Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mamma MIA!

Mamma Mia 7

The movie is simply fabulous! Headed by Meryl Streep, with cast of Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan.

The songs of ABBA are just timeless. One hit after another, sewing the storyline. Definitely love Donna's sidekicks, Tanya and Rosie. You must have those friends who can just go crazy with you. When they all dress up as showgirls with much bling bling, it's ka-ching time!

The height of the drama was when Donna sings "The Winner Takes it All" with Sam, when she feels defeated and retreats up to the mountain, having her red shawl blown fiercely by the wind. Just drama!

Meryl Streep is just the ultimate god of acting. She can do anything, be anyone. And now she sings! Quite brilliantly might I add. The only person who can't pull a note is the ex-007. And his part is quite heavy in the movie - every time he opens up his throat, it feels like someone is pulling a cow out from his lungs.

ABBA's songs are not easy to learn! I had been trying to learn them in 3 weeks and yet I still couldn't master them and sing along at the movie. Not quite the same with Hairspray, when I basically sang word by word.

Anyone up for good 120-min fun, go to the movies now for Mamma Mia! One of the surprising scene of the songs is Does Your Mother Know, Christine Baranski (Tanya) pulls it off with class and diva-ness. And Julie Walters is simply fierce when she fights for her man singing Take A Chance on Me. The duo also do a fabulous job when consoling Donna with Chiquitita.

I think I just can't stop reliving every scene. Can't wait for the DVD to come out!

Mamma Mia 1

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