Monday, October 30, 2006

Roasting the Greek - in style!

This was for dinna tonight. Greek-style roast chicken. It turned out alright. Room for improvement still. Not as good as per the TV chef that claimed - after you taste my chicken you won't be eating any chicken some place else. =)
I think I gave it a good shot. But man it took a long time to cook... Sis had to wait for more than 40 minutes. I should have used a bigger roasting pan but I was so blind. I couldn't find the bigger pan when it was actually in front of me.
Melbourne's weather is getting quite lovely these two days. Not as dramatic. And I am so loving it. If not for the exam I'd be out everyday soaking up the sun.
I was annoyed by an invigilator at the exam today. He claimed that my bag, jacket and scarf were blocking his way and he'd trip. was exam and I was stressful so I didn't snap back at him immediately. I know you are fat - but if you think you'll lose balance because your centre of gravity is toppling you forward as your tummy is breeding beer, then I am not gonna say anything to you.
So I let (it pains me having to think about wot he did) him stomp on my bag, jacket and scarf as his way of kicking things out of his way. TWICE, the second time he came around he still felt threathened by my stuff! Oh I am sure your tummy will bounce you back right up when you trip and I'll laugh at you!!!!
It was a bit chilly on my way home. And, I was wearing the scarf.

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