Thursday, July 29, 2004

I welcome myself to this new stuff in my life

This is absolutely new to me. I like this background a lot. I think it's cool. I wanna be kool. Probably there won't be anything interesting posted - just me crapping. Probably you and I will be discovering something that remains unknown, even to me, before it's posted here.

Starting a new semester. I am trying to word what I have been feeling in the last 3 days. Edward McEllin is crappy as usual. Hahaha... And also Kotsya. I wonder what happened to his leg and what would have happened if he couldn't walk. Haven't been into DD's class yet and I am not looking forward to it. Not much into his class - I think he's a little too serious. A bit scary for me to be in his class. As for 333-309, no idea who'll be the lecturer and how hard is the course going to be.

It's late now. I gotta go wash up and get ready for bed, oh my LOVELY quilt cover. Good night Melbourne. Good night Tanah Merah.


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