Tuesday, December 04, 2007

it did happen

Sometimes one would think about certain things that would never happen to one. Not to say never, but with a low probability.

At least a couple of things happened to me today, which I had not envisaged to be so probable in one go.

So I was waiting for a train. Since I had not had lunch and I was hungry, I went to the vending machine for a bag of chips. After putting in the money, I waited for the packet to be pushed down the chute. It did, but just a little bit! Oh god... My $2.20!!!! I tried to shake the machine but it wouldn't move at all! I couldn't shake it like a mad man as there were people on the platform too! What I did next was even more there's-no-word-to-describe, I called up the vending machine company to complain! Guess what? They are sending me a money order of $2.20!!!!!!

On a hungry stomach I hurried into the train when it had arrived. The trains nowadays were very dirty; one had to look before one sit as the cushions would often be stained. Look I did. Except my vision was on the chairs but not on the floor! You might have guessed what happened next, yes, I stepped onto someone's puke!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck!! Luckily there wasn't much. I dared not even look at it properly. So the whole journey home, I held my leg out as further away from me as possible, despite the soreness. And I willingly breathed lightly so as not to take in any foul smell, albeit I doubt there was any.

The story could have ended there but it continued. I was buying bread at Coles. When I passed some coins to the cashier, she said that I had given her a New Zealand coin!!!!!!!!! Oh god.... the vending machine didn't only deny me my hungry-saving-but-bad-for-health chips, it also gave me a New Zealand coin!!! However now it wasn't worth it anymore to call and complain....

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