Thursday, July 31, 2008

Half-Blooded is hot this Nov/Dec!

If I hear anymore description of the movie as "darker" or "darker than ever before", I swear I would just shove a bar of dark chocolate down their throats! Of course it's gonna get the-d-word. If it gets anti-D, do you think people will still watch it? Duh...

After the first couple of movie adaptations, the trailers have always put me in a very good place, only to be rather disappointed by the movies. Nevertheless, I still watch the movies, no matter how limited they are compared to the books.

The Half-Blood Prince is no exception. Just the scene alone when Dumbledore has to battle the inferi's is good enough to look forward to. I guess I will prepare tissue papers for the movie - the "c" word is to happen at the end of the movie.

Urgh, I don't understand why Australia ALWAYS has to open 2 weeks later than the world. Always! Village Road Show has no consideration what so ever the emotional pain the fans, like me, have to go through in the 2 weeks. There's no spell to cure such pain you know.

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