Monday, June 16, 2008

scary vs. fabulous!

taking advantage of $7 per movie today, after work, I delayed dinna for Sex.... AND the City and The Orphanage. Back to back.

Despite mixed reviews for SATC, I LOVED it. Every bit of it. It's funny, it's sexy and it made me laugh. Yes it may not be like the TV series where it's more edgy and challenging, but it's very entertaining. It's not easy to appeal to the whole world and I say the girls did a great job.

I mean you don't get to see 4 over-40 ladies leading a movie cast very often. Or even at all! The dramatic roles fall on Carrie and Miranda's shoulders this time, while Charlotte and Samantha (the fabulous Samantha) entertain us with funny lines and some physical comedy.

I'm up to season 3 at the moment with the TV show, and Steve (Miranda's man) is the man that I'd vote for. I never really understood why Big is for Carrie. I just don't see him care for Carrie like, perhaps, Aidan. The songs played in the movies are spot on - gonna get the OST!

And the first movie of the evening, El Orfanato (The Orphanage), is one scary mama! Intelligent use of sound, light, space and children makes the movie brilliant. The story is a bit of a compilation of The Others, The Ring and The Haunting. What had made me go for the movie was because I had read, in a review, no mother wouldn't go to hell for bringing her child back. It touched me, so did the movie.

The only drawback of watching such a story at a cinema is that I can't scream. Yes I am a screamer. Throughout the movie, my hands or my jacket was very close to my eyes - to cover them when needed. The story did tie up very nicely, linking the beginning to the end. Spoiler is, watch out for the old lady - she steals the scene. Oh, the movie is in Spanish. Plus the boy is just brill too!

wallpaper3_1280 1280x1024_SATC_1

A wonderful evening with 2 great movies. And 2 packets of Korean instant noodle after.

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