Saturday, July 05, 2008

San Churros

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I drove to Prahran today - to service the car, for the first time. I had actually looked up the map and seen that there was actually a San Churros, which was close to the Honda service centre. It all sounded good!

After leaving the car in the good hands of Honda people, I strutted down Chapel St, trying to look cool and above everyone else, LOL!!! I could be a biatch!

I actually had not been on Chapel St for a LONG time - it had (and will never be) not been my hang-out place for all these years. The only other time I went there was with dear Ms. Moon. Bet she doesn't remember. Neway, other than some local designer shops, which I was pretty sure they wouldn't have my size, there were just plenty opportunity shops! I still love my shopping and cafes in the CBD.

So the San Churros - I think Food Safari had set the standard too high. They had the pioneer in making churros on the show. And the dipping sauce for the churros (doughnuts) in expresso. I was highly disappointed when the dipping sauce was either chocolate of caramel at San Churros.

I ordered the caramel one. The doughnuts weren't as crunchy as I had expected - I didn't have other expectation as I wasn't a doughnut person. Good thing that the caramel wasn't very sweet. Guess what was the best feature of the above dish? LOL - it was the strawberries!

I had not had strawberries for a long time too. When I first came to Australia, strawberries were BIG! Now it's just eh..... Maybe I had not had them for such a long time, that those strawberries actually tasted sweet, for once! If it wasn't for them, my enjoyment level would have just puff-ed!

Anyway, the biggest gem of all - was that I found, let's cue a U2's song, what I had (not) been looking for! A proper paper shop in Melbourne!

I was walking back to Honda and from the corner of my right eye, there was a word "Paper" on the glass wall. PAPER! I went into the store and told the shop owner how excited I was. She asked me if I had been in Melbourne long enough. Long enough yes; adventurous enough? Perhaps not, especially after those girls left me alone!

Neway, yay! I had never been able to find a decent paper place for my artwork, i.e. cards. There are Japanese papers, papers made with fibers, leaves, etc etc! It's just wonderful! Last time I went to such a place was in Sydney when Winnie brought me to one. Oh there are also lots of fantastic ribbons! It really made my day.

The shop is called Dragon Papers, 164 High St Windsor 3181 VIC, tel: 03 9533 7033.

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