Monday, October 30, 2006

Roasting the Greek - in style!

This was for dinna tonight. Greek-style roast chicken. It turned out alright. Room for improvement still. Not as good as per the TV chef that claimed - after you taste my chicken you won't be eating any chicken some place else. =)
I think I gave it a good shot. But man it took a long time to cook... Sis had to wait for more than 40 minutes. I should have used a bigger roasting pan but I was so blind. I couldn't find the bigger pan when it was actually in front of me.
Melbourne's weather is getting quite lovely these two days. Not as dramatic. And I am so loving it. If not for the exam I'd be out everyday soaking up the sun.
I was annoyed by an invigilator at the exam today. He claimed that my bag, jacket and scarf were blocking his way and he'd trip. was exam and I was stressful so I didn't snap back at him immediately. I know you are fat - but if you think you'll lose balance because your centre of gravity is toppling you forward as your tummy is breeding beer, then I am not gonna say anything to you.
So I let (it pains me having to think about wot he did) him stomp on my bag, jacket and scarf as his way of kicking things out of his way. TWICE, the second time he came around he still felt threathened by my stuff! Oh I am sure your tummy will bounce you back right up when you trip and I'll laugh at you!!!!
It was a bit chilly on my way home. And, I was wearing the scarf.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why why why & how how how?

Summer is coming and I am still not rid of the spare tyre!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Read to find out wot does the title mean both literally and could-be literally.

I emailed my dear tax-law lecturer with regards to a definition in the text as I thought it was applied incorrectly. Here it goes -->

"... it says that the repayment income for HECS is the sum of taxable income, net of rental losses and reportable fringe benefits total... "

It's prolly due to my mother tongue. (Yea sue me because I didn't speak English when I was borned - if I did I would have muttered FU to your face quite happily) I interpreted the legislation as repayment income = sum of taxable income - (rental losses and reportable fringe benefits total).

Plainly because of the word net I thought you should take away rental losses and FBT from taxable income.

And the lecturer replied: Sum of means add together - check a dictionary. Check a wot? Prolly I should huh? For someone who can't spell "what" and "probably" prolly doesn't know wot sum means.

I just can't believe a lecturer would be so mean to a student. Answering queries from student may be frustrating (it's in her job description hello?) but I could use some manner. What a mean and lazy bitch she is! Good thing is I don't think I had given her a good review. Really suck up to a MLB doesn't she?

I couldn't think of a better name for her. So I guess I'd thank her parents and her husband for her name is Mei-Ling Barkoczy.

The Showgirl

How exciting!! She's ready to tour again. Can't wait when she's back in Aus for the tour that we've all been waiting for. Anyone wanna go with me??? Her new signatory is fa-bu-lous! The 'K' looks like a heel to me don't u think? The head piece does remind me of her can't-get-you-out-of-my-head era. And I love the make-up around her eyes... Not too smokey but sexy.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

In & Out

There you see Whitney Houston divorcing her husband and finally (prolly) getting her acts clean. Here you have George Michael OPENLY smoking marijuana at a TV interview! Time to check in George.. Or better check out some coffins and plots. Backstage at a gig in Madrid, George lit a big spliff while telling UK Media that it makes him sane and happy.

A few weeks ago the media was reporting about retailers 'sexualising' children in advertisements. I do agree with that - more so when this young girl kitten-walk in what-I-can-only-imagine bikinis that were size 0. I think the fact that they have less to cover up has been abused literally.

I guess wot I wanna say is - I don't think our lives are getting any better. Whether or not we could travel to the Moon I think it'd be a better world if life was simpler. Prolly as time changes, different struggles for survival emerge. And I think people now have one too many distractions too resist in everyday life. This is an interesting article on human projection (in mandarin). I guess no wonder breasts are going to get bigger (from the article) as girls start to get stimulation as young as 5 (as per above pic)!
[Remark: sorry I can't find the link to the article - so just take what I said as true!]

Friday, October 20, 2006

What makes me smile in the morning

Every morning I wake up. Sometimes groggy, sometimes grumpy, sometimes I just fall asleep again but most of the time I'd like to stay in bed listening to the radio.

After some 30 minutes of what I call 'getting-used-to' time, I will wake up to the first stop of everyday - the bathroom. Sometimes the loo as the tank is usually full!

The first thing I love every morning is not a cuppa tea or coffee or nice breakfast but a nice splash of warm/cool (depends on the season of the year) water onto the face. It wakes me up, no matter how reluctant I am. Second splash and I'll rub around the eyes area and that totally feels fantastically soothing.

I don't care if this puts you off but I'd like to take a dump in the morning, preferably before I go out. I hate using a public toilet. Don't feel good using a bowl which has been used by dunno-who. I actually pity girls as they have not too many choice on that matter. Moreover I hate the call from nature if I am at work, lecture, tutorial, or generally meeting with people then uh-oooo I gotta go. And the twitching of the face + passing of wind (sometimes). I just appreciate that I can pass every morning - well provided I have lotsa fibre every evening.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Auction - anyone?

Despite exam stress - I stayed up till 2am last night to make these. =)
If you want any of them please let me know and I'll consider. Hahaha
Update - 17/10/06 - I made the top 2 cards today. I haven't let my artistic side of me out to play for some time now. It was time to reconnect the other half of the gemini in me. If I have anymore idea I'll prolly make more tomorrow! That'll save me from rushing to buy birthday cards. But then again I dunno if I am willing to give out these babies of mine... Haha I should be generous yea. The more you give the more you get back (hopefully)


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