Saturday, July 26, 2008

Talk about confusing signals

I felt my lower back was in pain when I was trying to sleep last Sat night. I rolled around for nearly one hour and had to get up and swallowed 2 650mg Panadols! They didn't help much really but I managed to sleep a little better.

The next morning I woke up in a hot flush. I thought it was the heater. I was also in pain. Having no clue what's going on, I watched Project Runway Australia on my phone, at 4am in the morning!

Throughout Sunday, the pain on my lower back extended to my right thigh. I couldn't take the pain anymore. After talking with Ed, I rushed out to a pharmacy and bought a couple of ice pack.

So I was trying to figure out how I injured myself. I only helped EY to lift a piece furniture on Sat afternoon. I shouldn't be that bad - for the many times I had moved house, I moved and lifted even a sofa by myself! A bookcase shouldn't be a problem?! I also thought I might have slipped while getting into the car later that night. It was raining and slippery and dark.

The pain carried on the whole week. I didn't sleep well too on Sunday night. It got better after that. The pain just wouldn't go away completely. I had to move like a princess in order not to pull any other muscle. My thigh kept feeling sore. The skin on my thigh started to feel prickly and a little burned. I started to get worried.

Then on Thu/Fri, I feel that there was something above my ass, on my waist. An ass pimple?! Oh no... I never got those... I tried to squeeze it but nothing happened! I also took a pic of it but couldn't make out what it was. Then a couple of red patches started to show on my upper thigh last night.

What's more confusing, was that I actually wore an old scarf on Monday night. It resulted in my neck and chest getting allergic reaction! So I took it as the rash on my waist and thigh was just also the result of an allergy.

However there were more rashes on my thigh today. I had to go to see a doctor. Luckily I was just on time before it closed. I told the doctor the above and bla bla... I told her I no longer felt the pain but it's still sore. Doc asked me if it's not painful then how could it be sore? Good question doc. I thought soreness and pain were different? No?

Then the stripping action happened. Initially I was planning to tell her about the rash later. I pulled down my pants and she started to examined my upper back. I told her it's not there. Then I led her to my waist, where she saw the rash. She was excited, really. I told her, don't be too excited yet, coz there are more. LOL - no, course I didn't say that! I told her there's more on my thigh.

Even more excitedly, she announced that I had shingles. And yucks, I got Herpes Zoster. Herpes! Even though it's not an STD. I felt better, at least it wasn't bone cancer. Being the dramatic queen that I am, I even pictured my own pre-death funeral and how my Mom would cry like no tomorrow etc when I was in pain on Sat/Sun nights....

It's not a pretty sight....

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