Friday, June 06, 2008

Girls-themed movies

Terms_of_endearment Steel_magnolias_poster

Just watched these 2 movies recently, Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias.

I have always love family-themed story and they often make me cry. These 2 movies are no exception. The common theme of these 2 films is mother losing daughter. The scenes as death happens and after it happens really made me cry like a baby. I loved the crying - I hadn't had something to cry to for some time now (apart from B&S).

Sally Field, aka Nora Walker from B&S, again proves that she has no problem at all making a mother character work. Critic has it in B&S, America cries when she does - no exception when she acts her ass off in the funeral scene from Steel Magnolias. I heart Sally.

It'd been such a long time since I last saw Julia Roberts act. I mean, really act. She sucked big time in Mona Lisa Smile and that Ocean crap. Steel Magnolias was one of her earlier movies and she was really good. The diabetic scene at the start was just captivating and scary!

If you feel like having an emotional outlet, I recommend these 2 movies.

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