Thursday, July 31, 2008

Half-Blooded is hot this Nov/Dec!

If I hear anymore description of the movie as "darker" or "darker than ever before", I swear I would just shove a bar of dark chocolate down their throats! Of course it's gonna get the-d-word. If it gets anti-D, do you think people will still watch it? Duh...

After the first couple of movie adaptations, the trailers have always put me in a very good place, only to be rather disappointed by the movies. Nevertheless, I still watch the movies, no matter how limited they are compared to the books.

The Half-Blood Prince is no exception. Just the scene alone when Dumbledore has to battle the inferi's is good enough to look forward to. I guess I will prepare tissue papers for the movie - the "c" word is to happen at the end of the movie.

Urgh, I don't understand why Australia ALWAYS has to open 2 weeks later than the world. Always! Village Road Show has no consideration what so ever the emotional pain the fans, like me, have to go through in the 2 weeks. There's no spell to cure such pain you know.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mamma MIA!

Mamma Mia 7

The movie is simply fabulous! Headed by Meryl Streep, with cast of Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan.

The songs of ABBA are just timeless. One hit after another, sewing the storyline. Definitely love Donna's sidekicks, Tanya and Rosie. You must have those friends who can just go crazy with you. When they all dress up as showgirls with much bling bling, it's ka-ching time!

The height of the drama was when Donna sings "The Winner Takes it All" with Sam, when she feels defeated and retreats up to the mountain, having her red shawl blown fiercely by the wind. Just drama!

Meryl Streep is just the ultimate god of acting. She can do anything, be anyone. And now she sings! Quite brilliantly might I add. The only person who can't pull a note is the ex-007. And his part is quite heavy in the movie - every time he opens up his throat, it feels like someone is pulling a cow out from his lungs.

ABBA's songs are not easy to learn! I had been trying to learn them in 3 weeks and yet I still couldn't master them and sing along at the movie. Not quite the same with Hairspray, when I basically sang word by word.

Anyone up for good 120-min fun, go to the movies now for Mamma Mia! One of the surprising scene of the songs is Does Your Mother Know, Christine Baranski (Tanya) pulls it off with class and diva-ness. And Julie Walters is simply fierce when she fights for her man singing Take A Chance on Me. The duo also do a fabulous job when consoling Donna with Chiquitita.

I think I just can't stop reliving every scene. Can't wait for the DVD to come out!

Mamma Mia 1

I want to Believe

Maybe it does take Mulder and Scully to come onboard to solve the sodomy case in Malaysia. Recently, as RPK adequately puts it, it wasn't just Saiful who was sodomized, the whole country has been sodomized now that PAS is trying to go with UMNO.

The Malay unity sodomy conspiracy

Tahun Meliwat Malaysia

What is going on? How did we elect such scum bags to be in the Parliament? I don't know any other country with such politicians who sink that low. In the March election, the people voted for PAS in order to go against the government. Now PAS turned around and went bosom-buddies with UMNO??????????????? The people have been fucked big time!

I came up with "So You Think You've Been Liwat" and "MNTM", but I gotta give it to RPK to come up with "Tahun Meliwat Malaysia". Originally, "Tahun Melawat Malaysia" means Visit Malaysia Year. "Meliwat" means the action of sodomize. Isn't he brilliant!

From the first article, it seems that the government or the Cigarette Smoking Man (whoever the plotter is), has been planning the sodomy allegation all along. But what's more, is that they are not only targeting Anwar but PAS! With the sodomy allegation, the 2nd bird they are trying to kill is to get PAS away from Pakatan Rakyat (People's Alliance).

This is one hot tranny mess, quoting Christian Siriano. It's exactly how Mulder was in the X-files, there's no one he could trust. The people of Malaysia have been fucked in all ways possible, and not the good kind.

Since the PAS people are so blind, delusional, deceitful, ball-less and acting Muslim, I still stand by my advocacy, the Chinese are again the key to changing the direction. MCA must detach itself from UMNO - and how can the Chinese do it? Stop supporting your MCA MP's until they swear off the mother-fucker UMNO.

PS: the links to Malaysia Today and its posts may not work very well. I wasn't able to read any of its article for a week and I thought RPK had caved in. Sorry for losing faith on you RPK. I'm such a good candidate for a betrayer.

Update 1/8/08: Malaysia Today is working fine.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Talk about confusing signals

I felt my lower back was in pain when I was trying to sleep last Sat night. I rolled around for nearly one hour and had to get up and swallowed 2 650mg Panadols! They didn't help much really but I managed to sleep a little better.

The next morning I woke up in a hot flush. I thought it was the heater. I was also in pain. Having no clue what's going on, I watched Project Runway Australia on my phone, at 4am in the morning!

Throughout Sunday, the pain on my lower back extended to my right thigh. I couldn't take the pain anymore. After talking with Ed, I rushed out to a pharmacy and bought a couple of ice pack.

So I was trying to figure out how I injured myself. I only helped EY to lift a piece furniture on Sat afternoon. I shouldn't be that bad - for the many times I had moved house, I moved and lifted even a sofa by myself! A bookcase shouldn't be a problem?! I also thought I might have slipped while getting into the car later that night. It was raining and slippery and dark.

The pain carried on the whole week. I didn't sleep well too on Sunday night. It got better after that. The pain just wouldn't go away completely. I had to move like a princess in order not to pull any other muscle. My thigh kept feeling sore. The skin on my thigh started to feel prickly and a little burned. I started to get worried.

Then on Thu/Fri, I feel that there was something above my ass, on my waist. An ass pimple?! Oh no... I never got those... I tried to squeeze it but nothing happened! I also took a pic of it but couldn't make out what it was. Then a couple of red patches started to show on my upper thigh last night.

What's more confusing, was that I actually wore an old scarf on Monday night. It resulted in my neck and chest getting allergic reaction! So I took it as the rash on my waist and thigh was just also the result of an allergy.

However there were more rashes on my thigh today. I had to go to see a doctor. Luckily I was just on time before it closed. I told the doctor the above and bla bla... I told her I no longer felt the pain but it's still sore. Doc asked me if it's not painful then how could it be sore? Good question doc. I thought soreness and pain were different? No?

Then the stripping action happened. Initially I was planning to tell her about the rash later. I pulled down my pants and she started to examined my upper back. I told her it's not there. Then I led her to my waist, where she saw the rash. She was excited, really. I told her, don't be too excited yet, coz there are more. LOL - no, course I didn't say that! I told her there's more on my thigh.

Even more excitedly, she announced that I had shingles. And yucks, I got Herpes Zoster. Herpes! Even though it's not an STD. I felt better, at least it wasn't bone cancer. Being the dramatic queen that I am, I even pictured my own pre-death funeral and how my Mom would cry like no tomorrow etc when I was in pain on Sat/Sun nights....

It's not a pretty sight....

26072008040 26072008052

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Simon Cowell call me!

So, what else is new... Malaysian political situation is still boiling hot. RPK has been officially charged by the bomb expert couple. So I was talking with my buddy Ed over cross-pacific sms-es.

I want to create 2 butt-spanking (pun intended) new reality shows, intended for Malaysian audience.

Show number 1 - So You Think You've Been Liwat? This show will be hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister Najib, who will be providing expertise on helping sodomy victims. As for the judges, who better than the saliva-more-than-tea and should-have-died-long-time-ago Mahathir, highly experienced Anwar and the fence-sitting bitch Abdullah.

Show number 2 - MNTM - that's Malaysia Next Top Murderer. I'm still casting the host. Who could strut better than the one and only Ms. Bank? Off my finger tip, there's RPK, since he's been dishing out lots of governmental secrets and openly criticizing them, or Najib's wife, Rozmah, since she's not a political figure and our show has absolutely nothing to do with any political figure. If not these 2 people, maybe Christian Bale will fall out of job if he's successfully sued by his mother and sister? Who's better to host a murder show other than the American Psycho himself?

So I think I'm smart!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


No, Abdullah Bodohwi isn't stupid (Bodoh = stupid in Malay; Badawi is his real name). Some critics say that he's indecisive and weak in administration and ruling the country.

Anyone who can climb up to the top spot of a country isn't stupid, isn't indecisive. A person who can do just that has to be very observant, knows when to say/act. I am not such a person.

Bodohwi is a character that triumphs on his perceived inability to act. He probably is a Joker (go Heath Ledger) - who pries on chaos. Of course the country is in deep shit - yet his claws have never sunk deeper. He is benefiting from the uncertainty, sucking every last cent.

So please political wannabes, don't credit him by saying that Bodohwi is incapable - you're playing into his game.

Say it out - say it proudly - the more uncertain the situation is, the more Abdullah Badawi is profiting from it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Live to Eat?

Jamie Oliver's show "Eat to save your life" was aired on Wednesday night here on Channel 10. It mainly deals with how fatty, sugary and salty diets would damage one's body.

At times during the one hour show, my eyes were welling up. Those fatty food and how people do not care about what they eat make me wanna cry. And all the facts - seeing where does the fat actually deposit in parts of our body.

I knew that fat would clog arteries, it would envelope the heart, it would surround one's muscles etc... But I had never known that fat could actually seep into one's liver! Foie gras are actually so full of fat! Jamie showed that a goose liver, from a goose which has been overly fed, is 3 - 4 times the size of a normal liver. And after being heated on a pan for an hour, the reduced-to-25%-of-its-original-size liver is floating in a pan of greasily oil!

Does it always have to be German who open up a body? Somehow, German, in my mind, have been linked to cannibalism. Maybe it's the language. This professor/doctor looks very very eerie! When he opened up a 25-stone (158kg), I really thought that he was enjoying it visually and might be enjoying it literally later on!

That poor man, had he seen what he looked like internally, I'm sure he wouldn't have eaten his way to death. One's diaphragm actually sits below the rib cage, but this man's diaphragm was pushed up into his rib cage, leaving the heart and lungs not much space to move. Honey, I shrunk the lungs! And the fat that surrounded all of his organs - a sight that was so gruesome.

I also want to point of a vegetarian on the show, who was an OBESE! Vegetarian and obese - two words that should be least associated together. I don't understand if these types of vegetarians understand what does a vegetarian mean. Or they just take it as "flour-eater". Considering so many dished can be dished out using flour and OIL (ask any Chinese vegetarian restaurant), where you can get vegetarian fish and chicken and pork (yes, PORK!), can these people be at least honest with themselves? Look at a cow, that's a vegetarian! The food he ate was so refined, he poo-ed 25-30% of the amount an African would, in 5 years. I guess we can now say who's so full of shit.

I have always felt strongly that obese and morbid people should be partially responsible for global warming, rising fuel price and food shortage. The last one is very self-evident. If I only consume 3 slices of bread a day, and a fat person 10 slices... The Biggest Loser Australia claims that half of the country is obese. If that's true, carbon trading schemes should also take into account taxing people according to their weights.

I have always thought of human as very calories-inefficient. Look at animals, they eat when they need. They eat to survive. We eat for fun. A fat person eats so much, that so much energy is used up from growing, transporting and processing the food. And the principle of energy conservation might actually fail here - coz if the fat person just kaput, all the energy eaten all go to waste! And how do we get so much energy mobilised around the globe? Burning fuel of course. Does anyone wonder why the fuel keeps getting higher and the world warmer?

And some pope flying around the world... if god is almighty, the youths should have been able to feel his presence, be it 3000 miles away. Can someone pray for it to be raining fuel soon?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the beginning of the end!

Anwar has been arrested by the police, on sodomy count. He was supposed to give his statements to the police at 2pm. The government must have worried that he might not show up hence they sent their errand dogs, the police, to arrest Anwar at 12.45pm! What's the point of setting the deadline of 2pm if it wasn't followed! But with everything in Malaysia, nothing is by the book anymore, since what all the BS leaders do is write their own fucking rules!

I am so pissed at this. MCA hasn't done anything to help the situation. None of the MPs said anything constructive. They all have their mouths wide shut now. We appoint them to become the MPs and they now have nothing to say.

Ong Ka Ting was the smart one to step down immediately after 308 election. As if he had smelled shit on his way. Personal interest - this so-called reason can no longer be allowed. What personal interest - MPs are publicly owned! They should not have personal interest whatsoever! If the people ask them to eat shit they should! And happily so!

It's no wonder Bodohwi so confidently and shamelessly (even though some might think that this is just another step in his master plan to continue holding onto his power) promised the hand-over to Najis. It's all been orchestrated! We are just watching a show that misses the Tony award every year!

Holding onto the position of PM plus Finance Minister is greatly dangerous! How come the constitution allows this? How can a PM is also the Finance Minister for so long!? Bodohwi is bodoh!!!! Bodoh people can't manage the economy! What has been done to improve the economy? Nadah! All money goes straight into his pocket and home in Adelaide or Perth! None of the plans that he commissioned since coming into power has materialised but shitted all over!

Of course conveniently he doesn't even want to say anything about the Anwar sodomy case and Najis' murder case. Bodohwi is smart in this sense. Silence is golden. 沉默是金。The less he talks about the issues the less opportunity he lets slip any secret. And to think about it, he also used the same tactic when another old cunt Mahathir criticized and tried to bring him down. Bodohwi was also keeping to himself.

This is the start of the end! Who can help Malaysian? With the people's parties now belong only to the few on top, controlling the judiciary, police, military. administrative (actually they don't coz they never do an honest's day work!) and finance, Malaysia is doomed to be the next Myanmar. Anwar is our Ang-san-su-ki.

Ee Lin told me to go run a party and she could be the campaign manager. Is it wrong of me to think of it as impossible? Not that she couldn't be the campaign manager, but me running a party. I would be joining Anwar and taking my actuarial exam in jail.

RPK, where are you when I need you the most?!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hmmm, you don't suppose he is....


Oh yes - I suppose that's Professor Slughorn, from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

More promo pics from Just Jared. They make me very excited!

Have you been fucked up the ass?

Unfortunately sodomy is still considered a crime in Malaysia - even though corrupted prime minister, deputy prime minister, prime minister's wife who bombed the woman having an affair with her husband are all as innocent as the virgin Mary.

But people who may have been sodomized, with or without consent, fear not. The DPM will help you no matter what. His service is 24/7 and he'll even go up against his biggest political rival.


Roughly translate to:

Have you been fucked up the ass?

I am here to help

Defender for sodomy victims

Datuk Seri (some stupid social status pre-fixes for Malaysian) Najib Tun Razak

Contact the office of the Deputy Prime Minister

phone number

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Closed on public holiday


Thanks to Rashid, who commented on And the winner is………..

I can't stop laughing.

Battle of the Phones

Nokia 7610 002

Good bye my love Nokia 7610 - this phone has been with me for more than 3 years. I'm saying good bye to it this Friday. I really love the phone's unique keypad and design. If it's not because of its dying keypad (and price slashing for my "new" love) I wouldn't think of changing.

Most probably I'll get this: Nokia N95 8GB, which has been the phone I wanted since it came out... except it was too expensive then.


But it's also possible that I get an iPhone: simple the coolest gadget around. It would be to show off if I got this phone. I'm reserved about its only-2MP camera and inability to send MMS. But look at it, isn't it fabulous! And they say that it's faster than Nokia N95 8GB. If the pricing with Vodafone is as bad as Optus, I'm not even gonna think twice.


Saturday, July 05, 2008


重申巴拉自愿立法定声明 律师称查案警官找上巴拉

报案促查巴拉声明 公青团要纳吉辞职

相隔一天巴拉立场急转弯 收回法定声明七重要段落

San Churros

Image(1061) Image(1060)

I drove to Prahran today - to service the car, for the first time. I had actually looked up the map and seen that there was actually a San Churros, which was close to the Honda service centre. It all sounded good!

After leaving the car in the good hands of Honda people, I strutted down Chapel St, trying to look cool and above everyone else, LOL!!! I could be a biatch!

I actually had not been on Chapel St for a LONG time - it had (and will never be) not been my hang-out place for all these years. The only other time I went there was with dear Ms. Moon. Bet she doesn't remember. Neway, other than some local designer shops, which I was pretty sure they wouldn't have my size, there were just plenty opportunity shops! I still love my shopping and cafes in the CBD.

So the San Churros - I think Food Safari had set the standard too high. They had the pioneer in making churros on the show. And the dipping sauce for the churros (doughnuts) in expresso. I was highly disappointed when the dipping sauce was either chocolate of caramel at San Churros.

I ordered the caramel one. The doughnuts weren't as crunchy as I had expected - I didn't have other expectation as I wasn't a doughnut person. Good thing that the caramel wasn't very sweet. Guess what was the best feature of the above dish? LOL - it was the strawberries!

I had not had strawberries for a long time too. When I first came to Australia, strawberries were BIG! Now it's just eh..... Maybe I had not had them for such a long time, that those strawberries actually tasted sweet, for once! If it wasn't for them, my enjoyment level would have just puff-ed!

Anyway, the biggest gem of all - was that I found, let's cue a U2's song, what I had (not) been looking for! A proper paper shop in Melbourne!

I was walking back to Honda and from the corner of my right eye, there was a word "Paper" on the glass wall. PAPER! I went into the store and told the shop owner how excited I was. She asked me if I had been in Melbourne long enough. Long enough yes; adventurous enough? Perhaps not, especially after those girls left me alone!

Neway, yay! I had never been able to find a decent paper place for my artwork, i.e. cards. There are Japanese papers, papers made with fibers, leaves, etc etc! It's just wonderful! Last time I went to such a place was in Sydney when Winnie brought me to one. Oh there are also lots of fantastic ribbons! It really made my day.

The shop is called Dragon Papers, 164 High St Windsor 3181 VIC, tel: 03 9533 7033.

Friday, July 04, 2008


I suppose anal sex will soon be legalized in Malaysia - as you can see, Malaysian political leaders can change the law to their liking. Yes LIKING. So I suppose when Najib can't run away from his involvement in the murder and submarine purchase cases, perhaps the law will be changed to suit him, so that he gets one less sentence.

Najib replays the sodomy case on Anwar, now Anwar 以其人之道,还治其人之身,pointing the arrow back at Najib. I say, they should both fuck each other.

With all the allegations, Najib still can say: “不,我仍非常轻松,你可以看到,我还能微笑。我不担心,因为真相能展现,我相信这个体制,我相信我没错事,没有什么事件让我担心的,我会如常般的生活。”

Of course he believes in the fucking system - they are definitely gonna write up the script of the century and have it played in court! Those actors so deserve an Oscar for the best picture!

It's all very interesting. I was so worried for Anwar before - but now I can see he's retaliating well. I hope the truth will be out soon - Mulder and Scully can't even solve this! The Malaysian government is 100 times more cunning than the US.

私家侦探立法定声明揭内情 纳吉与阿尔丹杜雅有性关系

否认和阿尔丹杜雅有关系 纳吉承认在住所见过赛夫


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


You have to admire RPK's ability to crack a joke when the atmosphere is so grim, just like when Dumbledore was dying...

At first the police said that Anwar had beaten himself up. He not only beat himself up but he continued beating himself even after he had become unconscious. This is the special quality of Anwar who can remain conscious after becoming unconscious compared to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is always unconscious whenever he is conscious.

Taken from:

The AG-IGP tag-team fabricated evidence


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