Saturday, March 24, 2007

Drops of heaven: Green Tea + Line Dried Clothes + Spring Air

It was a cool lazy Saturday evening when I just finished dinna. So as per normal, I lit a few candles and burned some essential oils. As usual I like to mix a couple drops of each oil to make things more raunchy.

And while having Friends (what else?) on the background, I was folding clothes and ironing stuff - all domestic I know! When it got to the ironing - this is the part where I wanna share with y'all - suddenly this idea struck me!

All the while we always burn essential oils to make the room smell more fruity or herbish. And I've always loved my greentea, pomogerate, blackberry apple, line dried clothes and spring air.

OK OK it's coming, just gimme a minute - I added a few drops of those oils into the steaming part of the iron where it keeps the water. You've done it again Alf!

Now my newly washed and ironed pillow cases and quilt cover all smell soooooooo nice. Try it people!

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