Monday, May 26, 2008


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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tun Mamak

I like that. Mamak is a derogatory word used in Malaysia, to describe Indian who have converted to Muslim. In the current political situation in Malaysia, Tun Mamak is the perfect nickname for Tun Mahathir.

Mahathir has not stopped making the headlines since he retired. In the past couple of years, he has stepped up his effort in dethroning his once hand-picked successor Abdullah Badawi.

I used to admire Mahathir for bringing Malaysia into a most industrialised era. I was young and ignorant. I didn't know what else he did to the country.

After the 308 political earthquake, Mahathir has gone full force into dethroning Abdullah. In his latest, what I call Mom if you don't buy the toy I won't eat dinna, effort he resigned from UMNO. Old man, have you ever listened to Spice Girls' "Who do you think you are"?

I have not been happy with Mahathir since he started making comments on the then and now administration. He's out of the political arena, he shouldn't be making any noise. Again and again, he has to lash his old moldish tongue and create chaos in the country, especially in bringing down Abdullah.

When Mahathir was in power, he was very open about locking up people who would say bad things about him. In 1987 a newspaper editor was summoned and assailed after printing rumours about his resignation. That's just an editor. Now Mahathir as a former PM, has been incessantly urging Abdullah to step down, I think Mahathis deserves to be cuffed by the very own ISA (Internal Security Act) that he never failed to utilise when he was in office.

In addition to not minding his own business, I became enraged when Mahathir spat out the ketuanan (the lord of the land) HATE speech. Even though it's no surprise that most UMNO speakers like to abuse the racial issue to gain popularity, Mahathir has gone too far this time. In order to gain support against Abdullah, he urged the Malays of the country to step up and claim back the land. He thought the Malays should be the lord of the land.

Fuck him! For his poor father's sake, Mahathir isn't even a pure Malay. Not to mention how dare the Malays claim to be the owner of the land for all this time? The aborigines of the land are those people who still live in the jungles and caves (this is so familiar in the Australian political scene). Mahathir himself is half Indian. It really angers me that Mahathir has not been sent to jail under the ISA for this. His speech is more than damaging to the people of Malaysia. It creates anger, hate and raging undercurrents to the already shitty situation.

Even though people say that it proves how different Abdullah is compared to Mahathir in this context, I still think Mahathir should be charged by the state for creating racial tension and social unrest. I can't accept why Abdullah hasn't arrested Mahathir.

Not to mention, the many times Mahathir has openly criticised Abdullah. Under the Sedition Law, Mahathir has definitely created revolts and disturbances to lawful (questionable though) civil authority, Abdullah, with the intent to cause his overthrow or destruction.

I am not sure if Abdullah is thinking of paying back to Mahathir by other means. Mahathir was brought before a Royal Commission that looked into the manipulation of appointment of top judiciary positions during his administration. It's the very famous VK Lingam video clip, another huge huge controversy, involving 5 other prominent figures in the legal, political and commercial worlds.

In the investigation, Mahathir feign ignorance and forgot key timelines. This, in turn, prompted another demonstration by some Malaysian. Mahathir said before that Malays would forget easily (in his efforts of trying to get Malays to stand on their own two feet). Now I guess he's no different! He could, nonetheless, argue that he is not 100% Malay hence his Indian half was responsible for remembering the event! Mahathir mudah lupa (forgets easily)!

I would be so happy to see Mahathir's demise. From what I've read, during his administration, he lessened the supposedly equal powers between the Royal rulers (Sultans) and the government. The judiciary system, which is supposed to be directly under the constitutions, has become under the government too. I don't care what kind of development has been brought by this rule bending, it's not right. I also hope the investigation will bring forward the truth behind Anwar's prosecution.

I am sure Mahathir knows what he's doing. He's an old cunning refuse-to-die fox. But to think of himself as still powerful when he has nothing now, I would love to see him 洗干净那八月十五,等着坐花厅。Anwar would be so happy if Mahathir got a taste of his own (sodomizing) medicine!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Poor (& Naked) Guy

First of all I know it's hard to not laugh but it's still quite cruel at the same time.

Second of all, I don't understand why are we so afraid of nudity on TV? Butt crack has to be blurred out, crotch shot has to be blurred out... Are we ashamed of ourselves? I don't see how bleeping out "fuck" on TV has helped people not to swear.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I've been waiting! No more! Finally I actually hear Jennifer Hudson on Sex and the City The Movie. She's hasn't appeared in any of the promo and I wasn't very happy with that.

This is the soundtrack from the movie. It's a big number that is tailored to Jen's big voice. Can't wait for the movie to come out on 5/6/2008!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mamma Mia!

This looks sooooooooo fun!

I need to learn the songs asap so that I can scare people away when I watch it in the cinema by my sing-a-long!

Monday, May 05, 2008

B&S Season 2 Episode 15

wOW... I was just blown away during and after watching this episode. I am not sure where my emotions are now. One thing I am sure - Brothers & Sisters is definitely the BEST TV series right now.

This episode deals with so many issues and levels of emotion: you've got hope with Kitty and Robert, you've got lost and hiding in a closet with Saul, you've got deception with Rebecca and Holly, you've got guilty-for-having-a-crush-on-your-half-sister with Justin, you've got I-shouldn't-have-had-a-fling-with-the-consultant and trying-to-protect-the-family self-sacrificing-and-blaming Sarah, you've got a mother and wife who's concerned about the family business with Nora, you've got more lies with Holly and finally you've got incredible sweetness with Kevin and Scotty.

It just feels like there's a hole left in my heart, the very same kind that I had after reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner and other books which have heart-wrenching themes.

As I am writing this up, the episode is playing on the background. I am feeling the Walkers. The writing and acting are just splendid! Kudos to all the writers, directors, producers and actors that I adore. In both this and the previous episodes, Emily Van Camp, who plays Rebecca, totally surprised me with her acting. She really delivered brilliantly the heavy storylines that centred around these episodes. It is really demanding of her to portray 2 entirely separate emotions with her mother (Holly) and her half-brother (Justin). Rightfully she blames Holly for lying and she also lies to Justin in-the-face, in the very same way she has been lied to. At the same time, she yearns for the (Walker) family she never had.

Hopefully the gloomy cloud that is revolving ominously above the Walker mansion will lighten up next episode, which is also the finale, when there's union... However, spoiler has it that their late father, has yet another devastating lie coming from his grave. I'm not sure what more can the writers come up with, after the reveal that Rebecca isn't a Walker.

Friday, May 02, 2008


M is for Music - M is for Money - M is for Madonna!

Live in NY promoting Hard Candy. It's a fantastic 30-min concert. Normally a promotional concert wouldn't be so full on with so many dancers, cool video works and stage work.

She's 50 yet there's no sign of slowing down. You really gotta Give It To Her. She hit her dancing with so much more muscles and athletics!

Why singers like Madonna and Mariah Carey have to lip-sync? I understand why Madge would do it given her bouncy materials, but Mariah too (she did in Good Morning America but she made a funny statement about that)?

Give your children cool names - triple M is a good combo.


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