Saturday, July 29, 2006

superhot returns

I just have to say I loved the movie - Bryan Singer had the perfect cast. I was going "awwwww" for many moments in the movie, for which I think should be attributed to his directorship. Brandon Routh was just super right for the role - please let Superman return more ok?

I think my Superman-Returns theme is gonna hover around for some time to come.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My 2006 post birthday presents (part 1)

Thanks JK, PE & PJ (best gift is when she recovers).

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

home sweet home

I am missing home terribly, especially after what happened to one of my dear friend. I have had a great time back home in June/July. Really have to live in the moment, every moment.


My cutesy doggies. They had not forgotten me!!
Poor Hazel - she was injured on her hip and it was infected. Consequently I became a temp vet for her. Picking out worms from the wound was what I did for a few days. It was scary especially during the lunch after the first de-worming session. Hopefully she'll have recovered by now.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Can I ask you to say a prayer for a dear friend of mine, who may lose her life very soon? Please.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Memoir of a 'sha'mer holiday

Am at KLIA now sipping Starbucks. The man sitting opposite to me kept looking at me. Not in that kinda sense. He's probably wondering how am I getting online. There are two networks available for connection where one requires one to pay I think.

Anyway, I have had a very content break for the past month. (And, he's looking at me again while closing his lappy) Have had a very enjoyable time at home - got to spend time with Dad, Mom, bros, sis and cousin and everyone else I have met. More so my cute doggies at home. Can't get enough of them (except if Hazel keeps tounge-showering me).

(That man has zipped his laptop bag)

Going home every break is a very enjoyable and rewarding adventure, always. Don't think the homely feeling is gonna be replaceable. Just enjoy their presence and company. In my family you have got to have the spirit of working together to get things work. Well, you'll be pushed doing things anyway, if not nagged until you do.

Being able to get together every meal with my family is one of the most normal thing that happens - which is not to be taken for granted. Am afraid the chances of seeing them in the future are getting less with me opting to extend my second chapter of life in Australia. It's true I cry everytime they send me off at the airport. I am missing everyone at home!! Especially Tiong Teck - only got to spend a few days' time with him and he was sick in those few days. He spent more time in bed rather than talking to us.

Apart from that I also got to meet two of my very close friends in KL while I came to KL for my IELTS test. They were fabulous! Very regretfully the time we got to spend was too short. Moon, I look forward to hearing more of your stories and continuing our unfinished meals at Madam Kwan's!! And Edmund, it would be nice if we got to know those people that we saw on Starbucks SJ. Lucky you - I didn't get to see any of them clearly due to my position. Hahahaha

Shopping in KL - disappointingly rewarding and longing more for, as always. There's always fulfillment and disappointment in my shopping spree. There is always something that I couldn't get - mostly because of size. KL was starting its mid-year mega sales and there were people mountain people sea at Mid Valley Megamall.

I found a very nice jacket by Seed (my fav affordable yet stylish brand of clothing in Malaysia) and it was the only S on the shelf. I gotta put the blame of faith. I was also struggling between the Seed jacket and a G2000 jacket. When I ran between the two boutiques trying to get a feel of them, the Seed jacket was bought by someone else but me!! And it turned out that I liked the Seed jacket much more! Awwww...I was sulking in the car on the journey back to bro's apartment. Carefully I asked my cousin in law if we were going to pass Sunway Pyramid since there was a Seed boutique too. I was actually after another pair of pants that I saw on a man, which I failed to locate (while at Megamall) due to time. It was great that I found that pair of pants at Sunway but not the jacket (BOOOO!). Only L's were left.

And before I forget, I was grateful that my cousin had let me stayover at her place. Thank you to my cousin in law too, who had become our chaffeur.

Time has passed and I think I must go make a few phone calls before boarding the giant Malaysian kite to Melbourne.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Those dumplings were very very nice. Thanks Mom!

Friday, July 07, 2006

and they say he's not DEAD

Who is not? Dumbledore is not.


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