Wednesday, June 18, 2008

so which one do you think you are

out of the four, who do you think you are the most alike to? who do you think you're most alike to on the outside? and who on the inside?

is there someone who we yearn to become, but not necessarily who we really are? or, am i just confusing myself with label?

she asks me who she is, from the four. i think she is CL. the girl who probably tries her best to fit under traditions, but will dare to step into the uncharted waters when need be.

i think i am M. uptight, judgmental, good at what one does but not confident when it comes to the unknown. not to mention bitchy and angry at who doesn't conform. serious with boundaries etc..

if the 4 old friends could reform the fabulous 4 from NYC, who do you think the other 2 play? i'm afraid CL will have to be shared by 2 people. and i'd like to think of myself being capable of guest-starring in the roles of CR and S.

in the city looking for love, sex and money, we are all helpless, especially when the foursome are not together anymore. the weak link of friendship lingers, still strong after all this time. so what - in the quest for LSM, we start by holding onto the only sure relationship we have - friends.

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