Wednesday, March 14, 2007

who needs a hero when one can have all the HEROES?

Just can't help loving more and more of HEROES week after week. Love the way the story unfolds - I think the scripwriter(s) is doing a fabulous job at keeping all the fans in suspense. I really enjoy being told a small secret each week. I learn extra bits and pieces of the story weekly and it keeps me going back to watch it.

And who wouldn't have guessed (except perhaps a dummy like me?) that the offspring of 2 heroes has superpower himself? And it was a good old surprise to me when his little fingers magically repaired a supposedly out-of-order public phone, without being busted by his swinging-by-the-thread Kitty-Pryde (one of X-Men) spin-off father.

Apart from I dunno how to download the episodes off the internet, I also don't want to do that. First of all, I'll have too much to watch at one go, and that would really be so congruent with my already sloopy and lazy lifestyle. Secondly like I said, I like on-going suspense. It makes me look forward to it.

Now can any hero help me with my homework? Anyone?
Pic from Ohlala Paris; original source.

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