Sunday, October 22, 2006

In & Out

There you see Whitney Houston divorcing her husband and finally (prolly) getting her acts clean. Here you have George Michael OPENLY smoking marijuana at a TV interview! Time to check in George.. Or better check out some coffins and plots. Backstage at a gig in Madrid, George lit a big spliff while telling UK Media that it makes him sane and happy.

A few weeks ago the media was reporting about retailers 'sexualising' children in advertisements. I do agree with that - more so when this young girl kitten-walk in what-I-can-only-imagine bikinis that were size 0. I think the fact that they have less to cover up has been abused literally.

I guess wot I wanna say is - I don't think our lives are getting any better. Whether or not we could travel to the Moon I think it'd be a better world if life was simpler. Prolly as time changes, different struggles for survival emerge. And I think people now have one too many distractions too resist in everyday life. This is an interesting article on human projection (in mandarin). I guess no wonder breasts are going to get bigger (from the article) as girls start to get stimulation as young as 5 (as per above pic)!
[Remark: sorry I can't find the link to the article - so just take what I said as true!]

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