Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the beginning of the end!

Anwar has been arrested by the police, on sodomy count. He was supposed to give his statements to the police at 2pm. The government must have worried that he might not show up hence they sent their errand dogs, the police, to arrest Anwar at 12.45pm! What's the point of setting the deadline of 2pm if it wasn't followed! But with everything in Malaysia, nothing is by the book anymore, since what all the BS leaders do is write their own fucking rules!

I am so pissed at this. MCA hasn't done anything to help the situation. None of the MPs said anything constructive. They all have their mouths wide shut now. We appoint them to become the MPs and they now have nothing to say.

Ong Ka Ting was the smart one to step down immediately after 308 election. As if he had smelled shit on his way. Personal interest - this so-called reason can no longer be allowed. What personal interest - MPs are publicly owned! They should not have personal interest whatsoever! If the people ask them to eat shit they should! And happily so!

It's no wonder Bodohwi so confidently and shamelessly (even though some might think that this is just another step in his master plan to continue holding onto his power) promised the hand-over to Najis. It's all been orchestrated! We are just watching a show that misses the Tony award every year!

Holding onto the position of PM plus Finance Minister is greatly dangerous! How come the constitution allows this? How can a PM is also the Finance Minister for so long!? Bodohwi is bodoh!!!! Bodoh people can't manage the economy! What has been done to improve the economy? Nadah! All money goes straight into his pocket and home in Adelaide or Perth! None of the plans that he commissioned since coming into power has materialised but shitted all over!

Of course conveniently he doesn't even want to say anything about the Anwar sodomy case and Najis' murder case. Bodohwi is smart in this sense. Silence is golden. 沉默是金。The less he talks about the issues the less opportunity he lets slip any secret. And to think about it, he also used the same tactic when another old cunt Mahathir criticized and tried to bring him down. Bodohwi was also keeping to himself.

This is the start of the end! Who can help Malaysian? With the people's parties now belong only to the few on top, controlling the judiciary, police, military. administrative (actually they don't coz they never do an honest's day work!) and finance, Malaysia is doomed to be the next Myanmar. Anwar is our Ang-san-su-ki.

Ee Lin told me to go run a party and she could be the campaign manager. Is it wrong of me to think of it as impossible? Not that she couldn't be the campaign manager, but me running a party. I would be joining Anwar and taking my actuarial exam in jail.

RPK, where are you when I need you the most?!

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