Monday, January 14, 2008

Warm flush

Haha, I'm not having a menopause, not ever! Hence that wasn't referring to a hot or cold flush that some women might experience.

What are you most afraid of when you go swimming? Sometimes when I am swimming at late evening, my mind wanders around. Hair. I'm most scared of hair because of The Ring. When I see lots of hair in the water, I think of Samara.

So as I was finishing my laps in the pool today a Chinese guy jumped into the pool. I thought I should swim a bit more so I decided to stay a little longer. The sun was setting and the pool was a bit dim. So I got up and switch on some lights.

10 minutes later, I decided that I had swum enough so I wanted to get out of the water. I paddled my limbs to get to the side of the pool, passing that guy. Suddenly I felt something warm brushing my thighs.

Oh no, I think I did see some yellow-ish blur when I passed him, as I was now really blind having taken off my powered goggles.

The warmth was quite persistent as I was getting up by holding the ramp. G-sus, I thought to myself, I need to go wash myself immediately!!!! Taking a look at him, he was still swimming quite naturally. And I couldn't say anything to him because I could/taste/smell (except for Clorin, lots of it) see no proof.

Walking along side the pool towards the exit, I saw the light. Not the one when one dies. Spot lights. I saw a few spot lights in the pool! It was the light that warmed the water around my thighs.

What did you think it was?

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