Saturday, July 19, 2008


No, Abdullah Bodohwi isn't stupid (Bodoh = stupid in Malay; Badawi is his real name). Some critics say that he's indecisive and weak in administration and ruling the country.

Anyone who can climb up to the top spot of a country isn't stupid, isn't indecisive. A person who can do just that has to be very observant, knows when to say/act. I am not such a person.

Bodohwi is a character that triumphs on his perceived inability to act. He probably is a Joker (go Heath Ledger) - who pries on chaos. Of course the country is in deep shit - yet his claws have never sunk deeper. He is benefiting from the uncertainty, sucking every last cent.

So please political wannabes, don't credit him by saying that Bodohwi is incapable - you're playing into his game.

Say it out - say it proudly - the more uncertain the situation is, the more Abdullah Badawi is profiting from it.

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