Monday, May 05, 2008

B&S Season 2 Episode 15

wOW... I was just blown away during and after watching this episode. I am not sure where my emotions are now. One thing I am sure - Brothers & Sisters is definitely the BEST TV series right now.

This episode deals with so many issues and levels of emotion: you've got hope with Kitty and Robert, you've got lost and hiding in a closet with Saul, you've got deception with Rebecca and Holly, you've got guilty-for-having-a-crush-on-your-half-sister with Justin, you've got I-shouldn't-have-had-a-fling-with-the-consultant and trying-to-protect-the-family self-sacrificing-and-blaming Sarah, you've got a mother and wife who's concerned about the family business with Nora, you've got more lies with Holly and finally you've got incredible sweetness with Kevin and Scotty.

It just feels like there's a hole left in my heart, the very same kind that I had after reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner and other books which have heart-wrenching themes.

As I am writing this up, the episode is playing on the background. I am feeling the Walkers. The writing and acting are just splendid! Kudos to all the writers, directors, producers and actors that I adore. In both this and the previous episodes, Emily Van Camp, who plays Rebecca, totally surprised me with her acting. She really delivered brilliantly the heavy storylines that centred around these episodes. It is really demanding of her to portray 2 entirely separate emotions with her mother (Holly) and her half-brother (Justin). Rightfully she blames Holly for lying and she also lies to Justin in-the-face, in the very same way she has been lied to. At the same time, she yearns for the (Walker) family she never had.

Hopefully the gloomy cloud that is revolving ominously above the Walker mansion will lighten up next episode, which is also the finale, when there's union... However, spoiler has it that their late father, has yet another devastating lie coming from his grave. I'm not sure what more can the writers come up with, after the reveal that Rebecca isn't a Walker.

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