Wednesday, December 05, 2007

not the time yet

So I'm jobless and penniless. Soon I'll even have no roof over my head. I was calling an agent property to ask about an apartment on the Docklands.

me: Hi I'm interested in one of your apartments. It is on the Docklands.

woman: Sorry, say it again?

She sounded a bit old and so I forgave her.

me: I'm looking to rent one of your apartment, it's 608/2 McCrea St Docklands...

woman: I'm afraid you've called the wrong number. This is a funeral home.

Instant karma!!!

me: Sorry? Where did you say you were?

woman: This is a funeral home. I'm afraid it's not your time yet.

Hell no!!!!

me: I'm so sorry. I've called the wrong number.

woman: That's alright. Hold on a second, what is your name? You sounded familiar.

Oh dear, has Death ever sought after me before?!?!

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