Friday, December 25, 2009

Sometimes you just need to get away with the girls

It was such a nice holiday - full of shopping, food and laughs. What more could I have asked for. It was nice to laugh with the girls again.

I am so reminded of Sex and the City. Our catching up felt very much like the upcoming movie. Good moments are to be treasured and time passes real quick when there're good moments.

Funny Moments:
1. Edmund's nose bled when Jay Chow appeared on stage at Pavilion. Just like an automatic reaction, almost.
2. Jokes/riddles about Zebra with Angelene and Moon
3. G-Spot exploration with Travis, Sherly, Angelene and Moon. I hope he finds it eventually.
4. Well of course, I hope the couple in question sneezed a number of times...coz we did talk about them a number of times.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"We do no market research. We just want to make great products." - Steve Jobs, CEO & Co-founder, APPLE.

No wonder there are so many versions of iPods and it took them several versions of iPhone to have the MMS function and still, a crappy camera!

Yay no market research.


What would I do - if I were a hairdresser?

I was having a haircut the other and I started smiling a little bit as my thoughts turned. It was not due to the haircut I was getting, as it was not Yudai who cut my hair. I was thinking - if I were a hairdresser, not a terribly good one, I was imagining myself cutting my clients hair inch by inch. Whenever the hair did not look right, I cut it further. Whenever there was a kink that I did not know how to smooth, I chopped it. Whenever the texture was not desirable, Alfred Scissorshand came to play. Eventually all my clients left my saloon with either crew cut or they were bald.



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