Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I want to Believe

Maybe it does take Mulder and Scully to come onboard to solve the sodomy case in Malaysia. Recently, as RPK adequately puts it, it wasn't just Saiful who was sodomized, the whole country has been sodomized now that PAS is trying to go with UMNO.

The Malay unity sodomy conspiracy

Tahun Meliwat Malaysia

What is going on? How did we elect such scum bags to be in the Parliament? I don't know any other country with such politicians who sink that low. In the March election, the people voted for PAS in order to go against the government. Now PAS turned around and went bosom-buddies with UMNO??????????????? The people have been fucked big time!

I came up with "So You Think You've Been Liwat" and "MNTM", but I gotta give it to RPK to come up with "Tahun Meliwat Malaysia". Originally, "Tahun Melawat Malaysia" means Visit Malaysia Year. "Meliwat" means the action of sodomize. Isn't he brilliant!

From the first article, it seems that the government or the Cigarette Smoking Man (whoever the plotter is), has been planning the sodomy allegation all along. But what's more, is that they are not only targeting Anwar but PAS! With the sodomy allegation, the 2nd bird they are trying to kill is to get PAS away from Pakatan Rakyat (People's Alliance).

This is one hot tranny mess, quoting Christian Siriano. It's exactly how Mulder was in the X-files, there's no one he could trust. The people of Malaysia have been fucked in all ways possible, and not the good kind.

Since the PAS people are so blind, delusional, deceitful, ball-less and acting Muslim, I still stand by my advocacy, the Chinese are again the key to changing the direction. MCA must detach itself from UMNO - and how can the Chinese do it? Stop supporting your MCA MP's until they swear off the mother-fucker UMNO.

PS: the links to Malaysia Today and its posts may not work very well. I wasn't able to read any of its article for a week and I thought RPK had caved in. Sorry for losing faith on you RPK. I'm such a good candidate for a betrayer.

Update 1/8/08: Malaysia Today is working fine.

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