Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No more milk for moi!

I knew I was lactose intolerant. If I drank milk (full-cream), it'd be coming out straight away via the back door in a countdown that is less than 2 minutes!

What I didn't know was that my body didn't quite agree with soy milk too! See, I went to Safeway and surprisingly, found an organic soy milk that Safeway had not carried for some time already. Happily I bought 2 1-litre I-wanna-say-cartons-but-I-think-cartons-means-a-lot-a-lot-of-soy-milk of organic soy milk. I had loved this organic soy milk as it contained no added sugar.

Little did I know, into my second 1-litre soy milk, my gas passing become unprecedentedly with-smell. Strong, pungent, rotten-egg, you name it - I got it. I think, besides my nose, my chair must have been the prime victim, having to embrace the flatulence without filtering! At least my nose would suffer less as the flatus would have been diluted by the general air.

Yes, after wikipedia-ing, one learned the in and the out about breaking wind!

How come I had not known about this after having soy milk? It had probably not been so nitrogen-laden. I really felt its wrath this time around. Luckily I had minimal human contact in the past few days hence no one's breathing has been polluted by me and my gas.

I think I need to experiment with the only milk left - rice milk! FYI, I'm ok with skinny milk. And don't you look at me if you smell something funny next time! I swear that it'll not be me.

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