Friday, December 28, 2007

Assassination of Bhutto

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I didn't expect to wake up to such news, the first thing I saw on Towleroad.

I didn't know Bhutto. But I have seen her quite a few times on news. I thought, this is an incredible woman.  A woman who was twice the Prime Minister in one of the chaotic countries in the Middle East and Asia. A woman who was standing among idiot men. She must have done something right. And brave, so brave.

Of course I would think that all fingers are pointed at Musharraf now.

I can't agree more with Sally Field when she said, "If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn wars in the first place," during 2007 Emmy Awards. I heart Sally.

Perhaps scientists should develop some drugs that numb the adrenaline rush that men get from war or killing each others. 2008 will start with one of its warriors (how ironic) lost.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

in the same room?

When I was staying at The N*v*t*l mid November for my interview, I found this in the bedside drawer. I couldn't wrap my brains around it for 2 seconds. Really? The Quran and The Bible in the same room?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

turning point

Scared is an understatement.
Hopeless is a possibility-cum-reality.
Hope is a luxury stretched so thin.

Monday, December 10, 2007

compensated, indeed

Following my incident with the chips vending machine, I've received an apology letter from the company. It even came with a $3 postal order! I guess it's not bad at all!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

not the time yet

So I'm jobless and penniless. Soon I'll even have no roof over my head. I was calling an agent property to ask about an apartment on the Docklands.

me: Hi I'm interested in one of your apartments. It is on the Docklands.

woman: Sorry, say it again?

She sounded a bit old and so I forgave her.

me: I'm looking to rent one of your apartment, it's 608/2 McCrea St Docklands...

woman: I'm afraid you've called the wrong number. This is a funeral home.

Instant karma!!!

me: Sorry? Where did you say you were?

woman: This is a funeral home. I'm afraid it's not your time yet.

Hell no!!!!

me: I'm so sorry. I've called the wrong number.

woman: That's alright. Hold on a second, what is your name? You sounded familiar.

Oh dear, has Death ever sought after me before?!?!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

it did happen

Sometimes one would think about certain things that would never happen to one. Not to say never, but with a low probability.

At least a couple of things happened to me today, which I had not envisaged to be so probable in one go.

So I was waiting for a train. Since I had not had lunch and I was hungry, I went to the vending machine for a bag of chips. After putting in the money, I waited for the packet to be pushed down the chute. It did, but just a little bit! Oh god... My $2.20!!!! I tried to shake the machine but it wouldn't move at all! I couldn't shake it like a mad man as there were people on the platform too! What I did next was even more there's-no-word-to-describe, I called up the vending machine company to complain! Guess what? They are sending me a money order of $2.20!!!!!!

On a hungry stomach I hurried into the train when it had arrived. The trains nowadays were very dirty; one had to look before one sit as the cushions would often be stained. Look I did. Except my vision was on the chairs but not on the floor! You might have guessed what happened next, yes, I stepped onto someone's puke!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck!! Luckily there wasn't much. I dared not even look at it properly. So the whole journey home, I held my leg out as further away from me as possible, despite the soreness. And I willingly breathed lightly so as not to take in any foul smell, albeit I doubt there was any.

The story could have ended there but it continued. I was buying bread at Coles. When I passed some coins to the cashier, she said that I had given her a New Zealand coin!!!!!!!!! Oh god.... the vending machine didn't only deny me my hungry-saving-but-bad-for-health chips, it also gave me a New Zealand coin!!! However now it wasn't worth it anymore to call and complain....


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