Monday, January 25, 2010


I wish Sheldon had just invented or come up with the coefficient of sensitivity of human's emotional perception.

Just had an argument with a friend, and of course I was being called too sensitive. I don't think there's anything wrong with being sensitive. In today's world, everyone needs to be empathetic - to family, friends, strangers and the environment.

What started of the argument was a discussion of calling someone a man. What is a man and what is not? I find it sad that we would call someone less of a man if he doesn't do something that you may see REAL MEN do. There comes my next pet hate, REAL MEN? Who are the real men? Arnold who has saggy boobs now? Osama who killed thousands? RuPaul - a drag queen? Does it mean when you are all muscled then you are more of a man than someone skinny, like Ghandi? Is there a definition somewhere? I doubt so. You know why - because it's all human nature.

Like killing, raping and all we classify as crime - they are all human nature. For that matter, all living creatures. We just have to accept that human are capable of all range of actions. There's nothing less or more human. Yes we can condemn and punish through arguments and voting, but is that very humanly also? Gathering power from majority and prosecute the minority?

The same argument goes to calling someone a real woman. Often you see large-sized women calling themselves the real women, when combating image problem against the stick-like women on the runway. Who are the real women? All of them are real. What is not real is in our mind - the fact that we are only accepting a certain criteria to be superior to others.

Perhaps there's no point of this post - because according to my argument, all are human nature hence therefore it's alright to be discriminating. Perhaps that is true, but fight for survival is even more all-encompassing than discrimination. Therefore for insensitive folks, if you want to sink to the UMNO level, then by all means....

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