Friday, July 04, 2008


I suppose anal sex will soon be legalized in Malaysia - as you can see, Malaysian political leaders can change the law to their liking. Yes LIKING. So I suppose when Najib can't run away from his involvement in the murder and submarine purchase cases, perhaps the law will be changed to suit him, so that he gets one less sentence.

Najib replays the sodomy case on Anwar, now Anwar 以其人之道,还治其人之身,pointing the arrow back at Najib. I say, they should both fuck each other.

With all the allegations, Najib still can say: “不,我仍非常轻松,你可以看到,我还能微笑。我不担心,因为真相能展现,我相信这个体制,我相信我没错事,没有什么事件让我担心的,我会如常般的生活。”

Of course he believes in the fucking system - they are definitely gonna write up the script of the century and have it played in court! Those actors so deserve an Oscar for the best picture!

It's all very interesting. I was so worried for Anwar before - but now I can see he's retaliating well. I hope the truth will be out soon - Mulder and Scully can't even solve this! The Malaysian government is 100 times more cunning than the US.

私家侦探立法定声明揭内情 纳吉与阿尔丹杜雅有性关系

否认和阿尔丹杜雅有关系 纳吉承认在住所见过赛夫


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