Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JJ must be proud


Britney Houston does a JJ!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

the JJ and the M&MC....Oh and the FW

I am anticipating some great music in 2008 by the post-Confession Queen of Pop Madonna, the Emancipated Mariah Carey and nipple-flashing-flunk-Damita-Jo Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson has already released the first first single Feedback from her upcoming Discipline album. Feedback is a good single, albeit it hasn't done too well on the Billboard. I think JJ is pushing it further with the mention of first-day-period on this song! Let's see if Discipline is strong enough to pull her out of the nippie incident back in 2006.

 janet jackson feedback



janet jackson discipline

The Emancipation of Mimi became the highest-selling album in the US in 2005. MC made a stunning come back from Never too far and Glitter. Let's see if That Chick can make it work again for her (and doesn't cause her another glittering mental breakdown). If you look at that album cover, it strangely reminds me of Janet's old album covers, which use either her hand or bed sheet to cover the chest.

mariah carey that chickJanet-20YO Afyjjanet jackson damita jo

Finally, it's been announced that Justin Timberlake is going to make a video with Madge! How exciting is that? After reaching number 1 in more than 40 countries simultaneously with Hung Up and biggest selling tour for a female artist yet, bringing her close to $200 million in ticket sales, her new album is bound for release in 2008. There's probably not much disco in this album but the theme will be hip hop (not necessarily my cuppa tea). Believe me, she'll reinvent hip hop big time.

Now only my Faye Wong is left out - she's probably not coming back to her singing career anytime soon. Haven't seen her in any news lately except those concerning her daughter. Given her popularity and 天后 status in the Asian market, anytime she wants to come back, she will.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Bday Ellen

Here is a cute clip where a number of celebrities lip-sync to I Will Survive for Ellen Degeneres (oh, I just realised she only has one vowel in her name!). She's 50yo! She doesn't look 50 though. And I just realised that she's not too far behind Miss O. Apparently Miss O made her name in the talk-show biz a lot earlier.

African American do better divas then White American. Look at Queen Latifah - she shakes and moves her groove thang so much better than say, Kate Walsh and Sharon Osbourne.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what the hell is rising sign?

Your Rising Sign is Capricorn
Old fashioned and conservative, you carry yourself with dignity. You have a tough exterior, and you can be intimidating when you want to be. Hard working and ambitious, you can survive in the most cut throat work enviroments. Outside of work, you are a true friend to everyone in your small inner circle. You may have had a difficult time earlier in life. Capricorns are late bloomers and you may be coming into your own right now.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Don't watch Cloverfield. It ranks amongst pointless movies such as the stupidest movies directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, Unbreakable, Lady from the water and The Village), War of the Worlds (Steven Spielberg shouldn't have directed such no-brainer movie) and also the very latest I am Legend.

If it wasn't for SCC (sorry), I wouldn't have chosen this movie. Sorry to WJK for dragging you along and giving you a headache.

And I will never ever watch another J. J. Abrams movie or TV show. First of all, Cloverfield should pay royalties to The Blair Witch Project for editing the movie to make it look like it was filmed by a hand-held camera. 10 minutes into the movie, JK and I started to having headaches. The flickering and shaky images really infuriated my eyes.

In the short 84 minutes, the movie achieved nothing except cheating the audience. No wonder the movie was so secretive to start with. It has NIL content. Period! We didn't even get a good look at that stupid monster/alien. The movie totally has no point - if any, if would be yay, we're making a home movie of alien invasion with total suck-ass actors and storyline.

I haven't felt this furious ever since Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen and Signs. Cloverfield has no plot, no credible actors and even the production itself feels very studio-like. The props, after the Statue of Liberty has been beheaded, look really unreal. They can't even make debris look real.

I guess I'm just not the kind of people that can get satisfaction by given no explanation of anything, not to mention a logical yet imaginable one.

It's not hard to see that Cloverfield tries to copy War of the Worlds. J. J. Abrams, you are no Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. WOTW was bad, given the stupid storyline that aliens could be killed by the simplest life form bacteria, but still the graphic and directing were brilliant.

So people, if you wanna waste money and time, go enjoy yourself a dose of Cloverfield.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Warm flush

Haha, I'm not having a menopause, not ever! Hence that wasn't referring to a hot or cold flush that some women might experience.

What are you most afraid of when you go swimming? Sometimes when I am swimming at late evening, my mind wanders around. Hair. I'm most scared of hair because of The Ring. When I see lots of hair in the water, I think of Samara.

So as I was finishing my laps in the pool today a Chinese guy jumped into the pool. I thought I should swim a bit more so I decided to stay a little longer. The sun was setting and the pool was a bit dim. So I got up and switch on some lights.

10 minutes later, I decided that I had swum enough so I wanted to get out of the water. I paddled my limbs to get to the side of the pool, passing that guy. Suddenly I felt something warm brushing my thighs.

Oh no, I think I did see some yellow-ish blur when I passed him, as I was now really blind having taken off my powered goggles.

The warmth was quite persistent as I was getting up by holding the ramp. G-sus, I thought to myself, I need to go wash myself immediately!!!! Taking a look at him, he was still swimming quite naturally. And I couldn't say anything to him because I could/taste/smell (except for Clorin, lots of it) see no proof.

Walking along side the pool towards the exit, I saw the light. Not the one when one dies. Spot lights. I saw a few spot lights in the pool! It was the light that warmed the water around my thighs.

What did you think it was?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Reading is good for MOI

I have been very free lately and caught up with some reading. Firstly I was very very happy to find that Khaled Housseini had published his second book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. After The Kite Runner (now a motion picture), I was again totally touched (in the good way) by Housseini. His writing is just simple, painfully touching and hauntingly beautiful. It was that something that delicately fragile yet strong came to the world - the books really paint vivid pictures of struggle and pain that the Afghanistan people go through. And believe his books are tear inducing!

Kite_runner A_Thousand_Splendid_Suns

Before introducing the 3rd and 4th books, I should let you know that I have always been troubled by the silence of the Muslim community in the wake of 9/11. I have always wondered why have I not heard anyone, from the community, voice out how the situation can be fixed, not by means of war. And even before 9/11 I had always not understood the history behind the feud among Israel, Pakistan, Palestine and neighbouring Middle Eastern countries.

Irshad Manji and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are the two persons that provide some answers to my questions. The former has written The Trouble with Islam Today, which has earned her intense publicity, including death threats from some Muslims, due to her openly criticising of the religion. I haven't quite understood her book fully because of its diversity - mainly sociology, history, anthropology and religion arguments. It addresses how the dispute between Israel and Palestine came about, among other issues.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote The Caged Virgin. She explains how Islam came about and how had it evolved from being inquisitive, passionate and caring and to everything downhill from there onwards. From the title itself, Ayaan relates the religion to the emancipation of Muslim women, immigrant policy and fanaticism of the religion.

TheCagedVirgin TheTroubleWithIslam

Both incredible women, who aren't afraid of speaking the truth, represent the new Muslim women. These women, I hope, will become a new form of enlightenment to fellow women, to self-criticise, to change and to break out of the cage. They both urge for change from within the religion.  The books remind me that we shouldn't be afraid to question, especially things that are forced onto us, even if that something has been around for 5 million years.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I got my answer!!

I often battle within myself when travelling in PT - whether to give up my seat for someone else. Going through some issues of Actuary Australia, I can't believe the answer is in the April 2007 issue!

Gae Robinson from Finity provides the insight to this serious issue, I shall share some of her comments here.

1. Many times I've wrestled with the "is she pregnant or just a bit tubby?" dilemma. - Haha, this is so true. But listen,

2. I'm a firm believer that if you're offered a seat - no matter how offended you are at the implications - you should take it. The person giving it up has made a chivalrous gesture that shouldn't go unrewarded! - Isn't this so true? I do get some people who don't accept my offer. Should I feel embarrassed?

3. I do have a slightly bolshy (mean?) approach to old women who dye their hair to look younger - you know, the skin looks 75, the hair is solid brown. I think to myself "If you expect to convince me with that hair, lady, I'm convinced - you look 40 not 75 and you're not getting my seat!" - Isn't Gae funny? But I seldom cross with old ladies. However, you seldom see teenagers give up seat for the elderly, even though they look like they are gonna fall into the teenagers' lap! Furthermore, the trams especially would love for the passenger to shake their groove thang. Whenever a tram starts to move or stops, one can't help being shaken.

4. I also get annoyed when I'm standing and I see fit young people in all the seats wasting them - not working, not reading, just staring blankly into the distance. If I have a seat I make good use of it. - Moi is guilty. I hope, to Gae's standard, texting furiously and looking at one's mobile attentively would quality as working.

I remember when I was back home in June/July 2007, sitting at Dad's shop, I was shocked by a loud shout coming from the shop across the road. The shouting came intermittently, for about half an hour. Accordingly to my Dad's staff, that person couldn't control his shouting. I relived this experience on a tram not too long ago. A chubby girl (who wasn't preggy lol) kept letting out "fuck" the whole ride. I think people around her started giggling while trying to look away. I look at the person opposite me and it was the moment where you felt connected to the person as you were both thinking about the same thing! The girl tried to apologise to the people around her. However, "fuck" didn't stop coming through and gave incoming passengers a good old shake to the ears.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


slow     mis slow-food-32_3 all-clad-electric-slow-cooker  

My internet speed.... Have to wait another 10 days for it to be back to normal speed...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No more milk for moi!

I knew I was lactose intolerant. If I drank milk (full-cream), it'd be coming out straight away via the back door in a countdown that is less than 2 minutes!

What I didn't know was that my body didn't quite agree with soy milk too! See, I went to Safeway and surprisingly, found an organic soy milk that Safeway had not carried for some time already. Happily I bought 2 1-litre I-wanna-say-cartons-but-I-think-cartons-means-a-lot-a-lot-of-soy-milk of organic soy milk. I had loved this organic soy milk as it contained no added sugar.

Little did I know, into my second 1-litre soy milk, my gas passing become unprecedentedly with-smell. Strong, pungent, rotten-egg, you name it - I got it. I think, besides my nose, my chair must have been the prime victim, having to embrace the flatulence without filtering! At least my nose would suffer less as the flatus would have been diluted by the general air.

Yes, after wikipedia-ing, one learned the in and the out about breaking wind!

How come I had not known about this after having soy milk? It had probably not been so nitrogen-laden. I really felt its wrath this time around. Luckily I had minimal human contact in the past few days hence no one's breathing has been polluted by me and my gas.

I think I need to experiment with the only milk left - rice milk! FYI, I'm ok with skinny milk. And don't you look at me if you smell something funny next time! I swear that it'll not be me.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year Has Come

Happy New Year folks!

31.12.2007 marked the warmest day yet in Victorian history. The wind was strong, yet it was blazingly warm. It reached 42 degree Celcius in the arvo. I had never had a taste of such wind; perhaps it was a little sneak peek of the Middle East?

Edmund asked me if I had any new-year wishes? I didn't. Perhaps I had not given it much thought. But I have never believed in birthday or new-year wishes.

2007 was probably my lower point in life, for I have not achieved much in that year, in a number of ways. It passed without leaving much heart-print in me.

So what do you say for 2008? What's in store for me, for everyone?

Hopefully 2008 will be a year of more peace, less war, more green, less grey and red, more money, less worry, more health, less sickness, more love (for family and friends, and for strangers), less hate.

To 2oO8!!


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