Saturday, January 19, 2008


Don't watch Cloverfield. It ranks amongst pointless movies such as the stupidest movies directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, Unbreakable, Lady from the water and The Village), War of the Worlds (Steven Spielberg shouldn't have directed such no-brainer movie) and also the very latest I am Legend.

If it wasn't for SCC (sorry), I wouldn't have chosen this movie. Sorry to WJK for dragging you along and giving you a headache.

And I will never ever watch another J. J. Abrams movie or TV show. First of all, Cloverfield should pay royalties to The Blair Witch Project for editing the movie to make it look like it was filmed by a hand-held camera. 10 minutes into the movie, JK and I started to having headaches. The flickering and shaky images really infuriated my eyes.

In the short 84 minutes, the movie achieved nothing except cheating the audience. No wonder the movie was so secretive to start with. It has NIL content. Period! We didn't even get a good look at that stupid monster/alien. The movie totally has no point - if any, if would be yay, we're making a home movie of alien invasion with total suck-ass actors and storyline.

I haven't felt this furious ever since Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen and Signs. Cloverfield has no plot, no credible actors and even the production itself feels very studio-like. The props, after the Statue of Liberty has been beheaded, look really unreal. They can't even make debris look real.

I guess I'm just not the kind of people that can get satisfaction by given no explanation of anything, not to mention a logical yet imaginable one.

It's not hard to see that Cloverfield tries to copy War of the Worlds. J. J. Abrams, you are no Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. WOTW was bad, given the stupid storyline that aliens could be killed by the simplest life form bacteria, but still the graphic and directing were brilliant.

So people, if you wanna waste money and time, go enjoy yourself a dose of Cloverfield.

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