Saturday, August 21, 2004


"wah, this is unbelievable!" i was stoned for a little while looking at the scale this morning when i was about to get into the shower.

i finally reached 70kg. 70kg! well i still hv at least 2kg to it too early to congratulate myself? 70kg was initially my target of mid September but i've reached it way earlier than that. it's like breaking a world record in the olympics but this record could only be recorded in Alfred's Guinness Own Record.

change of scene: now i m giving out my Oscar speech for losing weight. i really would love to thank my parents. i wouldn't hv had the D&D (determination & discipline) without their encouragement. they hv always given me the exact encouragement where n when i need them. be it 'tiong eng, mummy loves u thaz y i want u to look better' or 'tiong eng, u wanna go for a jog now? - another 10 mins dad, it's hot out there - come on, it's late! we better get going (after 15-20mins)' or 'u used to b so skinny when u're a kid that ppl tot u're malnourished but now u're so big!' or 'mummy isn't gonna cook too much good food for u since i want u to lost weight - yeah ok... :(' or 'i always treat the time like moving cans of pesticides, mowing the bush at the warehouse, un/loading tiles/50-kg-cement onto a my workout session'

those r the full-of-wisdom-and-love words that come from my parents aiming str8 to my face. n also when my mum calls from Malaysia, 'Tiong Eng, hv u lost some weight recently? please don't get fatter u's for ur own good'. it's always for my own good n i agree! and it'd normally follow that 'i only tell u this because u r my son, wouldn't hv bothered if it's other ppl'.

at this point of time, i'd hv to reduntdantly say that they (my parents) really want the best for me. they r right MOST of the time. n i would like to make them happy by listening to them MOST of the time!

also i'd like to thank my brother, Tiong Teck. 'Gor, do u wanna go for a jog?'. he always accompanies me to jog up the 'bukit' every afternoon when he doesn't go for tuition classes. U rock bro!

will call u guys later to let u know the good news. meanwhile, i just wanna let myself know that i love myself that i wanna take care of myself. that is the best gift one can ever give oneself n eventually the gift to the ones that love u.


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