Monday, October 23, 2006


Read to find out wot does the title mean both literally and could-be literally.

I emailed my dear tax-law lecturer with regards to a definition in the text as I thought it was applied incorrectly. Here it goes -->

"... it says that the repayment income for HECS is the sum of taxable income, net of rental losses and reportable fringe benefits total... "

It's prolly due to my mother tongue. (Yea sue me because I didn't speak English when I was borned - if I did I would have muttered FU to your face quite happily) I interpreted the legislation as repayment income = sum of taxable income - (rental losses and reportable fringe benefits total).

Plainly because of the word net I thought you should take away rental losses and FBT from taxable income.

And the lecturer replied: Sum of means add together - check a dictionary. Check a wot? Prolly I should huh? For someone who can't spell "what" and "probably" prolly doesn't know wot sum means.

I just can't believe a lecturer would be so mean to a student. Answering queries from student may be frustrating (it's in her job description hello?) but I could use some manner. What a mean and lazy bitch she is! Good thing is I don't think I had given her a good review. Really suck up to a MLB doesn't she?

I couldn't think of a better name for her. So I guess I'd thank her parents and her husband for her name is Mei-Ling Barkoczy.

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