul: I can’t go to the gym. It’s too hot.

Lawrence: But the gym is air-conditioned…

Paul: Yeah, but I still know how hot it is outside.

Taken from DNA #110.

I am a Paul. Even though I do go swimming when it’s 12C outside, I would come up with a lot of excuses if I had decided to go to the gym or for a run. It would go like this…

Alfred: I can’t go to the gym. It’s too cold.

Lawrence: But the gym is air-conditioned…

Alfred: Yeah, but it’s stuffy in the gym coz of the heating. And it is cold walking to the gym.

Honestly, I can’t run – I have never been able to run consistently.

Alfred: I can’t go for a run. It’s too hot.

Lawrence: But you can wear sunnies.

Alfred: Yeah, but… Yeah… But…. Yeah, but, yeah, but! I hate the dangling keys in my pocket.

I think it’d be motivating if I married someone who had more excuses that I would. I love showing off that I am better.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My favourite Things

One of them is criticising religion.

Recently Pope Benedict spoke about the use of condom, which in his opinion would fuel AIDS pandemic. Wow, such an insight.

So, does it mean the church’s pro-life principle propagate births of HIV-infected babies? This is something that I can’t get through my thick skull – they always talk about a child is god-sent and his or her faith is tested by the path chosen by god. When a baby grows up, how do you answer his/her question, “God wants to test me by giving me AIDS?”.

First of all, what does a child know about faith? Does a baby develop faith already when s/he is in the womb? So in order for me to believe how mysterious god’s ways are, I have to accept that god injects both HIV virus and faith into an embryo upon conception? How do you tell that to so many African children, who will probably not live past 20 years old. If a woman or a man is HIV+, why does god still want to give him/her a baby? As if testing the faith of an adult isn’t enough that a baby is put on the line too?

Sitting in such a high position, one can’t be help being ignorant. A very funny question – according to most faiths, Christianity included, everything is made by god; if we build a rocket and hope it’ll fly to Venus, we know it’ll depend on god’s endorsement – so, isn’t the invention of condom a not so mysterious way of god telling us to use it? That’s why I cannot accept religion – one way they are always so righteous about something but then totally inconsistent about other.

If it is not god’s way, why are there rubber trees? It also begs the very very question – who put HIV virus among us? I can’t help wondering why put so many people on earth (and deplete all the resources) only to bring them back to his bosoms? Is it some sort of an accelerated “life” that god puts people on a hot HIV train?

I have said it before, if god wants everyone back to heaven or hell, why do doctors save lives? Is IVF god’s way too? If god makes someone barren or shoot blanks, you think medical intervention will not earn you a strike in his book? And church also stands against abortion.

Perhaps the pope should try use his penis once to find out why people have to use condoms to enjoy his creations. I don’t know why people don’t ask how come the Pope can’t have sex or children? If his genes are so good for mankind, wouldn’t it make sense for the Pope to have more children to spread god’s love?

If it’s god’s way to get people back to heaven or hell, how are we supposed to stop it? And why would we if heaven is better than earth?

Monday, March 09, 2009

this is what I am talking about!

With Nora leading the dramatic role, I am sure Mama Nora will bring back the heat! Let's slap some bitch's face! Better than last week's Robert-Kitty shit.


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