Friday, February 17, 2006


My family has joined the new club in town, which is sure to be hot topic for at least a few months from now on. It's called 长生学 (Longevitology). The main idea is to channel energy around you to heal yourself, if not help general health. And the motivation behind the practice is to mercifully help others in need 慈悲救人。

For the past 3 days we have started on the beginner level and will move on to intermediate tomorrow till Sunday. The teacher said that the patient that needs tuning调整, for example, having problem with his/her stomach or liver etc, may experience worse pain or uncomfort or even vomit. It really happened. The old lady sitting next to my cousin, who was tuning her, vomitted after my cousin helped her. Amazing.

Something to share with y'll from the textbook: 在世不升天,死后就更不可能升天。

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Siewjing said...

Eng,is it work that well?is it that powerful?It sound really amazed.


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