Sunday, June 29, 2008

Australia is toooooo boring!

It doesn't have interesting story in the government like Malaysia! All it had was Kevin Rudd when to a strip club in the US. Like that matters! It's "revolting", Ruddy!

See lah, in Malaysia, you get this kind of happening, M. Night SHITmalan should learn from this - Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell, much much better than his stupid movies.

I am so happy that all this political ugliness and injustice are coming out of the water. Yes the country is falling apart yet I have never felt the spirit rising so high.

Suddenly I wish I was in KL, not just to meet my dear friends, but to join the demonstrations and marches! It'd be like the Mardi Gras, only without the floats and drag queens - but hell SODOMY is involved!


Malaysian political scene has taken recycle to a whole new level. Anwar Ibrahim, the former DPM of Malaysia, who was accused of sodomy and corruption in 1998-1999, has been again reported of the same crime by his PA! He was fucked 8 times.

Mahathir invented that idea and now it's been recycled! Smart and how environmentally friendly! Even the paper work can be reused! Apparently the persons responsible for investigating and charging Anwar in 1998-1999 have now been promoted to Attorney-General  and Inspector-General of Police. Anwar, through the deputy of his party, announced that he, in fact, held evidence of the fabrication of his accusation 10 years ago.

Firstly we have the Linggam case which involved Mahathir and his minions; secondly we have Najib's wife involved in BOMBING a Mongolian woman; and now again we have a case involving Anwar and Mahathir and his minions.

I am so hoping Mahathir will wash his butt clean, prepare himself for jail! A famous Cantonese saying: 洗定个八月十五,准备坐花厅!

I have been saying this for a long time - MCA and MIC should detach from BN and flee! UMNO will not fall alone and MCA/MIC will be dragged along, into the abyss!

News: Malaysia's Anwar denounces new sex charges as 'fabrication'

News: 掌握总警长及总检察长罪证  安华:有人捏造鸡奸案报复

The boy who was fucked: Saiful Bukhari Azlan: the mole in Anwar Ibrahim's office

Monday, June 23, 2008

Autobots, transform! June 26 2009!


TF2 has been confirmed to come back in 2009! Yay! Pink is the New Blog has some updated pics on the film here. And it seems that there'll be 10, yes TEN, transformers on each side! Isn't that awesome?

Can't wait for the movie next year! Would be great if they brought in the Dinobots too! Way cool to have robotic dinosaurs! I miss them!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bare it All?

Is one of the reasons why people want to get married/hitched/partnered the following: that we're so fed up with the never-ending chasing, guessing, playing games, hurting? Not saying those will be any less after the "commitment", but one can only hope that will be the case. Once committed, do the same mind bogging games still prevail? Or do they change form and haunt you nonetheless?

It is a risky business over and over, when you have an open heart. Would you risk it again and again? Or would you throw the key into the heart of the ocean, never having to open your heart again?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

when will i see you again?

Image(1039) Image(1040) Image(1042) Image(1041) Image(1038)

i don't know the name of the dog. but whenever i see a labrador, i'll think of Hazel. she'll be given away to my aunty this saturday. i'm very very sad. it was an exhibition of guide dogs at flinders station. there was also a flat-coated labrador but i couldn't take its picture. it would have been too painful.

i'll miss you forever Hazel. i am very very sorry we have to give you away.

Doggie 2006 009

not just 20kg anymore!

apparently some airlines in the US have started charging a fee for the first checked-in piece of luggage. the ugly head of rising fuel price has struck again! when will that start in the asia pacific region? air asia only allows 15kg (i paid the price for being ignorant), i'm guessing 5kg when they, too, can't sacrifice profit?

could you just rely on carry-on's? i can't. i'm always the one with the most luggage. celebrities always say travel light, just buy everything when you get to the destination. of course they can afford to do that - they have so much money to spend (which eventually puts an upward spiral effect on fuel price too!).

i imagine if you travel to africa, you would do as the african do? a leave or two?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

so which one do you think you are

out of the four, who do you think you are the most alike to? who do you think you're most alike to on the outside? and who on the inside?

is there someone who we yearn to become, but not necessarily who we really are? or, am i just confusing myself with label?

she asks me who she is, from the four. i think she is CL. the girl who probably tries her best to fit under traditions, but will dare to step into the uncharted waters when need be.

i think i am M. uptight, judgmental, good at what one does but not confident when it comes to the unknown. not to mention bitchy and angry at who doesn't conform. serious with boundaries etc..

if the 4 old friends could reform the fabulous 4 from NYC, who do you think the other 2 play? i'm afraid CL will have to be shared by 2 people. and i'd like to think of myself being capable of guest-starring in the roles of CR and S.

in the city looking for love, sex and money, we are all helpless, especially when the foursome are not together anymore. the weak link of friendship lingers, still strong after all this time. so what - in the quest for LSM, we start by holding onto the only sure relationship we have - friends.

Below the Belt


Steel Trunk $59.95 $39
assorted colours

Steel Hip Brief $49.95 $29
assorted colours


It is annoying that they sent me the newsletter saying that the undies were on sale. When I headed over to the website, they were already out of stock! IDIOT!

Awww, the resemblance is uncanny!


Photo from Perez Hilton. I always love Perez when he does "Separated at birth".

Monday, June 16, 2008

scary vs. fabulous!

taking advantage of $7 per movie today, after work, I delayed dinna for Sex.... AND the City and The Orphanage. Back to back.

Despite mixed reviews for SATC, I LOVED it. Every bit of it. It's funny, it's sexy and it made me laugh. Yes it may not be like the TV series where it's more edgy and challenging, but it's very entertaining. It's not easy to appeal to the whole world and I say the girls did a great job.

I mean you don't get to see 4 over-40 ladies leading a movie cast very often. Or even at all! The dramatic roles fall on Carrie and Miranda's shoulders this time, while Charlotte and Samantha (the fabulous Samantha) entertain us with funny lines and some physical comedy.

I'm up to season 3 at the moment with the TV show, and Steve (Miranda's man) is the man that I'd vote for. I never really understood why Big is for Carrie. I just don't see him care for Carrie like, perhaps, Aidan. The songs played in the movies are spot on - gonna get the OST!

And the first movie of the evening, El Orfanato (The Orphanage), is one scary mama! Intelligent use of sound, light, space and children makes the movie brilliant. The story is a bit of a compilation of The Others, The Ring and The Haunting. What had made me go for the movie was because I had read, in a review, no mother wouldn't go to hell for bringing her child back. It touched me, so did the movie.

The only drawback of watching such a story at a cinema is that I can't scream. Yes I am a screamer. Throughout the movie, my hands or my jacket was very close to my eyes - to cover them when needed. The story did tie up very nicely, linking the beginning to the end. Spoiler is, watch out for the old lady - she steals the scene. Oh, the movie is in Spanish. Plus the boy is just brill too!

wallpaper3_1280 1280x1024_SATC_1

A wonderful evening with 2 great movies. And 2 packets of Korean instant noodle after.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rosy rosey

 Alf's Birthday 2008 023 Alf's Birthday 2008 011

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trump the Hair


Is he too big a man to wear a hat even? A man as rich as he is, why he hasn't gone for hair plantation is beyond me. I think he's auditioning for Pantene's hair commercial. Don't you agree - his hair looks very soft and easily blown by the wind easy to comb. =)

Thanks to Dlisted for the pic.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone 3G

iphone_software6_20080609 iphone_hardware2_20080609 iphone_hardware3_20080609 iphone_hardware7_20080609 iphone_software3_20080609 iphone_software5_20080609

Goodbye my love, Nokia N95. The new iPhone 3G will be available in Australia on July 11. I will welcome my birthday present 1 month later. LOL.

God the phone looks so sleek! So many functions too!

Monday, June 09, 2008

The very kool COLDPLAY

The last part when the whole band "woo-oh-oh....." is simply BRILL!

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

drops in Australia on June 14.

Viva la vida

My 2 favourite things are combined in this ad: one of my favourite bands, Coldplay and COLOURS!!! I'm so glad I'm not colour-blind.


Cards 032 Cards 123 Cards 130 Cards 116 Cards 109

Friday, June 06, 2008

Girls-themed movies

Terms_of_endearment Steel_magnolias_poster

Just watched these 2 movies recently, Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias.

I have always love family-themed story and they often make me cry. These 2 movies are no exception. The common theme of these 2 films is mother losing daughter. The scenes as death happens and after it happens really made me cry like a baby. I loved the crying - I hadn't had something to cry to for some time now (apart from B&S).

Sally Field, aka Nora Walker from B&S, again proves that she has no problem at all making a mother character work. Critic has it in B&S, America cries when she does - no exception when she acts her ass off in the funeral scene from Steel Magnolias. I heart Sally.

It'd been such a long time since I last saw Julia Roberts act. I mean, really act. She sucked big time in Mona Lisa Smile and that Ocean crap. Steel Magnolias was one of her earlier movies and she was really good. The diabetic scene at the start was just captivating and scary!

If you feel like having an emotional outlet, I recommend these 2 movies.


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