Friday, July 18, 2008

Live to Eat?

Jamie Oliver's show "Eat to save your life" was aired on Wednesday night here on Channel 10. It mainly deals with how fatty, sugary and salty diets would damage one's body.

At times during the one hour show, my eyes were welling up. Those fatty food and how people do not care about what they eat make me wanna cry. And all the facts - seeing where does the fat actually deposit in parts of our body.

I knew that fat would clog arteries, it would envelope the heart, it would surround one's muscles etc... But I had never known that fat could actually seep into one's liver! Foie gras are actually so full of fat! Jamie showed that a goose liver, from a goose which has been overly fed, is 3 - 4 times the size of a normal liver. And after being heated on a pan for an hour, the reduced-to-25%-of-its-original-size liver is floating in a pan of greasily oil!

Does it always have to be German who open up a body? Somehow, German, in my mind, have been linked to cannibalism. Maybe it's the language. This professor/doctor looks very very eerie! When he opened up a 25-stone (158kg), I really thought that he was enjoying it visually and might be enjoying it literally later on!

That poor man, had he seen what he looked like internally, I'm sure he wouldn't have eaten his way to death. One's diaphragm actually sits below the rib cage, but this man's diaphragm was pushed up into his rib cage, leaving the heart and lungs not much space to move. Honey, I shrunk the lungs! And the fat that surrounded all of his organs - a sight that was so gruesome.

I also want to point of a vegetarian on the show, who was an OBESE! Vegetarian and obese - two words that should be least associated together. I don't understand if these types of vegetarians understand what does a vegetarian mean. Or they just take it as "flour-eater". Considering so many dished can be dished out using flour and OIL (ask any Chinese vegetarian restaurant), where you can get vegetarian fish and chicken and pork (yes, PORK!), can these people be at least honest with themselves? Look at a cow, that's a vegetarian! The food he ate was so refined, he poo-ed 25-30% of the amount an African would, in 5 years. I guess we can now say who's so full of shit.

I have always felt strongly that obese and morbid people should be partially responsible for global warming, rising fuel price and food shortage. The last one is very self-evident. If I only consume 3 slices of bread a day, and a fat person 10 slices... The Biggest Loser Australia claims that half of the country is obese. If that's true, carbon trading schemes should also take into account taxing people according to their weights.

I have always thought of human as very calories-inefficient. Look at animals, they eat when they need. They eat to survive. We eat for fun. A fat person eats so much, that so much energy is used up from growing, transporting and processing the food. And the principle of energy conservation might actually fail here - coz if the fat person just kaput, all the energy eaten all go to waste! And how do we get so much energy mobilised around the globe? Burning fuel of course. Does anyone wonder why the fuel keeps getting higher and the world warmer?

And some pope flying around the world... if god is almighty, the youths should have been able to feel his presence, be it 3000 miles away. Can someone pray for it to be raining fuel soon?

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