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Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Day in KL

Spent a day in KL with Tiong Teck yesterday. Train arrived not too late, better than my historical experiences. Quickly we caught a connecting commuter to get to Subang Jaya. Trying to look for familiarity in the city that I hadn't set foot in for years. I guess the most prominent change was the opening of Asia Cafe, which took over the hawker centre that we used to call it Under the Big Tree. Another hawker centre opposite the Tree had also been transformed into another international franchise of Starbucks Cafe.

Well, we settled Teck's accomodation in My Place Apartment. It used to be where I stayed too, while doing A-level. Got him a master bedroom which he'll share with a hometown friend. Coincidentally, there was a very memorable apartment which offered its master bedroom too. But of course, due to personal unpleasant experience, I didn't want my bro to rent that. My father was happy with the arrangement too.

And yes, we also met with Lim, my brother-in-law, cousin brother, to be thoroughly clear. He shouted us lunch, insisted on waiting together with us for the landlord and offering us transportation. We were touched but refused him kindly. Although I had not driven at all in KL before its horrific traffic condition stopped me from troubling him. Plus Edmund sms-ed me that it always rained and flooded in the afternoon. Called Moon too. Luckily I didn't promise her for lunch. Else I'd be ffk-ing her big time as the landlord got caught up in a meeting and was considerate enough not to inform us. I missed the chance of meeting up with Moon and Edmund. And other Tanah Merah friends too.

However, I didn't miss the chance of slimming down my wallet! There are so many interesting boutique for male fashion. Good on ya KL. I was pleased to find ZeroHour in Pyramid. Very unique shirts with trendy prints. More shopping at Mega Mall. Oh boy, our legs screamed for a break after we walked and walked and bled (the wallets, mostly mine).

There were these two deco shops that totally caught my utmost attention. I thought I could buy the whole shops. The products were sooooo fashionably cute and they'd show that I got taste if I were to get any of them. How could I not? How could I resist? No I can't. If I were driving, I would have bought those weird chairs home for the Jap Hall. Instead, I only bought a colourful larger-than-life alarm clock, which was RM84.90! Also they have cool cool pillow cover with witty wordings or printings...And the thing that I regret most to have miss is the 3-D alphabets.

In the middle of all these, I was keeping a lookout for my favourite designer - PhilosophyMen. I fell in love with the brand 2 years ago. Went to Penang last year but unfortunately the branch there had closed down. Who could be blamed for that? How could they wait for this customer that only went there once a year? But anyway, I was looking around, flipping and touching, erm, the clothes. Saw something quite daring which I wasn't ready to challenge myself yet. A male model printing on the shirt in undies - the male icon. Gotta pass that. Another one that caught my eyes was a blue shirt with chain around the front collar, and a cross with Jesus hangs at the chest part. It's really cool I thought but I never associated myself with religion. Big No NO.

Argh, was I so out of sync with PhiloMen? Then my bro pointed out to me a shirt that I might be interested in. Damn right he was! Totally perfect for the year of dog. And then I went on trying a very very low cut shirt. Loved the design but unfornately it wasn't supported by the wearer. I looked oddly sad with my body shape while wearing it. Better not damage a shirt which I highly regarded. And then when I tot I should b leaving (sorry Teck - I know you are tired), the shop assistant showed me something that was totally in-sync with the latest homo-cowboy trend. And so I bought it. Without a MOO.

We finally gave our 11-cars a break by watching KeepingMum. The one and only reason I chose that film was Maggie Smith and she proved herself right. Everything smile, look, touch, action that she showed was just timely and right. With lotsa sexual and religious undertones - something that I'd really dig.

And somewhere in the middle of all above, I got an SMS from AirAsia that our flight had been delayed. Ah great, we just earned ourselves another hour of shopping!!!! I think that's why we watched the movie - else we wouldn't have the time!

Now fast forward to the flight. We were sitting down waiting for the already late plane to reverse and get in its way. Just when it was about to do so, while the flight attendant was saying "flight to Kota Bharu is going to take 50...", the whole plane went dark. Oopsie.. All the emergency lights lit up and Oh-O was I could mutter to Teck. Don't tell me this plane is gonna take me up there and go all black?! My first AirAsia flight was memorable, to say the least. We ended up meditating while waiting for the engineers to revive the poor plane.

Not too long after that she roared back to life. Just when we thought there was no more that stood in our way, more planes just did!! OH now we had got to be in a Q. When it was finally our turn, we were already deep in meditation. Maybe my way of meditating was too weird for the kind flight attendant, she ended up waiting for me to come back to her plane of consciousness and asked me if I was ok. Noice.

And I thought we did have a shorter-than-usual flight. We reached Kota Bharu 10 to 15 minutes faster than the usual estimated time. Next we were in the car with our parents accounting all the above.

Viola! I better get going! I have a plane to catch tomorrow. Will be heavy hearted to leave for Melbourne. Figuratively and literally speaking. Will be terrribly missing my family and pets and I dunno if I'll pass for overweight luggages.

Monday, February 20, 2006

From now on, I am Dr. Chuah

Haha, I've graduated from the 6-day Longevitology course! I am very grateful that I have had the chance to learn the priceless lesson. My highest gratitude to all the members of the organiser, whom without their devotion and sacrifice, would not have made the event as successful. And to the 4 teachers from far Taiwan, came to this small town of ours...

Now please don't take the title of this entry seriously. I am not doctor from the normal-medical type of qualification. But in my prayers (i.e. when I help you tune your body/pressure points), I hope I can help you with whatever I've learned and gathered from my meditation.

Be confident of your powers, be willing to help others...those are the advice that I've taken on board with me now. I hope that there'll be classes held in Melbourne and I'll be one of the volunteers there.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Bruder (Brother in German)

Yo thaz my bro Tiong Hoe... Just wondering if ppl might think that we look alike. Coz I do. At least when I was his age now. We'd look alike very much, even more after he put on glasses. Gift from playing computer games...


My family has joined the new club in town, which is sure to be hot topic for at least a few months from now on. It's called 长生学 (Longevitology). The main idea is to channel energy around you to heal yourself, if not help general health. And the motivation behind the practice is to mercifully help others in need 慈悲救人。

For the past 3 days we have started on the beginner level and will move on to intermediate tomorrow till Sunday. The teacher said that the patient that needs tuning调整, for example, having problem with his/her stomach or liver etc, may experience worse pain or uncomfort or even vomit. It really happened. The old lady sitting next to my cousin, who was tuning her, vomitted after my cousin helped her. Amazing.

Something to share with y'll from the textbook: 在世不升天,死后就更不可能升天。

Friday, February 10, 2006

Be Cool

Tried this personality test and can't say that I wasn't humoured.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

When the Homos are Brokeback

The Brokeback Mountain has been translated as 断背山 in Mandarin. That could be one interpretation. However the translation could be more precise in some places, where adoption for gay couples are not allowed, if it were 断后山 - ie Broke-the-line Mountain.



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