Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Simon Cowell call me!

So, what else is new... Malaysian political situation is still boiling hot. RPK has been officially charged by the bomb expert couple. So I was talking with my buddy Ed over cross-pacific sms-es.

I want to create 2 butt-spanking (pun intended) new reality shows, intended for Malaysian audience.

Show number 1 - So You Think You've Been Liwat? This show will be hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister Najib, who will be providing expertise on helping sodomy victims. As for the judges, who better than the saliva-more-than-tea and should-have-died-long-time-ago Mahathir, highly experienced Anwar and the fence-sitting bitch Abdullah.

Show number 2 - MNTM - that's Malaysia Next Top Murderer. I'm still casting the host. Who could strut better than the one and only Ms. Bank? Off my finger tip, there's RPK, since he's been dishing out lots of governmental secrets and openly criticizing them, or Najib's wife, Rozmah, since she's not a political figure and our show has absolutely nothing to do with any political figure. If not these 2 people, maybe Christian Bale will fall out of job if he's successfully sued by his mother and sister? Who's better to host a murder show other than the American Psycho himself?

So I think I'm smart!

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