Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Perfect Relationship

Perfect Relationship between Malaysia & Singapore - what deems to be shit for Malaysian Government, i.e. genius talents of Malaysia, are all passed down south (mind the pun) to Singapore. If you call SG a shit hole of Malaysia it definitely is a compliment. And those talented shit are now part of the growing force of Singapore.

When countries like Singapore and Australia filter and acquire the best talents from Malaysia, Malaysia attract best low-class workers from Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh and whatnot. And of course the local Malays are still poor as shit because the government just keeps telling them "You're Bumiputera, you're the master of the land" - that's all they have really. Bumiputera-ship, a sinking ship.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


OMG... this tanning business is really getting out of control. Now the question is.... Now that we've done the front, how about the crack behind?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Handling Love

I actually have Ee Lin to thank for. If it wasn't for her wedding and I having to MC, I would not have been that motivated, in the midst of the monsoon, to flatten the love handles.

I know I was getting a little bit flabby by November last year. It was raining nonstop and I just wasn't motivated enough. Now that the train has started, I am more determined to look good in front of my secondary-school friends. LOL. Vanity is one of my many middle names (amongst them, fabulous).

How to wear confidence confidently on my sleeves? Work hard... that's the only answer to everything.


I wish Sheldon had just invented or come up with the coefficient of sensitivity of human's emotional perception.

Just had an argument with a friend, and of course I was being called too sensitive. I don't think there's anything wrong with being sensitive. In today's world, everyone needs to be empathetic - to family, friends, strangers and the environment.

What started of the argument was a discussion of calling someone a man. What is a man and what is not? I find it sad that we would call someone less of a man if he doesn't do something that you may see REAL MEN do. There comes my next pet hate, REAL MEN? Who are the real men? Arnold who has saggy boobs now? Osama who killed thousands? RuPaul - a drag queen? Does it mean when you are all muscled then you are more of a man than someone skinny, like Ghandi? Is there a definition somewhere? I doubt so. You know why - because it's all human nature.

Like killing, raping and all we classify as crime - they are all human nature. For that matter, all living creatures. We just have to accept that human are capable of all range of actions. There's nothing less or more human. Yes we can condemn and punish through arguments and voting, but is that very humanly also? Gathering power from majority and prosecute the minority?

The same argument goes to calling someone a real woman. Often you see large-sized women calling themselves the real women, when combating image problem against the stick-like women on the runway. Who are the real women? All of them are real. What is not real is in our mind - the fact that we are only accepting a certain criteria to be superior to others.

Perhaps there's no point of this post - because according to my argument, all are human nature hence therefore it's alright to be discriminating. Perhaps that is true, but fight for survival is even more all-encompassing than discrimination. Therefore for insensitive folks, if you want to sink to the UMNO level, then by all means....

Sunday, January 03, 2010


If you were a flight attendant and a passenger, who had been waiting for you to come serve him/her, asked you, what took you so long? And you said, why are you so impatient?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sometimes you just need to get away with the girls

It was such a nice holiday - full of shopping, food and laughs. What more could I have asked for. It was nice to laugh with the girls again.

I am so reminded of Sex and the City. Our catching up felt very much like the upcoming movie. Good moments are to be treasured and time passes real quick when there're good moments.

Funny Moments:
1. Edmund's nose bled when Jay Chow appeared on stage at Pavilion. Just like an automatic reaction, almost.
2. Jokes/riddles about Zebra with Angelene and Moon
3. G-Spot exploration with Travis, Sherly, Angelene and Moon. I hope he finds it eventually.
4. Well of course, I hope the couple in question sneezed a number of times...coz we did talk about them a number of times.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"We do no market research. We just want to make great products." - Steve Jobs, CEO & Co-founder, APPLE.

No wonder there are so many versions of iPods and it took them several versions of iPhone to have the MMS function and still, a crappy camera!

Yay no market research.


What would I do - if I were a hairdresser?

I was having a haircut the other and I started smiling a little bit as my thoughts turned. It was not due to the haircut I was getting, as it was not Yudai who cut my hair. I was thinking - if I were a hairdresser, not a terribly good one, I was imagining myself cutting my clients hair inch by inch. Whenever the hair did not look right, I cut it further. Whenever there was a kink that I did not know how to smooth, I chopped it. Whenever the texture was not desirable, Alfred Scissorshand came to play. Eventually all my clients left my saloon with either crew cut or they were bald.


Saturday, November 14, 2009


When does it start and when does it fade? Is an obsession replaceable only by another?

It is such a love-hate relationship with obsession (or addiction to that matter). You want to quit on one hand yet the other wants to keep on going. You know you are getting nothing of out it yet you secretly yearn for the impossible to happen.

Oprah once defined giving up to be where there was no longer any hope to change. When will taking action towards achieving the goal become annoying and in turn reduce the rate of success? There is no answer to this question. One can only try and hope (what a useless word?).

I didn't like MC's Obsessed until now.

Dedicated to my lover269...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am in a very dark place today

Almond set me off this morning. Felt good whilst punishing her this morning. I had hated that dog for a long long time. Though I was left feeling something was still quite wrong.

Then I lost my temper again with Mom in the afternoon when teaching her Excel. I easily blew my temper. I just couldn't find an extra ounce of patience in me. I think Mom was very upset by my attitude she voice quivered. I dared not look at her and forced myself not to feel guilty. Mom must have been broken hearted that her son was so rude to her.

Then at home I lashed out at my brother again. I hit him with a shirt when I was folding laundry. He cried. My heart broke very quickly yet there's a part of me that disallowed me to show my emotions.

I am very unhappy. I don't know what else I will do or not do. Killing Almond is definitely one of the things top of my list.

How do I fix myself? I need to make things work. I need to.


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