Saturday, March 17, 2007

oh crab!!

Last week Mom sms-ed that she had cooked 5 mud crabs for the family. She was sorry that sis and I had missed out. How dare she threw that in my face when she knew that crabs are one of my fav seafood.

Luckily she had taught me how to cook before. For that I think I can forgive her. (",)

So here in Melbourne, sis and I bought one mud crab - yes, only ONE - as they are very expensive! $40 a kilo. The one we got was slightly more than 1k. And that kiam-siap (stingy in Hokkien) stupid woman (she's wasn't a lady OK) couldn't knock off 50 cents. She insisted that I pay the full price $40.50.

On my way home I sms-ed Mom about this. Her reply was "Oh that means it's RM120 lor?". Yea yea ma, I know! That's why we only bought one. To share among FOUR people.

Crab made my evening... Yum yum...

Ah crap.... I am missing Mom and her cooking already. See, it's finger-snapping easy for her to make me miss her badly.

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