Monday, January 28, 2008

the JJ and the M&MC....Oh and the FW

I am anticipating some great music in 2008 by the post-Confession Queen of Pop Madonna, the Emancipated Mariah Carey and nipple-flashing-flunk-Damita-Jo Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson has already released the first first single Feedback from her upcoming Discipline album. Feedback is a good single, albeit it hasn't done too well on the Billboard. I think JJ is pushing it further with the mention of first-day-period on this song! Let's see if Discipline is strong enough to pull her out of the nippie incident back in 2006.

 janet jackson feedback



janet jackson discipline

The Emancipation of Mimi became the highest-selling album in the US in 2005. MC made a stunning come back from Never too far and Glitter. Let's see if That Chick can make it work again for her (and doesn't cause her another glittering mental breakdown). If you look at that album cover, it strangely reminds me of Janet's old album covers, which use either her hand or bed sheet to cover the chest.

mariah carey that chickJanet-20YO Afyjjanet jackson damita jo

Finally, it's been announced that Justin Timberlake is going to make a video with Madge! How exciting is that? After reaching number 1 in more than 40 countries simultaneously with Hung Up and biggest selling tour for a female artist yet, bringing her close to $200 million in ticket sales, her new album is bound for release in 2008. There's probably not much disco in this album but the theme will be hip hop (not necessarily my cuppa tea). Believe me, she'll reinvent hip hop big time.

Now only my Faye Wong is left out - she's probably not coming back to her singing career anytime soon. Haven't seen her in any news lately except those concerning her daughter. Given her popularity and 天后 status in the Asian market, anytime she wants to come back, she will.

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