Thursday, March 29, 2007

my B-day

Unfortunately Dad & Mom don't do internet.

Oh it's OUT

Give Anthony Callea a break but I'm actually referring to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Finally the MoM has been revealed. Harry's hair is shorter too! And he's not nekkid. Haha.

And the last piece of JK Rowling's heavenly gift for the muggle - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Well it's not out yet but the covers of the book are. And for sure the Slytherin locket will play a golden heavy, literally, role in the story.

And where is Harry gonna duel with Voldemort? It looks like some kinda coliseum (in Rome?), no? Rumours are saying that Harry might actually contain/be Voldemort's 7th piece of soul, hence the you-die-or-I-die prediction.

The whole of the muggle world is anticipating for July. Some, quite impatiently. A magical month indeed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That's Sherly we are talking about

When I told Sherly that Anthony Callea was gay her responses were as cheeky as she:

1. I hate finding out that most of cute and awesome guys are gays. I WANT ONE FOR ME TOO, TE!!!!! =(

2. This is the only time in my life when I wish I were born as a man. =P Really Sherly? You would wanna become a man for Anthony? I'm sure he'd be flattered.

You're the best Sherly!! And I hope your bf doesn't think any differently of you tonight. Hahaha

Monday, March 26, 2007

It's hard to say

I was torn apart tonight. Mom mentioned something that I had been dreading to hear. A confession which I would rather be lied to, at her cost.

Tonight, I chose to sleep on it.

Tomorrow night, I will think about how would the situations be on both sides of the scales, again.

And I feel that the same answer will tear her apart, again.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Mom says: the road is akin to the mouth of a tiger.

The accident was almost reliving scenes from Independence Day and Speed 1.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Drops of heaven: Green Tea + Line Dried Clothes + Spring Air

It was a cool lazy Saturday evening when I just finished dinna. So as per normal, I lit a few candles and burned some essential oils. As usual I like to mix a couple drops of each oil to make things more raunchy.

And while having Friends (what else?) on the background, I was folding clothes and ironing stuff - all domestic I know! When it got to the ironing - this is the part where I wanna share with y'all - suddenly this idea struck me!

All the while we always burn essential oils to make the room smell more fruity or herbish. And I've always loved my greentea, pomogerate, blackberry apple, line dried clothes and spring air.

OK OK it's coming, just gimme a minute - I added a few drops of those oils into the steaming part of the iron where it keeps the water. You've done it again Alf!

Now my newly washed and ironed pillow cases and quilt cover all smell soooooooo nice. Try it people!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

oh crab!!

Last week Mom sms-ed that she had cooked 5 mud crabs for the family. She was sorry that sis and I had missed out. How dare she threw that in my face when she knew that crabs are one of my fav seafood.

Luckily she had taught me how to cook before. For that I think I can forgive her. (",)

So here in Melbourne, sis and I bought one mud crab - yes, only ONE - as they are very expensive! $40 a kilo. The one we got was slightly more than 1k. And that kiam-siap (stingy in Hokkien) stupid woman (she's wasn't a lady OK) couldn't knock off 50 cents. She insisted that I pay the full price $40.50.

On my way home I sms-ed Mom about this. Her reply was "Oh that means it's RM120 lor?". Yea yea ma, I know! That's why we only bought one. To share among FOUR people.

Crab made my evening... Yum yum...

Ah crap.... I am missing Mom and her cooking already. See, it's finger-snapping easy for her to make me miss her badly.

Get ready to laugh

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 4-29 April 2007

See you there!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

who needs a hero when one can have all the HEROES?

Just can't help loving more and more of HEROES week after week. Love the way the story unfolds - I think the scripwriter(s) is doing a fabulous job at keeping all the fans in suspense. I really enjoy being told a small secret each week. I learn extra bits and pieces of the story weekly and it keeps me going back to watch it.

And who wouldn't have guessed (except perhaps a dummy like me?) that the offspring of 2 heroes has superpower himself? And it was a good old surprise to me when his little fingers magically repaired a supposedly out-of-order public phone, without being busted by his swinging-by-the-thread Kitty-Pryde (one of X-Men) spin-off father.

Apart from I dunno how to download the episodes off the internet, I also don't want to do that. First of all, I'll have too much to watch at one go, and that would really be so congruent with my already sloopy and lazy lifestyle. Secondly like I said, I like on-going suspense. It makes me look forward to it.

Now can any hero help me with my homework? Anyone?
Pic from Ohlala Paris; original source.

Monday, March 12, 2007








妈... 那种心痛到哭不出来的感觉真的很难受。阿勉和弟弟叫我坚强些,别让你的灵魂看到我在伤心。可是,我真的想用你对我的担心和牵挂把你给留下来啊。

妈... 我知道我是自私,我真的真的真的很不舍得你走..."


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Is it worth it?

This thing has been on my mind for months now. I firstly developed the idea that mankind is actually cancerous to other beings on Earth. We are clearly very successful survivors compared to other non-evolutionising species (like the whales for example - if they don't evolve by shrinking their size they'll definitely see the true colours of size does matter).

But at what cost? We survive only to meet our own end. We are probably on the top of the food chain. And it will be no surprise that when that final day comes, we'll be on the top of the bodies too!

I said that we are like cancer cells. Yes we are. We multiply and spread like cancerous cells. We are malignant to all other livings. Clearly, we have gone too far in playing the survivor games. We come, we see, we kill everything that comes in our way.

I think the most distinctive difference between human and the rest of the world is the ability to prolong lives. Look at how life expectacies have changed. I thought that it was a good thing. But lately I opted a totally different view on this. Imagine say a 60-year-old live saved from a fatal disease using expensive technology. I don't really know how much contribution can the live further make for the circle of life but to return as fertiliser. Why do we put a priceless tag on ourselves? Because everything else isn't?

So the 60yo continues to live, in a coma. It's not hard to put a price tag on his/her wrist. Just the electricity, water, food needed to sustain a should-not-be-alive life. And the pollution and chemical by products and everything? Keeping such a person alive may actually increase the hardship to survive for others.

I'm not saying that people are not allowed to fight for survival. However, how much resource has to be wasted in order for a person to be saved? Nature has it natural ways of maintaining its balance. But we human change the game rules altogether. We refuse to let nature take its course by refusing to return to the earth. How can our population not quadruple over the last 100 years? Perhaps not everyone is meant to live. Living longer and more resilient lives are the reasons that the earth isn't sustainable and also causing it to retaliate.

Yes we are surviving well and all. But look around us - other organisms are sent to the front line earlier than they are supposed to. The things that we do - the ways we change the nature - all are digging our own graves. I don't think a beaver cutting a tree would cause the temperature to rise. I don't think a volcano erupting hot lava would cause that either. But everything that human do, does just that.

Yea we want to give our children a nicer home, a warmer dinner, a better school, a more luxurious car (with a DVD player), a room full of toys, 1 million pairs of shoes or a $500k trust fund. But are we securing them a future to enjoy all that, by doing what we do now?

And what did a panda do to us, that caused the loss of its heritance, its signature into the future? And it didn't even have the power to voice.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Have you ever thought that

money is actually countable instead of incountable, as we all have learned when we were young?

Every dollar is countable, up to every quarter/dime/cent/pence. And they told us money was not countable? I don't get it now. If money isn't countable, then how do we even use it? I can't pay you 5 dollars as I won't know how much is $5 exactly.

I mean, right?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm in LOVE

with the Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, HEROES & Ugly Betty!!! While still chasing Friends, Will and Grace and Charmed, I didn't think I could love another TV series.

But now I have moved on! I guess watching all these series does represent different characteristics that I am. As much as I don't gossip (people who know me please SHUT UP), watching the housewives does allow me to think that it's OK to squeeze juice of pleasure out of others' misery. Luckily I don't believe in heaven and hell. To be honest, I didn't really watch it when it first came out a couple of years ago. Instead my ex-housemate, JK, was more interested in it than I was. I dunno wot got to me...while chasing Season 3 on TV, I'm catching myself up with Season 1 DVD.

B&S has been showing in the US for quite sometime already. I only saw it discussed on blogs and youtube. But now thanks to Channel 7 (has it become the new Channel 9 - Eddie you should watch the programmes that you are buying!) I am watching it here in Melbourne! I love family stories, like Six Feet Under. With B&S, I think I feel more intimate with the story lines. There are normally at least 5 people of us having dinna at home. Expectedly there'll be people talking, and more talking. And when someone says that something, everyone else just goes mute. And then the topic changes. Does it feel familiar to you? It does to me. I mean, B&S feels just personal to me.

And the latest hit worldwide, Heroes! It's not about the superpower that captivated me. We've got all other marvel heroes for that. It's the story telling that is gripping my every nerve of attention. Watching the story unfolds everyweek just makes me begging for me. I think the directors and script writers are doing a very good job.

And Betty is just a constant reminder, telling and encouraging us to believe our inner beauty will outshine the outer one. It really keeps me asking myself - how could shopping and dressing up give me something real? When that real happiness should come from within, as it's the only real thing that would last.

It's already midnight and I am having this urge to desperately finish the DH DVDs... I think I'm gonna lose my sleeping-beauty reign.


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