Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family portraits

We have yet to take one. I hope we do it soon before all our best features are lost to time.

Every species has its own set of rules governing the development and continuity. We learn by example. We learn by imitating the energy patterns of others. People often say they are turning into their parents.

It’s quite evident with my Dad as he’s sometimes my grandpa. With my Mom, I can’t say too much because I didn’t spend much time at all with my maternal grandparents.

I think I am turning into my parents more than I dare to admit. Being controlling, opinionated, OCD, critical… From what I have seen, it is plausible that despite popular belief (Other factors being media and peer), parental influence is the most significant mould that a child grows in. Just compare ourselves to animals, all the younglings learn from the parents – we are not excluded.

We look up to our parents in almost every situation when we’re young. There are intrinsic values inevitably implanted on our minds by our parents’ actions. No matter how much you love or despise your parents, there will be a part of you that imitates them. Just think about the ways you treat your partners, friends, siblings and even yourself.

It is not easy being a parent. A penguin parent has to swim in the sea for 20 hours a day to gather enough food for its family. How much more can it teach its younglings in 4 hours? The question which is not easy to answer and which most people are not aware of it – are we fit to become parents? How well can you answer this question? Children are easily impressionable – whatever parents do will be copied consciously or not.

The education system we have is focused on how you fish in the ocean for 20 hours a day. Continuity of life is such an immense task. A child molester, who has been molested him/herself – can a judge put all the blame solely on this person? Or are there more perpetrators? From the point of contract – do we have to be responsible for contributory negligence?

How much of your parents is living in you?

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