Sunday, June 29, 2008


Malaysian political scene has taken recycle to a whole new level. Anwar Ibrahim, the former DPM of Malaysia, who was accused of sodomy and corruption in 1998-1999, has been again reported of the same crime by his PA! He was fucked 8 times.

Mahathir invented that idea and now it's been recycled! Smart and how environmentally friendly! Even the paper work can be reused! Apparently the persons responsible for investigating and charging Anwar in 1998-1999 have now been promoted to Attorney-General  and Inspector-General of Police. Anwar, through the deputy of his party, announced that he, in fact, held evidence of the fabrication of his accusation 10 years ago.

Firstly we have the Linggam case which involved Mahathir and his minions; secondly we have Najib's wife involved in BOMBING a Mongolian woman; and now again we have a case involving Anwar and Mahathir and his minions.

I am so hoping Mahathir will wash his butt clean, prepare himself for jail! A famous Cantonese saying: 洗定个八月十五,准备坐花厅!

I have been saying this for a long time - MCA and MIC should detach from BN and flee! UMNO will not fall alone and MCA/MIC will be dragged along, into the abyss!

News: Malaysia's Anwar denounces new sex charges as 'fabrication'

News: 掌握总警长及总检察长罪证  安华:有人捏造鸡奸案报复

The boy who was fucked: Saiful Bukhari Azlan: the mole in Anwar Ibrahim's office

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