Saturday, June 25, 2005

Da Vacation Code

Finally exam is over. It ended with a rather positive note - at least most of us did well in Risk Theory 1, according to Dr. Li. This rather offsets the other extreme outcome of AFM which I personally felt I was gonna fail the paper, for the first time in all my uni exams so far.

APC wasn't too bad. At least I could squeeze some of my brain juice for almost every question. The bad thing is that the effort of reading the stupid textbook wasn't as rewarding as I expected. Anyway, I guess I still have to read the textbook for the second semester to be safe.

The holiday has started. But whether mine is really a holiday is really questionable. With the project untouched till now, I am afraid I'll hv to glue myself to the chair again, very soon. I just gotta plan myself, balancing between having fun and study.

Right before me is The Da Vinci Code. I seem to be the last one on earth to read this must-read. I actually did start reading it a couple of months ago but only a couple of chapters were touched. It'll be one of 2 story books that I plan to finish this holiday. The other one is Garden of Beast by Jeffrey Deaver.

Another great plan of mine is I wanna learn how to knit. I don't give a $h!+ if you are gonna think that it's a girlie thing to do as long as you don't expect one from me! I am gonna knit 2 for my parents and for some birthday-ers.

I am also gonna work out more at the gym...with Eelin and a new found partner - Eeyong. Hopefully I'll look fitter by the end of the holiday with a well-proportioned body. I am gonna love myself!!

What else I am gonna do? about - having fun? I am gonna try out more scenes in Melbourne before I hit home at the end of year. My parents+wallet+bankaccount are gonna complain definitely. Talking about having fun - had a great day shopping in the Melbourne City today. Felt that somehow my human-to-human connection has been resurrected. Hahaha..

I am gonna getcha Jamie! Oliver, that is. Need to experience the 'Happy days with the Naked Chef'. Gotta get in touch with my inner cook in this holiday. Jamie can be naked but No-nO for me. He's a super fantastic cook. Talented, funny, spontaneous, and kind and caring.

Prolly the best thing for me to do now is to pamper myself. I am gonna do a mask tonight. Muahahahahahaha.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

One Word

Describe me in ONE WORD, just one! Send it to me then send this msg to 10 friends & see how many wonderful stranger things people think! Do reply. It's fun!

This is a msg my fren forwarded to me..since I hv some rather unlimited usage on my Vodafone (advertisement) credit limit, I forwarded it to my frens and here's some of the replies I got so far.

(something that belongs to UNcut - thanks J)

I can't believe I am all those things - well at least that is how I am viewed or how I have portrayed myself so far. Hahaha... Here's something I truly feel - this msg is fun! Luv it. Thanks for people who have replied to my request - you have made up my dreadful day (June 20 2005 - a day I shall remember the name of DD as long I still have my breathe).

My headache is gone and I am singing happily with Chicago.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Me = Sirius Black

You scored as Sirius Black. You are a gifted wizard and very loyal to your allegiance. Whilst you have a big heart and care very much about those around you, you can be a little arrogant and reckless at times.

Sirius Black


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Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Reality is

In the recent event of speculation of whether Glenn and Michelle (from BB05 down under) had sex in the bath tub and being glamourised all over the newspaper and radio and BB website, storms have been struck up among angry parents, teachers, high-moral community and women's group.

The reason behind the angst is that they are afraid that children who watch the show will be polluted and start cannodling and pashing and enjoying nudism at the age of 10, say. Some claim that this will affect the way the children view their future relationship.

Did Michelle and Glenn watch BB when they were growing up? BB wasn't around until 5 years ago. Then where did they learn to have sex in a bath tub? I can sense that some people would like to put the finger on other media.

My point is, the parents are the one who can't accept such scenes being openly portrayed on public media. They want these messages to be screened at later times so that the youngsters won't be able to learn something they are not supposed to be learning at such tender age.
Parents are using children to achieve their own motive and at the same time avoiding possible embarassment and reserve their adult rights in doing something that children aren't supposed to be doing!

If everyone deserves freedom then why can't a child learn (not practise what they see) at his or her will? Temptations are everywhere. Angels and devils are in disguise everywhere. Wolves underneath sheep skin are everywhere too! The world is progressing - old school people please wake up and don't stop the world from revolutionising!

And the greatest power of all - LOVE (sorry not GOD). If you love your kids, if you want them to be receiving the right education and messages, at 9.40pm every Monday on Channel 10, there are heaps more stuffs you can do with your kids other than watching Uncut. Even watching Uncut can be informative and bond forming between parents and children.

The line between right and wrong - knowing it is the key.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Wot Parents Would Say to Their Children

I am sorry you couldn't get everything you wanted but I've given you everything I could.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Eelin and Alf - get the message everyone!! I mean the msg from my T-shirt. Thank you philosophymen. Posted by Hello

Ee-yong, Ee-sian and the funny Au-ta-man. Posted by Hello

We're worshipping the newly celebrated sleeping "Juddha-alcoholic" in Melbourne. Posted by Hello

The FEASTING COMPETITION verdict - 151 won! And Ee-yong, the latest hm at 151, had no problem blending in, if you know wot i mean. Posted by Hello

Swee-san and me and her gift for me. Thank you ah Mei. Posted by Hello

Dinna party at night - TGIDU this year!  Posted by Hello

Celebrating my Birthday with some inmates from Citygate and Focal. Thank you guys for the wonderful gestures and wishes (also for not knocking down the door; TGIDSN) Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Birthday present from Eelin. Thanks. It's on my wall now. Posted by Hello

My birthday cake - my favourite colours!! Thanks to Sweesan and eelin who went to 'let them eat cake' in the rain. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I'll be involved in a war starting this Friday, 2nd Monday after that and Friday again..

I think one will be reborned after being killed in the war..I'll be reborned...only to die again in more wars...

Saturday, June 04, 2005





As a fan who only listens to Faye Wong in the Mandarin music industry, this news saddens me too. I think I first bought Faye's album when I was in Form 3 or Form 4. It was one of her self-titled albums, with hits like 暧昧 and Di-dar. Our relationship soon blossomed (one-way relationship that is). I have bought almost all her albums.

She's unique...The funniest thing I can tell about my liking Faye is that my mum used to say that she couldn't understand her singing style - ahhhhh, lalalaaaa, lar-cha-bo...But later she commented that no one can sing what she sings. Just like Teresa Deng.

I just think that her voice is angelic. She can bring me to places effortlessly. Whenever I listen to her, my mind just floats. A lot of people like her older songs, when she was with poly-dunno-wot (recording label). But I like more of her songs from the EMI-to-Sony era. They are more of herself and away from the mainstream pop music. My personal favourite albums are 只爱陌生人 and 将爱 (which she received the award of Best Female Mandarin Singer 2004 in Taiwanese Golden Melody Music Award), with my all-time favs like 催眠 and 不留.

In addition to more than a few best female singer awards and best selling artistse in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, she excels in acting too! Despite the fact that she self proclaimed that she sucks in acting, Tony Leung (co-star in 重庆森林,天下无双 and 2046) and Kar-wai Wong (Cannes winner of Best Director for 'In the Mood for Love' starring Tony and Maggie Cheung) have commented otherwise - Faye is one of the most talented actresses they've ever met. She can convey a lot through her physical movements.

It's a loss to the music industry, to her fans all over Asia and personally a loss to me. One of the things that I wish to do is to go to her concert. Hopefully I'll have the chance before she fully retires.

For the 1st time

Exam dates are drawing nearer every morning I wake up. Good thing is, the sooner it comes the sooner it goes away.

Despite the number of examinable subject has decreased 25%, I don't think that I am managing well. I need to critically examine what have I been doing the whole semester. Unsurprisingly, I will have to take the blame myself for not working according to the schedule I have drawn up. I have left works unfinished and outdated. In short I haven't time-managed myself at an adequate level.

Writing resumes, cover letter and doing research on potential employers really took up an incredible amount of time with really incredible return, if you know what I mean. It's inevitably the subject cloaked under Harry's cloak of invinsibility. No interview offered; plenty, if not all of my applications were either rejected, or worse, shredded and recycled.

It's been hard to watch our fellow classmates turning up at class dressed to the ninth, where I just sat there, calming myself that my chance would eventually come. I just wish somehow I could be given an opportunity. On the bright side, at least I've learnt some theoretical interview and writing skills.

Steering the wheels back to the point, for the first time, for the many times I have survived major exams, I have not much confidence to make it through this hurdle. I was shocked at myself, realising how much work I have left behind, especially AFM. Convoluted with the fact that I didn't do well in FM3, the chance of getting an exemption for 109 is merely in existence.

A friend reminded me to remember who I was and how determined I used to be. I hope I'll remember that myself and live up to it. To all of you guys out there doing or hating exam or even more amusing but worrying - missing exam, work hard and don't let yourself down.


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